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w hat w ork s b rief || SEPTEMBER 2013

High-Impact Talent Analytics: Building

a World-Class HR Measurement and
Analytics Function


Big Data have created quite a stir in the marketplace, the reality is that most HR
organizations fall well short of mastering these capabilities. Only 15 percent of the
organizations in our recent study believe that their HR teams have strong credibility
in talent metrics and analytics today. Many of these organizations are looking for
a roadmap to improve their capabilities. Our recent research involving 435 U.S. and
Canadian companies lays out that roadmap.1

The Path to Mature and Powerful Figure 1: Bersin by Deloitte

Talent Analytics Talent Analytics Maturity Model

There are few easy shortcuts to building a 4%

successful analytics function. The groundwork Level 4: Predictive Analytics

Development of Predictive Models, Scenario Planning,
required to understand the organizations Risk Analysis and Mitigation, Integration with Strategic Planning

data and systems, resolve data quality issues, 10%

and build credibility with stakeholders all take Level 3: Advanced Analytics
Statistical Modeling and Root-Cause Analysis to Solve Business Problems,
time. Then there are the issues of finding or Proactively Identify Issues and Recommend Actionable Solutions

developing the right skills sets, integrating data, 30%

and building effective tools for line managers. Level 2: Advanced Reporting
In total, the journey takes several years and our Proactive, Operational Reporting for Benchmarking and Decision-Making,
Multidimensional Analysis and Dashboards
research shows that this is an area of continuing
investment as the analytics market evolves.
Level 1: Operational Reporting
Reactive, Operational Reporting of Efficiency and Compliance Measures,
Our research (available to Bersin by Deloitte Focus on Data Accuracy, Consistency, and Timeliness

WhatWorks research members) does, however,

indicate certain areas that can accelerate an Source: Bersin by Deloitte, 2013.
Source: Bersin by Deloitte, 2013.

organizations capabilities. HR leaders can use

these findings to assess where they are today on purposes and operate in a reactive mode,
the Bersin by Deloitte Talent Analytics Maturity fielding ad-hoc requests for data. Others may
Model continuum (see Figure 1) and examine the take a proactive approach to reporting, using
key levers for advancing their efforts. benchmarks and trends to highlight what is
working (and what is not), but the focus is still
Crossing the Chasm: A Market of on reports or dashboards.
Haves and Have-Nots Just 10 percent of organizations in our study
have taken the next step toward advanced
Our study found that a staggering 86 analyticshelping business leaders solve their
percent of the organizations we surveyed are talent challenges through statistical analyses. A
focused primarily on reporting. Many of these mere 4 percent are using predictive analytics to
organizations produce metrics for compliance forecast future talent outcomes.

For more information, High-Impact Talent Analytics: Building a World-Class Measurement and Analytics Function,
Bersin by Deloitte/Josh Bersin, Karen OLeonard and Wendy Wang-Audia, September 2013. Available to research members at
Copyright 2013 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. 1
w hat w ork s b rief These findings demonstrate a large chasm
Figure 2: Benefits of Mature
between reporting and analytics. The field of Analytics Organizations
talent analytics is still in its very early stages, with
a small percentage of companies way ahead of
the curve and the rest lagging behind them. Mature analytics organizations are:

The Characteristics of Mature 2x more likely to improve their recruiting efforts

Analytics Teams
2x more likely to improve their leadership pipelines
This research uncovered several factors associated
with the maturity of an organizations analytics 3x more likely to realize cost
function. A short list of these factors includes: reductions/efficiency gains

Strong Technical SkillsOrganizations at

2.5x more likely to improve talent mobility
Levels 3 and 4 of our maturity model develop moving the right people into the right jobs
strong statistical and data skills. More than
70 percent of Level 4 organizations have staff
personnel with expertise in statistics, database, Source: Bersin by Deloitte, 2013.
and data visualization, and more than one-half
have staff with IT backgrounds. Other resources include our HR Measurement
Beyond Number CrunchingMature Framework, Talent Analytics Maturity Model, and
analytics functions have learned to solve our High-Impact Talent Analytics research and
business problems. One of the biggest gaps tools. These resources, coupled with Deloittes
in the capabilities of many analytics teams is talent analytics strategy services, are designed
the ability to tell the story behind the data, to help organizations to build a world-class
so that business leaders can quickly grasp the analytics capability and create a culture of data-
implications. These teams need personnel with driven decision-making.
strong business, HR, and consulting skills.
Data QualityMature analytics teams Our Research
have invested time in ensuring that their data is
high quality and up to date. Accurate data WhatWorks members select from nearly 1,000
is important to gaining credibility with research-based resources, including 230 research
stakeholdersif they find errors or do not bulletins on the latest trends, nearly 200 case
believe the data, the analytics function will likely studies, and 70 in-depth industry studies
suffer a serious setback. comparing solution providers and identifying
Effective DashboardsMature analytics leading practices in technology assessment,
teams have learned how to create self-service, selection, and implementation.
customizable dashboards for business and HR We look forward to helping you to make
leaders. These dashboards allow stakeholders sense of the dynamic and complex technology
to have quick access to the information they environment through our WhatWorks
need, while the analytics staff spends more time membership and system.
providing insights and recommendations on
About Bersin by Deloitte
business challenges.
Our research demonstrates that the journey to a Bersin by Deloitte delivers research-based people strategies designed to help
leaders and their organizations in their efforts to deliver exceptional business
mature analytics function may not be easy, but performance. Our WhatWorks membership gives Fortune 1000 and Global
it does pay off in better talent outcomes and 2000 HR professionals the information and tools they need to design and
implement leading practice solutions, benchmark against others, develop their
efficiency gains. (See Figure 2.) In financial terms, staff, and select and implement systems. A piece of Bersin by Deloitte research
the stock prices of these organizations outpaced is downloaded on average approximately every minute during the business day.
More than 5,000 organizations worldwide use our research and consulting to
the S&P 500 by 30 percent, on average, over the guide their HR, talent and learning strategies.
last three years. Mature analytics organizations
are making far better decisions about their This publication contains general information only and Deloitte is not, by means
of this publication, rendering accounting, business, financial, investment, legal,
people and they are learning faster every day. tax, or other professional advice or services. This publication is not a substitute
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