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Spearfishing and Freediving

Australian Collection
Company profile

Mares 2013 collection confirms yet again our leadership in sports and water recreation! We are never satisfied with what
weve achieved; we never rest on our laurels, and were always striving to create products that can deliver the very best.
Its a process that never stops its ongoing research and all we ask is that you get ready for the best! Whatever water
sport your prefer, with Mares

Mission. Intro

In 1949, Ludovico Mares designed and manufactured his first masks and spearguns with one dream and
purpose in mind: To share his unbridled passion for the sea and diving with the rest of the world. At its
birth, Mares was just one small factory in Rapallo, but now, only 60 years later, the Italian based company
4 Spearguns

dominates the scuba diving world, and is at the forefront of new and innovative dive technologies. Over the
past six decades, Mares has come a long way, by achieving new goals, taking diving to new and extreme
heights and depths. The
Mares name represents only the best in dive products.

Guided by this principle, Mares has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of
state-of-the-art diving equipment, and continually sets new industry standards. The constant investment
in innovation, the unceasing, patient research in the field of manufacturing materials and processes,
12 Fins
combined with the expertise of our staff and a creative, professional approach grants Mares its leading
position and makes our brand a synonym of quality, safety and reliability. The best of Mares is wrapped
up in every product to
meet the needs of each single diver. Enjoy diving with advanced performance through superior technology:
this is our mission.

Discover all that Mares has to offer: you will find a collection of new fantastic products where superior
technology and emotion is at the core.
Masks & Snorkels
But this result wouldnt have been possible without our undisputed love for the sea, an all-encompassing
vocation rooted in the history of our legendary founder that is felt powerfully by everyone at Mares.
Although we manufacture our products using state-of-the-art machinery and use the most sophisticated
electronic equipment, the core of our business and the spark that makes everything happen is still the
same today as it was 60 years ago: Passion.
Come and discover the Mares world, all you need to do is...
Just add water.

20 Neoprene

21 Accessories
Viper Pro
423419 - 100/110/120 cm

The Viper Pro sling gun is characterized by excellent quality construction; paired with innovative technical solutions that make it possible to guarantee great precision, power,
maximum rigidity, and manageability. Optional swiveling band fork adapter, for traditional dual slings. Stainless steel trigger mechanism in a reversed position, manufactured in
stainless steel with high-precision laser cut parts. Adjustable trigger sensitivity, and on Viper Pro the distance between the trigger and the handle can be customized. Stainless steel
side line-releaser and two lateral alligator clips. Australian rigging with line bungee and shark clip on handle.

Speed 7mm tahitian shaft, S-Power Speed 19-mm circular sling, on all Viper guns.

Includes special Australian rigging, bungee with carabiner, and sharkclip on

Viper Pro handle
422419 RRP $399.00
422419 RRP $429.00
422419 RRP $449.00

Aluminum barrel with a new cross-section that guarantees maximum Open head configuration, with off-axis holes for using Preformed handle with concave surface for the thumb.
rigidity. Upper shaft guide and lower line guide. one or two circular slings. Removable bridge included. High-functionality grip. Handle covering in soft high-
visibility anti-slip material.
Optional reel, Spiro 87 423017, Spiro 65 423918.

6 / 6.25 / 6.5 / 7 mm
Reel Spiro
65, 423918
RRP $39.95
87, 423917

26 mm

28 mm

Phantom Carbon
423413 - 75/95/110 cm

Phantom Carbon Single-piece speargun made of reinforced Carbon/Nylon. Cuttlebone barrel and integrated shaft
75cm guide with special design for each barrel length to achieve perfect buoyancy. The material used
RRP $299.00 absorbs vibrations to make the speargun noiseless. The highly-sensitive stainless steel trigger
95cm mechanism is also suitable for use with powerful dual slings. High performance 19-mm S-Power
RRP $319.00 circular sling and articulated wishbone. Tempered 17-4PH stainless steel, 7-mm diameter shaft,
110cm single barb. Available in 75, 95, and 110-cm sizes.
Australian rigging, bungee with carabiner, RRP $339.00
and sharkclip on handle

