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Alliance of Natioinalist and Genuine Labor Org. (ANGLO for Brevity)
Samahan ng mga Mangagawang Nagkakaisa sa Manila Bay Spinning Mills (SAMANA
BAY for Brevity)
GR No. 118562, July 5, 1996


ANGLO is a duly registered labor organization, while SAMANA BAY is its affiliate.

In representation of SAMANA BAY, ANGLO entered a CBA with Manila Bay Spinning Mills and
J.P. Coats Manila Bay, Inc. (herein referred to as Corporations)

SAMANA BAY decided to disaffiliate from ANGLO in view of the latter’s dereliction of duty to
promote and advance the welfare of the former and the alleged cases of corruption involving
federation officers. This disaffiliation was unanimously confirmed by the members of SAMANA

But the corporations refused to honor SAMANA BAY resolution. Thus, SAMANA BAY filed a
petition to stop remittance of federation dues to ANGLO with the Bureau of Labor relations.

ANGLO counter-acted by unseating all officers and board members of SAMANA BAY and
appointing instead a new set of officers who were duly recognized by the corporations.

ANGLO contended that the disaffiliation is void considering that CBA is still existing and the
freedom period has not yet set in.

Med-Arbiter resolved that the disaffiliation is void but upheld the illegality of the ouster of the
officers of SAMANA BAY.

When both parties (ANGLO and SAMANA BAY) appealed to DOLE, the latter ruled that:

a. Disaffiliation is valid.
b. Directing the Corporations to stop remitting to ANGLO federation dues and instead to
remit the whole amount of union dues to the treasurer of SAMANA BAY; and
c. Enjoining ANGLO from interfering in the affairs of SAMANA BAY


W/N disaffiliation is valid.

W/N ANGLO can validly oust the officers or board member of SAMANA BAY.


Disaffiliaiton is valid. All employees enjoy the right to self-organization and to form and join
labor org. of their own choice for the purpose of Collective Bargaining. This is a fundamental

right of Labor and derives its existence from the Constitution. a labor union may disaffiliate from the mother union to form a local or independent union only during the 60-day freedom period immediately preceding the expiration of the CBA. even before the onset of the freedom period. disaffiliation may be carried out when there is a shift of allegiance on the part of the majority of the members of the union. However. The resolution of the general membership ratifying the disaffiliation which is initiated by the Board. The failure to observe certain procedural requirements for a valid disaffiliation. substantially satisfied the procedural requirements for disaffiliation. neither does it give the mother federation the license to act independently and without consent of the local union. It is a separate and distinct voluntary association owing its creation to the will of its members. Generally. On the second issue. Local labor union is separate and distinct unit primarily designated to secure and maintain an equality of bargaining power between the employer and their employee members. being purely technical grounds cannot rise above the fundamental right of self-organization. Settled is the rule that a local union has the right to disaffiliate from its mother union when circumstances warrant. it is not valid for ANGLO to oust officer of SAMANA Bay. it is always adopted the liberal approach which favors the exercise of labor rights. A local union does not owe its existence to the federation with which it is affiliated. Mere act of affiliation does not divest the local union of its own personality. . In interpreting the protection to labor and social justice provision of the Constitution and Labor laws.