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Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012

Departamento de Biblioteca


Isi = Isidorianum SelTeo = Selecciones de Teologa

ThT = Theology today RefThr = The Reformed theological Review
TYBul = Tyndale bulletin Missio = Missiology : an international review
BibSac = Bibliotheca Sacra Proy = Proyeccin : Teologa y mundo actual
TrinityJ = Trinity journal CRI = Concilium : Revista internacional de
ChrT = Christianity Today Teologa
EdC = Edificacin Cristiana TSta = Tierra Santa : La revista de los santos
PastPop = Pastoral Popular lugares
YouWor = Youth Worker Journal Crec = Creced : Revista de publicacin de
CamJunt = Caminemos Juntas Edificacin Cristiana
JBL = Journal of Biblical Literature
NTS = New Testament Studies

No. Clasificacin Artculo y Autor

1 TrinityJ Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Autor)
Vol. 32 - No. 2 2011 Johnson, Keith E.: Augustine, Eternal Generation, and
Evangelical Trinitarianism (p.141-163)
Petter, Thomas D.: The Meaning of Substitutionary
Righteousness in Isa 53:11 A Summary of the Evidence
Goswell, Gregory : The Attitude to the Persians in Ezra-
Nehemiah (p.191-203)
Bott, Nicholas T.: ''And by faith, because Abraham considered
him faithful who had promised, Sarah herself received power
to conceive'' A Reconsideration of Heb 11:11 (p.205-219)
Stewart, Alexander E.: When are Christians Saved and Why
Does it Matter? An Investigation into the Rhetorical Force of
First Peter's Inaugurated Soteriology (p.221-235)
Bennema, Cornelis : Spirit and Mission in the Bible: Totudies
and Missiology (p.237-258)

2 Missio Missiology : an international review (Autor)

Vol. 39- No. 4 2011 Kimbrough, S. T.: The Siberia-Manchuria Mission of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS) During the Years
1920- 1930-- eith Particular Interest in the Contributions of
Methodism in Korea (p.429-444)
Paden Morgan, Janine: Emerging Eucharist: ''This Is His
Story, This Is my Song'' (p.445-458)
Nehrbass, Kenneth N.: Dealing with Disaster: Critical
Contextualization of Misfortune in an Animistic Setting (p.459-
Russell, Andrew C.: Edinburgh Forgotten: The Christian and
Missionary Alliance and the Disappearance of an Epoch
Conference (p.473-484)

Pgina 1
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca

Smither, Edward L : Lessons from a Tentmaking Ascetic in

the Egyptian Desert: The Case of Evagrius of Pontus (p.485-
Tan, Jonathan Y.: Rethinking the Relationship between
Christianity and World Religions, and Exploring Its
Implications for Doing Christian Mission in Asia (p.497-511)

3 Missio Missiology : an international review (Autor)

Vol. 39- No. 3 2011 Hunsberger, George R.: Proposals for a Missional
Hermeneutic: Mapping a Conversation (p.309-322)
Kaemingk, Matthew: Lesslie Newbigin's Missional Approach
to the Modern Workplace (p.323-334)
Williams, Mark: Revisiting the C1-C6 Spectrum in Muslim
Minority, the Hui People Case (p.353-372)
Omenyo, Cephas: Agenda for a Discussion of African
Initiatives in Christianity: The West African/Ghanaian Case
Godwin, Colin: Indigenous Church Planting in Post Christian
Europe: A Case Study of Belgian Pioneers (p.391-405)

4 Missio Missiology : an international review (Autor)

Vol. 39- No. 2 2011 Thomas, Norman E. : Springboards for 21st Century Mission:
Celebrating Edinburgh 1910 (p.141-156)
Dawson, David G.: The Church and the Edinburgh Missionary
Conference (p.157-174)
Estes, Steven: A Review of the Literature on Ministry
Transfer: An Evangelical Perspective (p.175-190)
Grant, Beth : Comparative Leadership Development (p.191-
Hartley, Benjamin L.: Missiological Imagination as a
Pedagogical Tool: African and Asian Christians in
Conversation (p.205-226)
Jefferies, Louise: The Rise of the Jilbabisasi in Indonesia:
Implications for Christian Witness (p.227-237)

5 JBL The Society of Biblical Literature (Autor)

Vol. 130- No.4- 2011 Hamori, Esther J. : Echoes of Gilgamesh in the Jacob Story
Baden, Joel S. : The Origin and Interpretation of (...) in
Leviticus 13-14 (p.643-662)
Jones, Scott C. : Lions, Serpents, and Lion-Serpents in Job
28:8 and Beyond (p. 663-686)
Mizrahi, Noam: The History and Linguistic Background of Two
Hebrew Totles for the High Priest (p.687-705)
Townsley, Jeramy: Paul, the Goddess Religions, and Queer
Sects: Romans 1: 23-28 (p.707-728)
Asher, Jeffrey R. : An Unworthy Foe: Heroic (...), Trickery,
and an Insult in Ephesians 6:11 (p.729-748)
Marchal, Joseph A. : The Usefulness of an Onesimus: The