Phantom FV
423414 - 75/95/110 cm

Phantom FV
75cm Single-piece speargun made of reinforced Nylon. Cuttlebone barrel and integrated shaft guide
RRP $279.00
423414 with special design for each barrel length to achieve perfect buoyancy. The material used absorbs
95cm vibrations to make the speargun noiseless. The highly-sensitive stainless steel trigger mechanism
RRP $289.00
423414 is also suitable for use with powerful dual slings. High performance 19-mm S-Power circular sling
Australian rigging, bungee with carabiner,
110cm and articulated wishbone. Tempered 17-4PH stainless steel, 7-mm diameter shaft, single barb.
and sharkclip on handle RRP $299.00
8 423414 Available in 75, 95, and 110-cm sizes.
423834- 75/95/110/120 cm

The Bandit sling gun is characterized by its level of features all included for an
55cm 110cm
RRP $99.00 RRP $149.00 entry level price. Australia rigging, including Dyneema bridle, tricut 7mm finned
423420 423420
spearshaft, sharkclip on handle, line bungee. Also features dual sling closed
75cm 120cm
RRP $99.00 RRP $159.00 muzzel, extended loading plate, over-molded comfort handle and guided rail*.
423420 423420
*Guided rail in 110cm/120cm
RRP $124.00

Cyrano Evo HF
423153 - 90/110 cm with power adjusting system.

Fifty years of experience developing pneumatic spearguns lead Mares to introduce the new
Cyrano Evo HF
Cyrano EVO HF.
RRP $539.00 This innovation represents an enormous improvement in the evolution of pneumatic spearguns.
Speed, precision, power, maneuverability, and ease of use, make the Cyrano EVO HF the
RRP $550.00 pneumatic speargun of choice for every spearfisherman. New preformed handle with concave
surface for the thumb and high-function grip. Distance between trigger and handle can be
adjusted to personal ergonomics.
Australian rigging, bungee with carabiner,
The side line release is located in the upper position. Connecting piston between the trigger,
and sharkclip on handle
1.5mm release cog, and release mechanism have been modified for greater sensitivity and soft
touch. Greatly reduced cone with steel cord sheath and side line sheath pin. Easier-to-insert
load adjuster with a 230% larger cross section of the opening.

Cyrano Evo
423154 - 70 cm
with power adjusting system.

Cyrano Evo The new Cyrano Evo uses the same handle and trigger as the Cyrano Evo HF. The outer barrel has
70cm a circular section 40 mm in diameter, a lighter single-piece head, smaller cone with steel cord
RRP $399.00
423154 sheath, and side line sheath pin. The Cyrano EVO uses the new piston EVO and 7-mm threaded
shaft tip included.
Australian rigging, bungee with carabiner,
and sharkclip on handle

413100 - 70/97/110 cm with power adjusting system.

Cyrano The Cyrano speargun combines the power characteristics of a pneumatic

70cm gun with manageability and extreme shaft speed. Highly sensitive release
RRP $419.00
413100 mechanism. Ergonomic handle with a soft insert. The 85, 97 and 110-cm sizes
Australian rigging, bungee with carabiner, 97cm are fitted with a 7-mm tahitian Race shaft. The other lengths are fitted with a
RRP $449.00
and sharkclip on handle 413100 7-mm shaft with a threaded tip. Special bag included. Available in 55, 70, 85, 97
110cm and 110-cm sizes, all with power adjusting system (WP).
RRP $479.00

413105 - 49/70*/100* cm * with power adjusting system.

Sten The first Mares Sten was created in 1967. The Sten has become the best dive buddy
49cm to countless spearfishermen around the world, appreciating its precision, power, and
RRP $299.00
413105 reliability. Sten uses a two-piece head, 13mm internal barrel, and 8mm shaft with
70cm threaded tip ensuring excellent power and penetration. The 49cm Sten come with its
RRP $329.00
413105 own sheath that can be straped to your leg.
Australian rigging, bungee with carabiner,
and sharkclip on handle RRP $359.00
11 11
Phantom Phantom
Viper Pro Bandit
Carbon FV

