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Passive Voice

A. Tobe/Be + V3 Example :
- Is Mr. Joni is brought by Police car
- Am
- Are
- Was
- Were
B. Be + being + V3 Example:
- Is Miss. Siska was being taught by the lecture
- Am
- Are
- Was
- Were
C. Modals + be + V3 Example:
- Shall/should Some criminals will be caught by Police
- Will/would
- Can/could
- May/might
- Must/must
D. Perfect + been + V3 Example:
- Has Miss. Sinta has been given a gift by a lawyer
- Have
- Had
This text consist of 50 words about the passive voice. Give underlined !

Every year about seventeen million animals are used in laboratory experiments. but in many
countries today, a difficult question is being asked: do we have the right to use animals in this way?
The fact that humans benefit cannot be used to justify using animals in research anymore than
it can be used to justify experimenting on other humans. Animals suffer a lot during these experiments.
They are forced to live in small cages, and they may be unable to move.
Much of the research that is carried out is unnecessary anyway. Those who agree with the
cloning at animals usually argue that the seed produced from them can be used to everlasting rare
species. Not everyone is excited about cloning at animals. However, some people feel that it could
have a terrible consequence
The time we live in has been called the age of information. Variety programs can be selected
and certainty censored. Many damages to the crop are caused by volcanic eruption.
The test must be done by the students well. Some flowers are being bought by Paul for his
party. The volcanic eruption was being watched by many tourist while it erupted .My wallet was stolen
by someone in the crowded street.
Some books have been borrowed by Patrick for her research in the library. Volcanic soil should
be used by farmers to make their plant grow well. Natural scenery is being painted by the painter on the
hill. The volcanic eruptions were observed by many experts using binoculars. The students are asked
by the teacher to discuss about volcanic explosion. The trouble maker must be arrested by police to
stabilize the situation. The meeting was postponed by the committee because of rain. The destruction
of the village has been caused by the flood.
Fifteen year later the US dollars could be exchanged for about $ 1,20 in Canadian money. A
model is coated with wax. The solidified wax is encased in a two-layer meld of plaster or clay. Then it is
melted or otherwise removed from the meld, and metal is poured into the space where the wax had
been made. After cooling, the meld is broken to free the metal object
This ancient method is used to produce sculpture, jewelery, and utilitarian products such as
dentures. An X-ray is radiated through ones body , it can be used for detecting his/her internal body
organs. The X-ray was invented by a German scientist. Solar Energy can be exploited in bright light.
solar cells are needed to convert the sunlight directly into electricity.
The first three are situated in Great Britain. The island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. All
this has been done to raise the quality of the environment and to produce a balance of nature. Many
rare species are threatened with extinction. Oranghutan are found in the natural habitat in the forest. If
things are allowed to continue in this way, it is feared that very soon all will disappear from our forest.
Some areas are designated wildlife reserves where hunters cannot enter. An elephants are protected
by law, the people can kill any of them. Many love the place where they were born very much.
The animal felt their domain was being narrowed by man. They felt quiet life had been
disturbed by the lumber felling projects. A doubled population means that more land will be needed to
grow food. More land will be used for building roads for the increased number of vehicles

A. S + Is/Am/Are/Was/Were + V3
1. Dia ditangkap oleh polisi
He is arrested by police
2. Saya dihukum penjara dua tahun oleh hakim
I am punished two year in jail by judge
3. Johan dan Andre dikeluarkan dari penjara oleh pengacaranya
Jhon and Andre are come out from the jail by their lawyer
4. Keputusan diambil oleh hakim
The decision was taken over by judge
5. Teroris ditangkap oleh polisi
Teroris were caught by police

B. S + Is/Am/Are/Was/Were + Being + V3
1. Kasus ini sedang ditutup oleh hakim
This case is being closed by judge
2. Saya sedang dihadirkan sebagai saksi oleh jaksa
I am being presented as witness by proceitor
3. Masalah-masalah hukum sedang dikonsultasikan oleh ahlinya
Problems of law are being consulted by their expert
4. Proklamasi kemerdekaan sedang diumumkan oleh soekarno-Hatta a long time ago
Proclamation of independence was being declared by Soekarno- Hatta
5. Kasus-kasus dipengadilan diajukan oleh jaksa
The cases in the court were taken over by procescutor

C. S + Shall/Will/Can/May/Must + Be + V3
(S + Should/Would/Could/Might/Must + Be + V3)
1. Keputusan pengadilan akan dikonsultasikan oleh penasehat hukum
The court decision shall be consulted by lawyer
2. Pembuat onar akan ditangkap oleh polisi
The trouble maker will be arrested by police
3. Fakta baru dalam kasus persidangan dapat diajukan oleh pengacara
The new fact of case in the court could be improved by lawyer
4. Kasus Bank Century mungkin ditutup oleh polisi
Century Bank cases might be closed by police
5. Peraturan harus ditegakan oleh masyarakat
The rule must be built by society

D. S + Have/Has/Had + Been + V3
1. Dia telah diputuskan masuk penjara oleh hakim selama dua bulan
She has been decided come in the jail for two month
2. Mereka telah diarahkan untuk mencari keadilan dipengadilan oleh mahasiswa
They have been directed to look for justice in the court by the student
3. Pemilihan Umum anggota Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat telah diselenggarakan oleh Komisi
Pemilihan Umum
General Election for House of Representative had been carried out by Comission for General Election
Meeting 4

Task I
Anita is nineteen years old. She is eligible to get her right to vote in general election.
Here are the activities of Anita in carrying out her vote at a voting site (TPS) in her district. But the
sequences are not composed ingood order.
Rearrange these sentences so to make correct sequences!
Put the number before each stage.
A. She gives her vote secretly in isolation room.
B. She put the ballots into the vote boxes
C. She queus for her turn
D. She leaves the vote room
E. She dips one of her fingers into the ink to show that she has conducted the voting
F. She hands in the invitation card
G. She goes out of the vote site
H. She gets her ballots.

Task II
Match the words in colomn A with their appropriate meanings in column B
1. Balloting A. Act of criminal deception
2. Clique B. Most important part of real meaning of something
3. Convention C. Members of which support each other
4. Fraud D. Something decide by a meeting
5. Petition E. Appeal, especially written document signed by a large number of people
6. Substance F. Paper used in a secret vote
G. confeence of members of a society, political party etc.

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