Pgina 2
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca

Sexual Use of Slaves and Paul's Letter to Philemon (p.749-

Regev, Eyal : Were the Early Christians Sectarians? (p.771-
Patterson, Stephen J. : Apocalypticism or Prophecy and the
Problem of Polyvalence: Lessons from the Gospel of Thomas

6 YouWor Youth Worker Journal

Vol. 28 - No. 2 Bradbury, Jennifer : Why Before What: The Youth worker
2011 Journal Round Table on Biblical and Theological Foundations
of Youth Ministry (p.30-33)
Clark, Chap : From Bondage to Freedom: A Journey Towers
true Discipleship in Youth Ministry (p.34-37)
Cannister, Mark : Doing It How They Did It: historic
Foundations of Youth Ministry (p.38-43)
Root, Andrew : Youth Worker as Theologian: Why Youth
Ministry is Fundamentally Theological (p.44-47)
Rahn, Dave : Embracing the Foundation: Five Essentials for
Transformational Ministry (p.48-51)
Bradbury, Jen: Teens, Teaching and the Power of Story: The
YWJ Interview with Eugene Peterson (p.52-54)
7 EdC Iglesia Evanglica de Hermanos
poca X - No. 250 Vergara, David : John Stott duerme... (p.16-18)
2011 Wickham, Pablo: El segundo mandamiento (p.19-21)
Puigvert, Pedro : Existe el infierno? (2) (p.22-23)
Turral, Eduardo: Desde los archivos (p.24)
Hutter, Jos : La persona de Cristo en el AT (6) (p.7-10)

8 PastPop Ao. Corporacin de Estudios Teolgicos Centro Ecumnico

60- No. 323 2011 Diego de Medelln
Ramis, Alvaro: Hacia una crisis constitucional? (p.4-5)
Salazar V., Gabriel: Demostraciones Ciudadanas: Masas o
soberana? (p.6-11)
Ojeda U., Gonzalo: Lecciones del movimiento de Defensa de
la Educacin Pblica (p.12-15)
Lazo, Francisco: Obispo Luis Infanti y la movilizacin social:
"Es sentir del alma de un pueblo que quiere mayor dignidad"
Ahumada Varas, Abelardo : Ecumenismo y lenguaje comn
Martnez, Mara Angeles : La sabidura de Vivir (p.19-20)
Fernndez, Loreto : A Propsito de las Jornadas Teolgicas
del Cono Sur (p.21)
Ramos, Rosa: Las preguntas contemporneas sobre Dios
Cabezn Yez, Ren: Dos muertes que merecen nuestra
indiferencia (p.24-26)
Fontaine, Pablo : Riqueza indiferente, Pobreza invisible

Pgina 3
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca


9 ChrT Christianity Today (Autor)

Vol. 55 - No. 9 Moore, Russell D.: The Gospel at Ground Zero: The Horrors
2011 of 9/11 were not unlike those of Good Friday (p.24-27)
Woodberry, J. Dudley : Flames of Love: How a Terrorist
attack reshaped efforts to Muslims (p.32-37)
Galli, Mark : Loving Muslims One at a Time: the 'vicar of
Baghdad' says the key to muslim-Christian relation is very
personal (p.38-41)
Ngo, Shelly: Saving the Superheroes (p.42-43)
Stafford, Tim: 'A Plain, Ordinary Christian' : John Stott made
extraordinary contributions to the global evangelical
movement (p.44-48)

10 ChrT Christianity Today (Autor)

Vol. 55 - No. 10 - 2011 Billings, J. Todd : How to Read the Bible: NEw strategies for
interpreting Scripture turn out to be not so new (p.24-31)
Franzen, Aaron B.: A Left-Leaning Tex (p.32-33)
Morgan Timothy C. : Saving China's Daughters (p.34-37)
Stott, John R.W. : Salt and Light: Four ways Christians can
influence the world (p.38-43)
Weber, Jeremy : Drilling for Truth: The messy business of
clean water (p.44-49)
Galli, Mark : Free at First: Why we need a fully biblical
liberation theology (p.50-53)
Moring, Mark : A Black and White Production (p.54-59)
Moring, Mark : Undoing the Damage: If the famine in the Horn
of Africa is manmade, human intervention can end the crisis

11 ChrT Christianity Today (Autor)

Vol. 55 - No. 11 - 2011 Crouch, Andy : A New Kind of Urban Ministry: Christians no
longer want their communities Fixed (p.22-25)
Beaty, Katelyn : Portland's Quiet abolitionists: Leading the
liberal city's efforts to halt child trafficking is a network of
dedicated Christians (p.26-31)
Beaty, Katelyn : A City of Activists: Five portlanders who unite
work, service, an love for their community (p.32-33)
Koessler, John : Disappointed with Intimacy: We set
ourselves up for confusion about God if we forget that the
best is yet to come (p.34-37)
Pulliam Bailey, Sarah : The Rhetoric of Chastity:
Communications expert Christine Gardner reveals what
makes abstinence campaigns work (p.38-41)
Yung, Hwa : A Fresh call for U.S. Missionaries: Americans
should focus less on 'Western guilt' and more on sharing the
gospel (p.42-47)
Govier, Gordon: Bible in one Hand, Spade in the Other: Eilat

