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ASSURE Model Instructional Plan

Lesson Title: Graphing with Skittles

Teachers Name: Gianna Bell
Grade: Kindergarten / Birth- Kindergarten
Content Area: Mathematics
Lesson Length: Approximately 50-60 minutes
*Note: Table cells will expand when text is added.
Analyze Learners
For Example:
1. 17
2. Males: 7, Females: 10
3. 5-7
4. Mental, Social, Physical, Social Notes such as:
o Disabilities: Three of my students have a disability. Zacharia T. and Alayna B.
both have autism. Faith V. has ADHD.
o Learning Differences 60% of my students do not clearly understand the
assignment once I give the directions. I have to physically demonstrate the
steps for these students to understand. 40% of my students understand
immediately after directions are given. Students above may need additional
time and/ or additional methods of demonstration.
o Cultural/Ethnic Notes 5 Caucasian (~29%), 3 African American/ Black
(~18%), 2 Asian (~12%), 4 Hispanic (~24%), 4 American Indian (~24%)
o Etc.
5. Current Knowledge, Prerequisites, and Notes about Learner Attitudes No prior
knowledge. This is a new lesson.
6. Learning Styles
(Estimate % of Students)
o Visual 30%
o Auditory (Aural) 15%
o Kinesthetic (Hands On) 55%
State Objectives
Students will be able to create and appropriately color in the correct number of blocks on a
simple bar graph 80%, based on the number of candies given.

Select Methods, Media, , and Materials

All methods, media, and materials needed for the lesson are listed. Give rationales why
these selected methods, media and materials are appropriate for your lesson.
1. Methods
- Presentation & Demonstration; I am using these two methods because 30% of my

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students are visual learners.
2. Media
- Brain Pop Junior, PowerPoint; I am using these methods because 15% of my students are
auditory learners.
3. Materials
- Skittles candy, worksheets with blank bar graph, crayons, and colored pencils; These will
be used because 55% of my students are kinesthetic learners.
Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods
For each listed above, details of how they will be implemented into the lesson to enhance
learning with using 5Ps.
1. Preview the materials: I will preview the selected videos on Brain Pop Junior, to ensure
that each provides the proper information needed to complete the assignment. I will
review my PowerPoint presentation for any errors and to ensure that the required
information is there.
2. Prepare the materials: I will provide worksheets, colored pencils, crayons, and individual
bags of Skittles candy. I will have my chosen videos in tabs already open in my browser
for quick and easy transition.
3. Prepare the environment: Learning will take place in my classroom. The temperature is
fairly comfortable. Students will be in their original assigned seats. I did my seating
based on my students abilities; those with disabilities sit closer to the front of the class
to ensure they get as much information as possible. The lighting will come from the
classroom lights but natural light from the windows. Natural light is said to be beneficial
for learning environments.
4. Prepare the learners: I will engage the students by asking them their favorite foods.
Students will be eager to raise their hand and share their favorite food. I will also show
the children the Skittles candy and mention that they will serve as treats at the end of the
5. Provide the learning experiences: Refer to outline.
Require Learner Participation
This lesson will be approximately 50-60 minutes.
1. For the first 10 minutes, I will be introducing the concept of bar graphs using a
PowerPoint presentation Ive constructed.
- Once I finish the PowerPoint presentation, I will show a video on Bar Graphs. This video
will be a part of todays lesson. This video is approximately 5 minutes long.
- Immediately following the video, I will announce that the students will be constructing their
own bar graphs.
2. For about 10 minutes, I will construct an example bar graph on the smartboard for the
students. Before, I will ask students what they would prefer for lunch; grilled cheese, pizza,
or ham and cheese sandwich. I will tell the students to choose only one option. I will ask
who would prefer grilled cheese and count that many of students with their hand up. Using
that number I will color in the corresponding number of blocks. I will count out loud and ask
the students to join me as I count. I will explain what the colored blocked represent the
number of hands that were raised. I will do the same procedure for pizza and ham & cheese
sandwich. Students should grasp the relationship between the blocks colored and raised

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hands. After completing the bar graph I will inform the students that there are 17 students in
the class. I will then ask the class to count the colored blocks to ensure all students
- Immediately following, I will ask students do they want to construct their own bar graphs
using Skittles. I will show the Skittles for reinforcement. I will let them know, that if they
complete their bar graphs, they will be able to eat the Skittles as a snack.
3. For 40 minutes: I will pass out the materials (worksheets, crayons, colored pencils, and
Skittles). The Skittles will be the last thing I hand to the students. I will have the students
sort the Skittles by color. I will explain that each of the Skittles represent a box on the bar
graph and also that each color is different, thus referring the bar graph we constructed
together. The students shall create their bar graph. I will double check as they work,
providing feedback if needed.
Evaluate & Revise
Evaluation methods for each of the following are included:
1. Student Performance
I will grade the students by seeing who was able to eat their candy at the end of the
assignment using time markers.
2. Media Effectiveness
I would evaluate on how the PowerPoint presentation and Brain Pop Jr. worked. How
effective were the students in creating their own bar graph? Were they able to do it
with ease? I would evaluate how engaged were the students during the videos and
PowerPoint presentations. I will ask them review questions to ensure they were
absorbing the information.
3. Instructor Performance
I will have a teacher assistant from a neighboring kindergarten classroom evaluate
my lesson. I will also have my chart to assess the effectiveness of the lesson.

80% of the classroom will complete the assignment correctly within 15 minutes.

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