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First Year M.$c, Biotechnology ($emester * l) Examination, Dec. 2014

Gourse Gode : M$ 102
Date : 20-12-2014
Total Duration: SectionA+B+ C=2 Hours30 Minutes Section B& C Marks:45

Time Allowed : 2 Hours 15 Minutes

lnstructions : 1) Use separate answer books for Section B and C"

2) Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.
3) Figures on the right indicate full marks.

2. Write short answers to the following (any five) : (5;$=15)

a) How to cultivate bacteriophages ?
b) Write a note on the maintenance and preservation of pure culture"
c) Describe sterilization using osmotic pres$ure and incineration"
d) How microbialgroMh is controlled using heavy metals and their compounds ?
e) Describe the different mechanisnns of drug resistance development by microbes.
f) Describe properties of psychrophiles.
g) Describe the structure of cyanobacteria.

3. Answerthefollowing question (anytwo): (215=10)

a) Describe structure and function of capsule.
b) Outline procedure for industrial production of Lactic acid.
c) Write differenttechniques of preservation of bacteria.


4. Answerthe following question (any 2) : (2x10=20)

a) What are the major modes of antimicrobial action of chemotherapeutic agents ?
Describe mode of action of ampicillin ?
b) Draw a typical bacterial cell and explain function o{ individual components.
c) Explain bacterialgrowth curve with appropriate equations.