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Design of Portal Frame Buildings Third Edition S.T. Woolcock Director, Bonacci Winward Consulting Engineers S. Kitipornchai Professor of Civil Engineering The University of Queensland M.A. Bradford Professor of Civil Engineering The University of New South Wales Published by ‘Australian Institute of Steel Construction Level 13, 99 Mount Street AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION ACN. 000973 839 DESIGN OF PORTAL FRAME BUILDINGS Published by AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION Enquiries shoul be sessed to the publisher: ‘Busines address - Level 13,99 Mount Sit, Noch Sydney, NSW, 2060, Australia, Postal adress - P.O, Bx 6366, Noth Sydney. NSW, 2059, Australia, mall adress ~ engues@als.comau Website - ‘© Copyright 1999 Australian Insite of Stel Consiruction [Allsights eserved, This book or any pat thereof must not be reproduced in aay form Without te eten permission ofthe AustrlianInstiateof Stee! Construction. Poablished as ‘Design of Pol Frame Buildings ~ It edition (to AS 1250) ~ 1987 Limit Sate Design of Portal Frame Buildings ~ Ist etn (0 AS 4100)~ (991 Limit Se Design of Paral Frame Buildings ~2nd edition (© AS 4100) ~1993 Design of Poa Frame Buildings ~ Sed edition (10 AS 4100) ~ 1999 (this eiton) [National Library of Australia Catalogulngein-Publication entryt Wooleoek, ST. Design of posal frame buildings. Sede Bibliogaphy Includes inde, ISBN 0 909945 84 5 | Industrial buiings — Design and constuction. 2, Building, lon and sieel— Design and contruction Kitpores, SU, Bradford, Mark A. (Make Andrew). 10 ‘Australian Insite of Stes! Conscutio.1V. Tie eal Production by Robert Burton Printers Pay Ld {65 Carlingford Street, Setion, NSW 2162, Ausaia, DISCLAIMER Every effort has boan made and all easonble eure taken o ensure the accuracy of the ‘materiel covtsined inthis Pubbization. However. to the exent pemited by law the ‘uors, duos and Publishes of is Publication: (wl not beheld able oe espesibe in any wn and (@)expeessly disclaim any Hibiiy or responsibility, for any lost damoge, costs oF expenses incued in connection with tis Publication by any person, whether hat peso te purchase ofthis Publication or not, Without limitation, this inclses Toss, damage, costs ad expenses igure if any person wholly or partially rales on any pat ofthis Publication, and foes. damage costs and expenses incurred 2s Fesul othe negligence of the Authors, Eats or Publishes WARNING “This Publintion should not be used without the services of a competent professional ern wih expes koowlege in he evant flld, and under ao eeunstanes should this Pubtiction be relied upon fo replace any or all ofthe knowedge and expertise of sigh & person Contents PREFACE NOTATION INTRODUCTION 11 Portal Framed Buildings 1.2 Limit State Design 1.2.1 Background 1.2.2 Design for the Strength Limit State 1.2.3 Design for the Serviceability Limit State 1.3 Design Example 1.4 References Loaps 2.1 Background 2.2 Dead Loads 23 Live Loads 2.4 Wind Loads 24.1 General 242 Regional Wind Speeds 24.3 Wind Directions 244 Terrain Category 2.4.5 Basic Wind Speeds 2.46 Calculation of Pressures 2.47 External Pressures 2.48 Internal Pressures 2.49 Area Reduction Factor 2.4.10 Local Pressure Factors 2.5 Load Combinations 2.5.1 Strength Limit State 252 Serviceability Limit State 2.6 Design Example - Loads 2.6.1 Dead Loads Live Loads Wind Loads 2.63.1 Basic Wind Data 2.63.2 External Wind Pressures Internal Wind Pressures 2.63.4 Peak Local Pressures 2.6.4 Load Cases for Portal Frames 2.6.5 Load Combinations 2.7 References PuRLINS & Girts 3.1. General 3.2 Roof and Wall Sheeting 3.3 Frame Spacing, Bx Srrquue