100 110 120 75 95 110 75 95 110 55 75 95 110 120

mm 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
Speed Shaft
cm 140 150 160 115 130 150 115 130 150

mm 19 19 19 19 19 19 16 16 16 16 16
S-Power Speed circular sling
cm 48 65 70 48 65 70 34 41 50 60 60

mm 16 16 16
Two S-Power Speed circular slings
cm 55 60 65

Line Bungee with Snap Clip On head

Sharkclip On handle

1.5-mm monoline assembled

Cyrano Evo Cyrano Cyrano Sten

HF Evo

100* 110* 70* 70* 97* 110* 45 70* 100*

mm 7 7 7 7
Shaft Race
cm 105 120 105 120

mm 7 7 8 8 8
Threaded shaft

cm 68,5 68,5 37,5 67,5 98,5

Operating pressure BAR 24 24 20 20 24 24 13 16 18

11-mm internal barrel

13-mm internal barrel

Compact head

Connecting piston mm 1,5

On head
Bungee with Big Carabiner
On handle

1.5-mm monoline assembled

12 12

Cyrano Cyrano Viper Pro Phantom Phantom

Cyrano Sten Bandit
Evo HF Evo Carbon FV

Code 423153 423154 413109 413110 423418 423413 423414 423420

Lengths (cm) 90* 70* 70* 49 100 75 75 55#
110* 97* 70* 110 95 95 75#
110* 100* 120 110 110 95#

Superior accuracy

11-mm internal barrel

13-mm internal barrel

Maximum rigidity

Hydroformed barrel

Internal barrel off-axis

Superior performance

* With power adjusting system.
# Sling Gun

Razor Carbon
420403 RRP $599.00

A new manufacturing process with continuous vacuum allows for complete control over production of the blade, and eliminates excess epoxy resin,
ensuring consistent quality for complete reliability. The precise shape of the pre-impregnated 3K carbon skins, which use different weaves and different
basis weights depending on the flex point, transform the Razor Carbon into a variable thrust fin.
Razor Carbons versatility and exceptional performance both on the surface and at depth will satisfy the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen.


A quick, narrow leg action allows the diver to capitalize fully on the elasticity of the fin tip, especially during extended finning
on the surface.
When ascending through the water, the entire blade delivers its maximum potential as the angle of the finning action increases.

Razor Pro
420401 BK RRP $199.00

The innovative Razor fins deliver the best performance among all technopolymer fins currently on the market.
They are a benchmark for the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen.

Blade Razor Pro

420906 GN 420907 BWN 420902 GR

Individual Blade RRP $49.50

Instinct Pro
420400 BK 420400 CM RRP $129.00 The tapered-section blade and micro-ribs, paired with
a new technopolymer, achieve optimal results in both
power and thrust modularity, optimizing performance.
The tapered lateral ribs make the blade flex progressively,
creating a water channeling effect that is the true driving
force behind the fin. The pronounced V shape of the end
of the fin prevents any risk of lateral slippage.
The foot pocket mantains complete comfort and secure
fit for the foot, while delivering even more power to the

Avanti Quattro Power Historic product using the four-channel Mares patent.
420404 BK 420404 CM RRP $159.00 The deformation achieved when the blade is optimally
channeled creates a significant flow of water and
increases thrust.
The rubber-reinforced lateral ribs improve the blades
elastic recovery.
The anatomical foot pocket, with a very soft and
comfortable reinforced heel, wont cause fatigue when
used for long periods. Ideal for divers who want a shorter
fin that is still powerful and reliable over time.

Essence LiquidSkin RRP $129.00 The Essence Liquidskin is a single lens frameless mask
421406 BXBK GR 421406 BXBK GN
incredibly lightweight and comfortable with an exceptional
visual field in every direction. Thanks to LiquidSkin technology,
the Essence mask offers unparelled comfort and resistance to
flattening in the skirt. The single lens supports the incredibly
light Bi-silicone structure, eliminating the chance of deformation
in the field of vision at depth. The reduced distance between the
lens and the eyes gives a better view and reduces the internal
volume. Ample space around the nose makes equalizing easier.
The new types of silicone used help limit fogging.

Star LiquidSkin RRP $119.00

421400 BXBK AG 421400 BXBK GR

Star Liquidskin - Mask created specifically for spearfishing

and freediving, offering a better field of vision paired with the
smallest possible volume, thanks to the angled lenses and the
extremely reduced eye-lens distance.The new types of silicone
used help limit fogging, and the dual-button ergonomic buckles
make it even easier to adjust the strap. The Star LiquidSkin
uses a Bi-silicone skirt that capitalizes on the exclusive Mares
LiquidSkin patent to achieve unbeatable comfort, durability,
and light weight.

