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flIililillilil BT 06
- | Year B.Tech. Biotechnology (Semester - l) Examination, December 2O14
(Gourse No. : BS - 102)
Date: 27-12-2A14
Total Duration: SectionA+ B+ C=2 Hours30 Minutes Section B &C Marks:45


Time Allowed : 2 Hours 15 Minutes.

lnstructions : 1) Use separate answer boaks far Section B and Section C.

2) Draw neat and lahelled diagrams wherever necessary.
3) Figures on the right indicate full rnarks.


2. Write short answers to the following (any five) : (5x3-15)

a) Explain enantiomers, heat of combustion, Hoffmann rule.
b) SN1 reaction gives racemisation of product. Explain.,
c) Larger ring cornpounds are difficult to synthesize. Whyfl
d) Write a note on Wufiz reaction.,
e) Explain why Eraphite is used as a lubricanl"t
f) Draw the structures of norborane, quinoline, nitrobenzene.
g) Write about Corey House Alkane Synthesis.T

3. Answerthefollowing (anytwo): (2x5=10)

a) What are the different structures possible for benzene ? Which one is the correct
structure ? Explain.
b) Discuss on the orbital structure of the five membered rings.,
c) Draw R or S for the following. Tartaric acid, 1,2 dichloro pentane.
d) Compare E1 and E2 reactions with respect to kinetics and stereochemistry,

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4. Answer the following questions (any two) : (211Q=20)

a) Define polarimeter. The concentration of X dissolved in Y is 7.45 g per 100 mlof
i) A portion of this solution in 5 cm polarimetertube causes an observed rotation
of 1.4"" Calculate the specific rotation of compound X.
ii) Predict the observed rotation if 10 ml of the solution was diluted to 20 ml and
placed in 5 cm tube.
iii) Predict the observed rotation if the same solution were placed in a 10 cm
b) Write a note on Quinollne.
c) Compare SN1 and SN2 reactions with respectto stereochemistryand kinetics. 7