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When its critical, count on us

Metallurgical condition assessment

Maximising asset value and optimising performance

Independent specialist metallurgical support
Field metallography
(metallographic replication and Edif ERA provides site and laboratory based metallurgical services to
hardness testing) determine asset condition as part of in-service inspection, engineering or
failure investigation activities. We provide an independent review of fitness
Timely assessment of replicas for purpose, remaining life and future operational guidance, helping our
at site clients get the very best from their assets.
Rapid response when
On-site metallurgical condition assessment provides essential insight as to how much
unexpected damage is
longer a component can provide reliable service. If a component has been damaged, we
found during planned and
can access whether it needs repair, replacement or is suitable for continued service. Our
unplanned shutdowns
on-site experience is matched by our in-house resources. Our metallurgical laboratories
Lab-based metallurgy for root and scanning electron microscope (SEM) facility offer detail unobtainable in the field and
cause failure analysis (RCA) are invaluable tools for owners, operators and insurers of high value assets.

Boiler tube deposit analysis

We inspect and assess high energy pipework, headers, boiler tubes, pressure vessels,
furnaces, steam reformer outlet systems as well as turbine rotors and casings at plants
and workshops worldwide. Our knowledge covers the wide range of materials found on
power generation, petrochemical and refinery sites including HSLA steels (e.g. P22, CMV),
CSEF steels (e.g. P91), stainless steels and 20Cr-32Ni-Nb type steels.

Edif ERAs independent reviews give our clients the confidence to make informed decisions
in order to maximise asset value, avoid critical downtime and optimise performance.
On-site replication with 110V and battery-operated Portable hardness testing with Krautkramer MIC10
equipment ultrasonic contact impedance device

Stereo microscopy for detailed visual examination of Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive
as-received samples X-ray spectroscopy (EDX/EDS) and wavelength dispersion
spectroscopy (WDS) for fractography and composition
Metallurgical sample preparation for optical microscopy
Vickers hardness testing (bulk and micro)

Site inspection and measurements Condition assessment

Edif ERA has extensive experience with plant outages at numerous Edif ERA also works with partners to manage long-term stress
power, refinery and chemical sites in the UK and overseas. Our rupture testing of ex-service material. We interpret the results to
capabilities include: calculate the remaining creep life of similar material remaining
Developed inspection scopes for field metallurgy:

--Reviewing historic inspection records

--Evaluating welds most at risk from metallurgical degradation

such as creep or formation of brittle phases such as sigma

Performed on-site metallurgical replication

Assessed the replicas at site, using optical light microscopy to

--Level of thermal degradation

--Level of creep damage and estimated creep live usage

Our on-site assessments allows us to provide advice on the state

of a component during plant shut downs when every second is

When unexpected defects are found, we can assess the damage

mechanism and provide guidance on wider implications across
the plant.
For failure investigation or when condition assessment needs to
take a more destructive form, Edif ERA has its own laboratories
where we regularly perform:

Metallurgical investigations of failed welds from myriad service


Root cause assessments of various plant component failures

such as reformer tubes, boiler tubes and gas turbine blades

Assessment of sampled tubes for presence of corrosion

deposits, deposit impurities and level of adherent scale

About Edif ERA

For critical industries and environments worldwide, Edif ERA
provide technical inspection, engineering and consultancy
services to reduce risk, optimise performance and enhance
capability, giving our customers the confidence to build successful

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