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When its critical, count on us

On-site services
Improving asset safety and reliability

Site-based metallurgy and assessment
Field metallography
(metallographic replication and Edif ERAs site-based services meet your needs for in-service inspection,
hardness testing) asset integrity management and failure analysis.
Timely assessment of replicas
During shutdowns time pressures can be tight. Inspection activities and assessments
at site
need to be done right the first time. Edif ERAs experienced replication technicians and
Rapid response when metallurgists will work with you to achieve high quality results, when you need them most.
unexpected damage is
found during planned and On-site investigations of failures require urgent investigations into the root cause as well
unplanned shutdowns as ensuring the failure does not happen again. Our engineers have extensive site-based
experience across a diverse range of sectors including high energy pipework, headers,
Lab-based metallurgy including boiler tubes, pressure vessels, furnaces, steam reformer outlet systems as well as turbine
SEM for more detailed rotors and casings.
examination of replicas

Fitness-for-service (FFS) Our laboratories offer highly specialised equipment and experienced technicians, covering
all aspects of the investigative process. We have the capability to replicate the wide range
assessment of defects
of materials found on power generation, petrochemical and refinery sites including HSLA
steels (e.g. P22, CMV), CSEF steels (e.g. P91), stainless steels and Cr-Ni-Fe steels. Our SEM
facility enables us to look closely at damage observed in replicas. We can also perform
defect assessments to support the case for return-to-service.
Boiler tube leaks, due to external corrosion, short term Thermal fatigue in pipework weld defects
overheating, hydrogen embrittlement
Premature failure of Cr-Ni-Fe steel headers due to creep
Poorly welded P91 pipework
Stress relief damage and grain boundary oxidation of
Erosion-corrosion in drain pipework reformer pigtail tubes

Qualification of defect damage mechanism in offshore Replication of rotor blades and casings

Thermal degradation and creep damage of furnace tubes

Site-based metallurgy Site equipment

Our team has performed site-based metallurgy and failure Standard 110V and battery powered surface preparation
investigation work at a number of power generation, refinery and equipment
petrochemical sites in the UK, Europe, Middle East and South East
Ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) portable hardness testing
Asia. Our battery-powered equipment allows easier access to
device, and access to alternatives e.g. rebound
confined spaces and a faster response due to its reduced
set-up time. Our team all carry the Safety Passport Certification Lab quality portable optical microscope with tablet-based digital
and are well versed in site induction processes and safety imaging system

We also understand the value of a photo to aid an explanation

and so we have invested in a high quality digital imaging system About Edif ERA
which enables our on-site metallurgists to provide images of For critical industries and environments worldwide, Edif ERA
microstructures (and defects) to our customers, as we find them. provides engineering and consultancy services to reduce risk,
optimise performance and enhance capability, giving our
With the help of all this equipment, we are able to provide the customers in the defence and security, energy, industry and
client with a draft copy of the report even before we leave the site. transport sectors the confidence to build successful operations.

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