16 16
X-VU LiquidSkin RRP $99.00
421408 BXGR BK 421408 BXBWN BK

X-VU LiquidSkin, manufactured with a

Bi-silicone skirt and strap, capitalize on
the exclusive Mares LiquidSkin patent.
Offering exceptional comfort, very light
weight, and unbeatable durability.

X-VU RRP $69.00

421410 BXBK BK
X-VU - Dual-lens mask with reduced distance
between the lenses and the eyes for a
better view and smaller internal volume. An
innovative shock-absorbing system is located
on the skirt between the lenses. This exclusive
Mares patent allows divers to compensate for
the pressure of the frame when diving deep.
X-VU mask with single material skirt.

Star Elite RRP $99.00

Star Elite - Mask created specifically for spearfishing

421401 BXBK BK
and freediving, offering a better field of vision paired
with the smallest possible volume, thanks to the
angled lenses and the extremely reduced eye-lens
distance. The new types of silicone used help limit
fogging, and the dual-button ergonomic buckles
make it even easier to adjust the strap. The Star Elite
features a mono-silicone skirt and special lenses
that can hide the fishermans eyes to avoid startling
fish as the hunter shifts his gaze.

Star RRP $79.00

421402 BXBK BK
Star - Mask created specifically for spearfishing and
freediving, offering a better field of vision paired with
the smallest possible volume, thanks to the angled
lenses and the extremely reduced eye-lens distance.
The new types of silicone used help limit fogging,
and the dual-button ergonomic buckles make it even
easier to adjust the strap. The Star is manufactured
with a mono-silicone skirt.

Tana RRP $59.00

421405 BXBK BK 421405 BXBL BK 421405 BXBWN BK

Tana - The skirt is made of very soft hypoallergenic
liquid silicone, and its highly ergonomic shape makes
it suitable for any shape of face. The reduced distance
between the eyes and the lens guarantees excellent
field of vision while keeping internal volume low.
The system of pockets around the nose makes the
skirt more flexible and makes equalizing easier.
Soft- Touch inserts on the frame make it easier to
reposition the mask.

Samurai Extreme RRP $39.00
421450 BK
Samurai Extreme - The shape and diameter of
the Samurai snorkel prevent any air turbulence
inside the breathing tube. Its anatomical shape
improves hydrodynamics. Anatomical mouthpiece
in hypoallergenic silicone.

Samurai RRP $39.00

421451 BK 421451 GN

Samurai - The shape and diameter of the Samurai

snorkel prevent any air turbulence inside the
breathing tube. Its anatomical shape improves
hydrodynamics. Anatomical mouthpiece in
hypoallergenic silicone.

Dual RRP $25.00

421454 BK 421454 BN

Dual - Thanks to the collaboration with a leading

Italian orthodontia study, Mares created the best
hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece characterized
by unparalleled easy breathing and especially
well-suited to prolonged use.

Viper RRP $29.00

421452 BK
Viper - A traditional straight and semi-rigid
snorkel thats well-suited for use in rough seas.
The diameter is designed to achieve outstanding
breathing comfort, features an anatomical
mouthpiece in soft hypoallergenic silicone.


Blade Razor Pro * Blade Razor Pro * Blade Razor Pro * Avanti Quattro
Razor Carbon Razor Pro Instinct Pro
Grey Camouflage Camouflage Power
Code 420403 420401 BK 420402 GR 420906 GN 420907 BWN 420400 BK 420404 BK
420400 CM 420404 CM
38/39 5/6 6/7 938gr - 860mm
39/40 5.5/6.5 7/8 830gr - 870mm 1035gr - 870mm 1028gr - 870mm 1035gr - 870mm 1035gr - 870mm
40/41 6.5/7.5 7/8 966gr - 874mm 960gr - 710mm
41/42 7.5/8 8.5/9.5 883gr - 880mm 1095gr - 880mm 1088gr - 880mm 1095gr - 880mm 1095gr - 880mm
42/43 8/9 8.5/9.5 1002gr - 889mm 1053gr - 725mm
43/44 9/10 10/11 933gr - 900mm 1145gr - 900mm 1138gr - 900mm 1145gr - 900mm 1145gr - 900mm
44/45 10/10.5 10/11 1036gr - 902mm 1175gr - 755mm
45/46 10.5/11.5 12/13 998gr - 910mm 1210gr - 910mm 1203gr - 910mm 1210gr - 910mm 1210gr - 910mm
46/47 11.5/12 12/13 1061gr - 916mm 1210gr - 765mm
47/48 12/13 13/14 1038gr - 920mm 1250gr - 920mm 1243gr - 920mm 1250gr - 920mm 1250gr - 920mm

