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7/5/2017 Order Conrmation

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Order Placed Order Number Payment Method Subtotal (1 Items) $899.49

2017/07/04 655750191 Master Card ending in 2657 Shipping $0.00
Expires 12/19
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HST $103.94
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PST $0.00
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Ignasious Selliah QST $0.00
199 Westwood Rd Unit 81
Guelph, ON N1H 7S1
(519) 546-3196 Order Total $903.43
Total Discount on Order $100.00
Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 1040 3LCD Total
Home Theater Projector $896.99 Membership Number
Item # 8761040
$896.99 111837540085
$100 OFF
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ECO FEE ADS $2.50 1/1