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Death Korps of Krieg

infinitely replaceable behind their anonymous rebreather

masks, and they hold self-sacrifice as the highest of ideals.
Few other regiments feel entirely comfortable alongside
In life, war. In death, peace. In life, shame. In death, the Krieg, with morale issues often arising as a result.
atonement. Commissars assigned to Krieg regiments are not required
to maintain order and zeal, as is normally the case, but
Final line of the Litany of Sacrifice, recited by Krieg rather, to ease interaction between Krieg and non-Krieg
Korpsmen when entering battle. regiments and curb the self-sacrificial tendencies of their
In 433.M39, the once-loyal world of Krieg declared Given the depleted population of Krieg, it is a wonder
independence and renounced the glory of the Emperor. At that so many Guardsmen can be produced, even with the
that moment, the world was changed forever. Colonel entire worlds remaining efforts devoted to that end.
Jurten, commander of the 83rd Krieg Planetary Defence Vicious rumours continue to circle around the worlds
Force regiment, gathered to him all those still loyal to the regiments, of unnatural methods used to bolster birth and
Imperium, and struck back against the rebellion, choosing recruitment rates, producing children artificially to ensure
to unleash the horror of atomic bombardment upon those that there are always soldiers to give their lives for the
who had forsaken the Emperor. After 500 years of atomic Emperors wars. To date, no investigations by the Adeptus
fire, continent-spanning trench warfare, and Mechanicus have presented any evidence of this, but
thunderous artillery barrages, the attempted speculation continues nonetheless.
secession of Krieg was halted, but at great cost:
Krieg was a blasted, irradiated wasteland, barely
inhabitable by humans. The remaining population
was forced to exist in the subterranean tunnels and
bunkers that had spread across the planet during
the war, and found that they could not walk
upon the surface without protective
Seeking to atone for the betrayal their
worlds government had committed,
and with no other resources left to
offer up in tithe, the people of Krieg
set about providing the only thing
they had left manpower. Hardened
by generations of war in an atomic
wasteland, the Krieg people were already
well-prepared to be sent out into the
Imperium as Imperial Guardsmen. Trained
amongst the irradiated ruins of long-dead
cities, equipped for the most hostile
environments, and raised to sermons of self-
sacrifice and penitence, the Krieg regiments
have commonly been deployed often at
their own request to some of the deadliest
warzones, from the toxic ash wastes that
surround many hive cities, to brutal wars of
attrition and years-long sieges.
The Krieg have gained a reputation for
their grim attitude and uncompromising
nature. Disdainful of retreat or surrender,
and fighting without fear of death, the
soldiers of Krieg seem to have no
regard for their own lives. Indeed,
the prevailing attitude amongst the
Krieg is that they are little more than
weapons for the Emperors will, faceless and
Characters belonging to the Krieg 616th Siege Regiment gain the following rules:
Characteristic Modifiers: +2 Weapon Skill, +6 Toughness, -3 Intelligence, +3 Willpower.
Starting Aptitudes: Toughness, Willpower.
Starting Skills: Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy), Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperial Guard),
Common Lore (War), Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Tech-Use.
Starting Talents: Nerves of Steel, Orthoproxy or Unshakeable Faith, Street Fighting.
Only One Life to Give: So driven by martyrdom are the Krieg, that it can cause them to take unnecessary risks,
lamenting that they can only sacrifice themselves once. Krieg characters must pass an Ordinary (+10) Willpower
Test in order to retreat from combat or otherwise act in the interests of self-preservation.
Faceless, Nameless, and Selfless: Krieg Korpsmen are taught to regard themselves without identity, hidden behind
gas masks and stripped of even their names. This lack of self helps them to fight against impossible odds, and
neither fear nor doubt will hinder them. When required to make a Fear or Pinning Test, ignore all penalties applied
to the Test, and simply treat it as a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test.
Fatalistic: Members of this regiment suffer -10 penalty to all Fellowship-based Skill Tests made when interacting
with members of other Imperial Guard regiments. Additionally, any members of other Imperial Guard regiments
must pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test for each full day they spend in the presence of this regiment or gain
1d5-2 (to a minimum of 1) Insanity points.
Wounds: Characters from this regiment begin play with +2 starting Wounds.
Standard Regimental Kit: 1 Lucius-pattern lasgun and 4 charge packs, 1 mono-edged sword-bayonet, carapace
helmet and shoulder pads, 1 Krieg respirator, 4 empty sandbags, 1 entrenching tool, mattocks and shovels, 1 frag
grenade, Krieg greatcoat, uniform, poor weather gear, rucksack, basic toolkit, water canteen, blanket and sleep bag,
rechargeable lamp-pack, grooming kit, dog tags, Imperial Infantrymans Uplifting Primer, soluble perishables (2
weeks rations, 5 doses of stimm, 5 doses of detox), 1 box of 6 screamers per squad.
Favoured Weapons: Heavy bolter, meltagun.

THE DEATH KORPS OF KRIEG IN THE Krieg reinforcements directed from Vraks. Since their
arrival in the Spinward Front, these regiments have found
SPINWARD FRONT themselves embroiled in some of the heaviest fighting,
It was never originally planned that regiments of the Death
such as besieging Mek-Boss Dregrukks Stompa
Korps would serve in the Spinward Front, and they are
manufactories on Asterion, or battles amongst the
only a very recent arrival. Instead, countless Death Korps
defenders of Kulth.
regiments, comprising siege infantry, armour, and artillery,
Like many Krieg regiments, individual troopers tend to
were being shipped from their home world of Krieg to
have little in the way of personal identity, often stripped of
Vraks Prime in the Scarus sector, a world dominated by
their sense of self during training, even removing their
the forces of the Apostate Cardinal Xaphan. Countless
names in favour of a simple designation. This attitude
millions of soldiers had already been shipped to Vraks to
often spreads even to the officers, with many simply
wage the early years of a siege campaign planned to last a
known by the designation of their platoon, company, or
regiment. This is the case within the 616th, with its
However, due to reasons only known to the scribes of
commanding officer known only as Colonel Six-Sixteen.
the Departmento Munitorum, many of these regiments
Regarded by his peers as being little more than a
from Krieg were diverted. Being located only a relatively
mouthpiece for the orders issued by more superior officers,
short distance from Vraks, the Spinward front received
Colonel Six-Sixteen is a quiet, unassuming figure, seldom
these diverted regiments, and in 816.M41, thirty Krieg
seen without his helmet and rebreather, whose leadership
regiments arrived on Kalf to receive orders. The majority
abilities are effective, if unimaginative. The nature of
deployed on Kulth, while others were despatched to the
Krieg regiments is such that little more is necessary. For
bastions on Ashen, the Ork-dominated manufactories of
the most part, inter-regimental communications are
Asterion, the subterranean mines of Virbius, and the
handled by the 616ths current senior Commissar, Anton
hostile duality of Janus, where the nights freeze and the
days burn, to reinforce the conflicts on those worlds.


Originally consisting of over thirty thousand warriors, the
616th Siege Regiment is newly-raised from their self-
inflicted hell of a home world, as part of the first wave of