Excellent elasticity

Interchangeable foot pocket and blades

Channel Thrust


Superior performance

Razor foot pockets are designed to be worn with a 3-mm neoprene sock. If you are wearing these fins barefoot, use the next size smaller fins.
* The data refer to blades mounted on Razor foot pockets
Technical specifications

Masks and snorkels

Essence X-VU Star Samurai

X-VU Star Star Elite Tana Samurai Dual Viper
LiquidSkin LiquidSkin LiquidSkin Extrem

Code 421406 421408 421410 421400 421402 421401 421405 421450 421451 421454 421452

Optional optical lenses

from -1 to -5
from -1 to -7
from +1.5 to +3
Wide field of vision

Ergonomic form

Buckles on the skirt

Reduced internal volume


Superior performance

Phantom Rash
3mm RRP $129.00 Guard

Phantom 3mm Camo

Steamer Jacket
RRP $59.00
482167 422418

Phantom Hood 422419
RRP $69.00
RRP $39.95

Iron On
Chest Loading Pad RRP $24.95

Attack Titan
425550 RRP $159.95

Spacious 1100 denier Nylon bag that can carry 100 kg.
Heat-sealed bag with no stitching.
Adjustable handles are attached by snap hooks to welded base plates.
Side drain valve.
Dimensions: 90 x 43 x 24-cm (90 liters).

Attack Gun
425553 RRP $99.95

Speargun carrying bag.

1100 denier Nylon and padded bottom with drain valve. Long opening to make it easier
to access the spearguns. Handle and two straps for transport.
Large enough to hold a large-diameter rigid tube when you need extra protection.
Dimensions: 175 x 20 x 20-cm.

Attack Fins
425551 RRP $49.95

Dedicated for fins with long blades.External document pouch. Can carry your
gear for snorkeling or training in the pool.
Dimensions: 95 x 25-cm

Attack Catch
4***** RRP $39.95

Spring loaded catchbag, durable upper, double stitched mesh base. Easily
opens with one hand. Perfect for keeping your catch secure.
Dimensions: 45 x 60-cm

Spiro 87 Spiro 65
423917 RRP $39.95 423918 RRP $39.95
Reel created for Phantom spearguns, but
can also be used on all 28-mm barrels
with accessory adapter. The 87-mm and
65-mm coils are optimized and honed in
thickness to increase capacity and lightness
while maintaining excellent resistance. On
Phantom spearguns, the reel can be used in
the standard position or angled.
Mares patented clutch.


- Strength Diamond line Diamond line Diamond line

- Rsistance 1 mm - 130 kg 1,5 mm - 180 kg 2 mm - 300 kg
423918 - Spiro 65 55 M 35 M 20 M
423917 - Spiro 87 85 M 65 M 40 M

Spiro Reel Adapter

Reel adapter for SPIRO reels to be used with
all round barrel spearguns.

423919 RRP $9.95

Tech Torpedo RRP $69.95

Buoy with rugged outer cover. Quick connectors or D-rings and high visibility flag. Drag point
optimized to increase glide over the water.
Flag: 31.5 x 31.5-cm.

Torpedo RRP $19.95


A very hydro and aerodynamic shape result in an easy to move and pull float. Featuring rings for
fastening accessory items.
Lower compartment can be filled with water to stabilize the buoy based on wind conditions.
Includes 20 meters of line and a carabiner.

