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Unin Energtica del Noroeste

Owner/ Customer: Unin Energtica del Noreste

Place: Sonora, Mexico
Delivery scope: 03 Power Plant
Genset type: 2 x B35:40V20G2
Total output: 18 MW electrical power,
5,8 MW heat
Fuel: Natural gas
In operation: 2017

Rolls-Royce powers CHP plant in

A new 18 MW Rolls-Royce powered cogeneration plant Significantly lower electricity prices
(CHP) in Mexico went into operation in June 2017. The UEN will be selling the generated electricity to various
plant is owned by the electricity operator Union Energetica companies, and thanks to the high efficiency of the
del Noroeste (UEN) who sells the generated electricity to Rolls-Royce gensets, the users will benefit from significantly
various companies under the former energy regulations lower prices than the average electricity rates in Mexico.
Permiso Legado.
In addition to cooling of the plant, the waste heat from
The CHP plant is located in Agua Prieta, in the federal state exhaust gases and engine cooling systems will serve
of Sonora, north-west in Mexico. 18 MW electrical power the local agricultural business. The heat will be used in
is supplied by two 20-cylinder medium speed gas Bergen absorption chillers to generate cold air for the refrigeration
B35:40 generator sets and 5,8 MW heat is generated from of warehouses where agricultural products from the hot
the exhaust gases and high temperature refrigeration Sonora area will be conserved.
circuit. The engines have an electrical efficiency of up to
48,5%, and when operating in a cogeneration system where
both heat and power is exploited, efficiency increases

Clean and efficient energy

In Mexico, focus is on energy efficiency and clean energy.
The CHP plant in Sonora, with state of the art generators
from Rolls-Royce, represents a milestone in the ongoing
modernization of the power generation industry in the
region. The high efficiency plant will contribute positively Agua Prieta
to the establishment of more modern, environmentally
friendly, and competitive power producers in the north of
Rolls-Royce medium-speed lean-burn gas engines generate
exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO and UHC, thanks
to cutting-edge combustion technology that ensures
minimum environmental impact combined with improved Mxico City
A long term partner
Rolls-Royce and the Engineering, Procurement and Rolls-Royces vision is to be the market-leader in high
Construction company Sampol Ingenieria y obras have performance power systems where our engineering
been consortium partners in this project, whereas the expertise, global reach and deep industry knowledge
contractor company GILA is responsible for the plants site deliver outstanding customer relationships and
infrastructure. solutions. We operate across five businesses: Civil
Aerospace, Defence Aerospace, Marine, Nuclear and
Augusto De Miguel, Director Desarroll de Negocios Mxico Power Systems.
Sampol Ingeniera y Obras, said: The UEN project was a
great challenge for us because of its complexity and high Bergen Engines is a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power
temperatures. It has been running now for almost 2000 Systems, supplying and servicing medium-speed gas
hours without any complication even at 45C. We have and liquid fuel engines from 1,400 kW to 9,600 kW
many different Rolls-Royce units around the world and for a broad range of power generation applications.
will continue to work with them because of their great Bergen Engines supports your business with smart and
performance. flexible power solutions developed in partnership with
local providers across the globe.
For life-cycle support UEN has signed a Long Term Service
Agreement (LTSA) with Rolls-Royce that covers preventive
maintenance with all required parts and labor up to Flexible in service
89.000 hrs equivalent to 12 years. Rolls-Royce will also Rolls-Royce believe in standing by its customers throughout
supply a contingency stock with recommended critical the entire service life, and more than 80% of our
spares to ensure that any unplanned events are resolved operatingBergen Engines fleet is covered by a Long Term
with minimum downtime. The LTSA is intended to give Service Agreement (LTSA), a proof of its success. An LTSA gives
customers peace of mind and maximized availability, you peace of mind, and maximizes the plant availability and
with flexible service solutions that can be adapted to each reliability. It is individually configured to suit each plants
customers specific requirements. special needs.

O4 Service

Your service requirements

Service support and technical advisor Operation and mantanance

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