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Key Words

o follow o yellow

o leader o sort

o quietly o alike

Upcoming Events o quickly o different

o rules o healthy
o Octobers Theme: Friendship Month
o woods o safe
o color o talent
o red o ability
o blue o green

Notes from the teacher:

I hope you all had a great weekend. Last week was wonderful. The kids started to get used to the
classroom routines as well as the regular school timings. We discussed about helping each other at
work in Language Arts, Alike and Different in Math, Our Senses in Science, and how each person is
special in Social Studies. Children are doing worksheets and activities in class and all their class
works are going to be sent monthly in their folders. Our class website is updated regularly, Please
visit it from time to time.
If you havent sent the supplies with your kids yet, please do so. Thank you.

What we are learning this week:

Social Science
Language Arts Math

o To develop the concept of how o To identify colors o To recognize that o To observe ways in which
to cooperate when playing. red, yellow, blue, everyone has people are alike and
o To preview and predict. and green. special abilities and different.
o To count words in sentences. o To classify talents. o To identify some ways to
o To write from top to bottom. concrete objects o To learn that people stay healthy.
o To follow directions. by color have o To identify some ways to
o To recall and retell. responsibilities. stay safe.

Our Mission: The Rowad Al-Khaleej International School (RAIS) aims to empower students to think creatively, to value diversity, to pursue
a passion for learning and to contribute in a positive way to society while continuing to embrace the values of our society.

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