Floatlines 10M RRP $79.95/20M RRP $99.95/30M RRP $149.95


Floatline Bungee 1M RRP $19.95/2M 29.95


Bungee Bungee with
423923 M-L RRP $14.95 Big Carabiner
423935 L RRP $19.95

Speed Needle Fish Stringer

423826 423823
RRP $19.95 RRP $25.95

D-Shackle Swivel w/Pigtail

423825 RRP $4.95 423844 RRP $6.95

Swivel w/Snap Clip Swivel w/Scarub

423846 RRP $$6.95
423838 RRP $$6.95

Shark Clip w/swivel Swivel

423824 RRP $6.95
423831 RRP $3.95

Mono Line Sleeves Kit

423924 (20 pcs) - 140/160
RRP $8.95
423925 (20 pcs) - 120/140

Line Diamond 1.5mm

423921 - 100m RRP $89.95
Marseillaise Belt
423924 (20 pcs) - 140/160 RRP $39.95

Fast D-Ring Articulated Wishbone
423924 (20 pcs) - 140/160 RRP $19.95 423914 RRP $19.95

Sturdy ring thats very useful for hooking your fish

stringer or buoy line. Thanks to its quick open/close
system, you can attach it without removing the weights
from your belt.
Articulated Bind
423915 RRP $19.95

Lario Bind
Speed Speed 2 Speed 3 Wishbone
RRP $7.95 RRP $9.95 RRP $9.95 423913 RRP $19.95
423911 423916 423936

423912 RRP $19.95

RRP $19.95

RRP $29.95

Shafts for pneumatic guns
8mm Carbon Steel
Sten Medi 70 Carbon Steel.
43163934 RRP $32.95 Threded shaft
Line Slider
Sten Super 100
RRP $39.95

8mm Temp. Steel

Sten Mini 49 Temp. Stainless steel.
43163958 Threded shaft
RRP $35.95
Line Slider
Sten Medi 70
RRP $35.95
Sten Super 100
43163961 RRP $39.95

7mm Carbon Steel

Cyrano 700 Carbon Steel.
43164262 RRP $32.95 Threded shaft
Cyrano 970 Line Slider
43164264 RRP $35.95
Cyrano 1100
RRP $39.95

Race 7mm
Cyrano 970 Temp. Stainless Steel.
43200429 RRP $59.95 Embedded Barb
Cyrano 1100 Line Slider.
43200430 RRP $59.95
Shafts for sling guns
Phantom Speed 7mm
115 cm 43200433 RRP $59.95 Made of 17-4PH tahitian hardened stainless steel. Three special high
130 cm 43200434 resistance pins. Lower embedded barb.
140 cm 43200435
150 cm 43200436

Bandit 7mm
Bandit 75 423834 RRP $59.95 Made stainless steel. Three high resistance fins. Lower embedded barb.
Bandit 95 423834 Tri-Cut Tip.
Bandit 110 423834
Bandit 120 423834

Lazio RRP $19.95

Lazio RRP $25.95
423700 423701

Steel. Steel.

Moby Miniconcorde
423702 RRP $39.95 423703 RRP $25.95

Tempered stainless steel. Tempered stainless steel.

Dagger RRP $99.95 Stiletto RRP $94.95 Snake RRP $99.95
425610 425611 425612

98-mm blade. 65-mm blade. 135-mm blade.

Special knives for spearfishing and freediving. PVD-treated stainless steel blade with cutting edge and micro-serrated shearing edge. Ergonomic handle with soft overmoulding. Quick release system. Can
be worn on the arm, calf, or belt.

Hero RRP $69.95


Ultra-compact knife, ideal for any type of dive. 60-mm blade manufactured in 4-mm PVD-treated stainless steel. One cutting edge and one micro-
serrated shearing edge. Ergonomic handle with special holes for for freeing shafts stuck in the rocks. Total length 135-mm. Sturdy Cordura sheath
with flexible Velcro fastening bands. Can be worn on the arm, calf, or belt.

Fiberglass Handspear
423838 - 2m 2 Piece, 5 Prong RRP $44.95

Aluminium Anodised Handspear

423836 - 2m 2 Piece, 5 Prong RRP $39.95

Aluminium Handspear
423837 - 2m 2 Piece, 5 Prong RRP $29.95

Handspear Rubber
423829 - 10mm RRP $9.95

Cluster Head
423828 - 5 Prong RRP $12.95

Latex S-Power
19 mm 423956
17,5 mm 423961

The Mares S-Power sling features incredible progression and constant power over
the long term.
15-m roll.

