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Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin September 29, 2017

OIS Community Bulletin

Fushigi Week
Fushigi means mystery or strange in Japanese
and it refers to the annual SOIS Spirit Week. In
anticipation of Sports Day, scheduled for Monday
October 9, the Two Schools Together Student
Councils, encourages school spirit through themed
days during Fushigi Week. This year the spirit day
themes are as follows:

Monday October 2 - Superhero Day

Tuesday October 3 - Twins Day
Wednesday October 4 - Gangster Day
Thursday October 5 - Sporty Day
Friday October 6 - Hollywood
Students enjoyed last years Falcon Cup
All middle school and high school students and
teachers are encouraged to dress with the theme in
mind. Elementary Sabers Soccer
OIS elementary students will participate Monday Over 30 grade 3,4 and 5 students have been practicing
(Superhero) and Thursday (Sporty) only. soccer diligently since the first week of school in
preparation for the Falcon Cup. The Falcon Cup takes
place on Rokko Island on Friday October 6. Due to the
age of the students, the emphasis is on skill
development, teamwork, sportsmanship and most of all,
Sports Day Rain Plan enjoying themselves while competing in the sport of
soccer. The rules of futsal have 5 players to a team and
We are looking at the weather forecasts closely this encourages more involvement from individual
next week. Early indications are for a strong players.
chance of rain for Monday October 9. We will
decide to postpone Sports Day until the next day, We will be sending four teams in the senior division,
Tuesday October 10 if heavy rains are grades 4 and 5 and two teams in the junior division,
forecasted. We will make the decision by the grade 3. The team will depart from school at 8:30 AM for
latest, Monday October 9 at 6:00 AM. Families a full day of games. Participating teams are Canadian
will be notified via SOISmail, Twitter, Facebook Academy (host), Kyoto International University Academy,
and our website. Kansai Christian Academy, Hiroshima International
School, Kyoto International School, Nagoya International
If we do postpone it, we will have regular classes
on Monday October 9 and Sports Day will be
held on Tuesday October 10, rain or shine. Note
that classes will be on a Tuesday schedule on
Monday October 9.
Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin September 29, 2017

Upcoming School Events

SAT & SAT Subject Test - Saturday October 7

OIS/SIS Sports Day -Monday October 9 (rain day Tuesday October 10)

WJAA (Western Japan Athletic Association) middle school boys baseball (Canadian Academy) middle
school girls volleyball (Marist Brothers IS) - October 13-14

Japanese-Italian Cooking workshop - Monday October 16 3:45 PM Home & Family Life Room

Kool Sounds @ Kita Senri - Tuesday October 24 after school at Kita Senri Train Station SOIS music
ensembles perform

OIS/SIS Faculty Forum - Friday October 27 Half Day of School, classes dismissed at 11:30 AM

Onohara neighborhood Halloween - Saturday October 28

Speech Pathology Lidcombe Stuttering Therapy Conference - November 3-5, 2017

World Scholars Cup Tournament of Champions - November 9-16 at Yale University, Connecticut, USA

Asian Rural Institute lecture: (open to students and parents) Monday November 13 3:45 3F conference
room (

Ayaka Tanimoto Visit

OIS graduate Ayaka Tanimoto, an opera
singer based in London, visited OIS music
classes last week She is in Osaka for her
concert Wednesday October 4 with the
classical Spanish guitarist, Jose Gallardo de
Rey at Phoenix Hall.

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