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r llllllfirfi lil lllll llll llll MS 03

First Year M.Sc. Biotechnology (semester - l)

Examination, December 2O1 4
(Course No. MS - 103)

Total Duration:Section A+ B+C=2 Hours 30 Minutes Section B &C Marks:45


Time Allowed : 2 Hours 15 Minutes

lnstructions: 1) Use separate answer books for Section B and Section C'
2) Draw neat ai.nd labelled diagramswherever necessary.
3) Figures on therightindicate marks'


2. write short answers to the following (any flve) : (5x3=15)

a) Write a note on Peroxisomes'

b) Write a short note on chromosomes

c) compare and contrast actin tilaments and microtubules'

d) Write a short note on cYclic AMP'

e) Briefty explain how Ras acts as a signallinE molecule.

f) Write a note on endoplasmic reticulum'

g) Write a short note on cadherins'

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3. Answer the following (any two) : (2x5=10)

a) Briefly describe lon channels.

b) Briefly describe the
i) tnterphase of cell cycle
ii) Checkpoints involved in cell cycle regulation
iii) Eukaryotic nrodel systems used to stttdy cell cycle
c) Describe signalling mediated through G-protein coupled receptors.


4. Answer the following questions (any two) : (2x10=20)

a) Briefly explain :
i) Nuclear transport of proteins and
ii) Translocation of proteins into mitochondria
b) What is apoptosis ? Explain the extrinsic and intrinsic pathway involving

c) Give an account on resting membrane potential and deseribe how action potential
is generated.