S-Power Speed
16 mm 42, 50, 55, 60, 65 cm 423966
17,5 mm 42, 48, 55, 60, 65, 70 cm 423960
19 mm 48, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 cm 423965
Circular S-Power slings with interchangeable wishbone in 2-mm Dyneema,
designed for shafts with specially polished notches or pins.

Easy access EN Ergonomic form
Facilit di utilizzo IT Conformazione ergonomica
Accs facile FR Forme ergonomique
Fcil acceso ES Forma ergonmica

Display protected by mineral glass EN Polyurethane protection on the knees

Display protetto da vetro minerale IT Protezione in poliuretano sulle ginocchia
Affichage protg par un verre minral FR Protection des genoux en polyurthane
Pantalla protegida por cristal mineral ES Proteccin de poliuretano en las rodillas

Customizable program settings EN Pre-formed cut

Impostazioni personalizzabili dei programmi IT Taglio preformato
Rglages du programme personnalisables FR Coupe prforme
Configuracin personalizable ES Corte preformado

Superior display readability EN Superelastic neoprene inserts

Leggibilit del display di livello superiore IT Inserti in neoprene superelastico
Lisibilit suprieure de l'affichage FR Inserts noprne super lastiques
Mxima legibilidad de la pantalla ES Aplicaciones de neopreno superelstico

Excellent elasticity EN Easy off system

Grande ritorno elastico IT Easy off system
Grande nervosit FR Easy off system
Excelente elasticidad ES Easy off system

Interchangeable foot pocket and blades EN Superior accuracy

Scarpetta e pale intercambiabili IT Precisione superiore
Chaussons et voilures interchangeables FR Prcision suprieure
Zapatos y palas intercambiables ES Mxima precisin

Channel Thrust EN Maximum rigidity

Channel Thrust IT Massima rigidezza
Channel Thrust FR Rigidit maximale no flex!
Channel Thrust ES Rigidez mxima

Wide field of vision EN 11mm internal barrel

Ampio campo visivo IT Canna interna da 11mm
Large champ de vision FR Diamtre intrieur du ft 11 mm
Amplio campo de visin ES Can interno de 11 mm

Buckles on the skirt EN 13mm internal barrel

Fibbie sul facciale IT Canna interna da 13mm
Boucles sur la jupe FR Diamtre intrieur du ft 13 mm
Hebillas en el faldn ES Can interno de 13 mm

Optional optical lenses EN Hydroformed barrel

Lenti ottiche opzionali IT Serbatoio idroforming
Verres optiques en option FR Ft hydroform
Lentes correctoras opcionales ES Can hidroconformado

Camouflage EN Internal barrel off-axis

Mimetismo IT Canna interna disassata
Camouflage FR Ft interne dcentr
Camuflaje ES Can interno inclinado

Reduced internal volume EN Superior performance

Volume interno ridotto IT Prestazioni superiori
Volume intrieur rduit FR Performances suprieures
Volumen interno reducido ES Mximo rendimiento
Product specifications and characteristics listed in this catalogue may be subjected to change by Mares without notice.
Le immagini e le caratteristiche dei prodotti rappresentati in questo catalogo possono subire modifiche da parte di Mares senza preavviso.
Les spcifications et caractristiques des produits prsents dans ce catalogue peuvent tre modifies par Mares sans avertissement pralable.
Mares se reserva el derecho a modificar sin previo aviso las caracteristicas tcnicas y generales de los productos que aparecen en este catlogo.
Product photos: Andrea Monetti - Massimiliano Eleota; Diving photos: Alberto Balbi, Boris Barreira;
Foto prodotti: Andrea Monetti - Massimiliano Eleota; Foto subacquee: Alberto Balbi, Boris Barreira;
Photos des produits : Andrea Monetti - Massimiliano Eleota; Photos de plonge : Alberto Balbi, Boris Barreira;
Fotos productos: Andrea Monetti - Massimiliano Eleota; Fotos buceo: Alberto Balbi, Boris Barreira;
The trademark Mares is a registered trademark - Il marchio Mares un marchio registrato.
Le marque Mares est une marque dpose - Mares es una marca comercial registrada.
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