Pgina 4
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca

Mazar is unafraid to claim archaeologoical finds of biblical

proportions (p.48-52)

12 NTS Cambridge University Press (Autor)

Vol. 57 - No. 2 Yarbro Collins, Adela : The Female Body as social Space in 1
2011 Timothy (p.155-175)
Sim, David C. : Matthew's Use of Mark: Did Matthew Intend to
Supplement or to Replace his Primary Source? (p.176-192)
Cook, John G. : Crucifixion and Burial (p. 193-213)
Linebaugh, Jonathan A.: Announcing the Human: Rethinking
the Relationship Between Wisdom of Solomon 13-15 and
Romans 1.18-2.11 (p.214-237)
Litwa, M. David: Paul's Mosaic Ascent: An Interpretation of 2
Corinthians 12.7-9 (p.238-257)
Pataki, Andrs Dvid: A Non-combat Myth in Revelation 12

13 NTS Cambridge University Press (Autor)

Vol. 57 - No. 1 Blumenthal, Christian: Augustus' Erlass und Gottes Macht:
2011 Uberlegungen zur Charakterisierung der Augustusfigur und
ihrer erzahlstrategischen Funktion in der lukanischen
Erzahlung (p.1-30)
Rowe, C. Kavin : The Grammar of Life: The Areopagus
Speech and Pagan Tradition (p.31-50)
Elliott, Scott: 'Thanks, but no Thanks': Tact, Persuasion, and
the Negotiation of Power in Paul's Letter to Philemon (p.51-
MacDonald, Margaret Y. : Beyond Identification of the Topos
of Household Management: Reading the Household Codes in
Light of Recent Methodologies and Theoretical Perspectives
in the Study of the New Testament (p.65-90)
Schnelle, Udo: Die Reihenfolge der Johanneischen Schriften
Gathercole, Simon: Luke in the Gospel of Thomas (p.114-

14 NTS Cambridge University Press (Autor)

Vol. 57 - No. 3 Joseph, Simon J.: 'Blessed is Whoever is Not Offended by
2011 Me': The Subversive Appropriation of (Royal) Messianic
Ideology in Q 3-7 (p.307-324)
Campbell, Douglas A. : Galatians 5.11: Evidence of an Early
Law-observant Mission by Paul? (p.325-347)
Nordgaard, Stefan: Paul's Appropiation of Philo's Theory of
'Two Men' in 1 Corinthians 15.45-49 (p.348-365)
Gerber, Christine: Leben Allein aus Gnade. Pph 2.1-10 und
die paulinische Rechtfertigungsbotschaft (p. 366-391)
Arzt-Grabner, Peter: Gott als verlasslicher Kaufer: Einige
papyrologische anmerkungen und bibeltheologische
Schlussfolgerungen zum Gottesbild der Paulusbriefe (p.392-

Pgina 5
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca

Martin, Michael Wade: The Economiastic Topics of Syncrisis
as the Key to the Structure and Argument of Hebrews (p.
Trebilco, Paul: Why Did the Early Christians Call Themselves
(p. 440-460)

15 TSta Custodia Franciscana de Tierra Santa.

Vol. 87 No. 813 - 2011 lvarez Valds, Ariel : Qu es la batalla del Armagedn?
Cabezn, Agripino, Fr. : Filatelia bblica: Historias de la Biblia:
el paso del Mar Rojo (p.294-302)
Ynaraja, P. J. : El Precursor, relato simple (p.303-305)
Ynaraja, P. J. : Invocacin a Juan Bautista, prisionero en
Maqueronte (p.306-308)
Papalardo, P. Carmelo: Memorial del Monte Nebo: ltima
campaa de restauracin (p.309 - 312)

16 CamJunt Ao. Caminemos Juntas

22 - No. 130 Morris, Gloria Q. de: Apuntes para la vida: Un desafo para
2012 este nuevo ao: 1) El mejor ejemplo para el evangelismo
personal - 2) Una mujer Emprendedora (p. 32-33)
lvarez, Dioma de: Durmiendo en medio del peligro: Si sufres
de insomnio... (p.4-5)
Borghetti, Mabel : Palabras para las Jvenes: Tenerlo todo...
Tener lo suficiente. Cmo manejas tu sentimiento de
insatisfaccin? (p.6-7)
Byle, Dbora Fdez. de : Creer o no creer. He ah el dilema.
Realmente lo es? (p.8-9)
Snchez Luque, Eva C.: Punto de Encuentro: "El safari del
agua". Porque vemos las desigualdades como algo natural
Jamarlli, Mara Cristina : Plantas de la Biblia: Glbano.
Particular ingrediente en celestial composicin (p.11)
Morris, Gloria Q. de: El Matrimonio y su Problemtica: El
sndrome del nido vaco. El secreto est en hallar un camino
de futuro juntos (p.12-13)
Villar Castro, Chelo: A qu ests esperando?. Qu
necesitas para disfrutar de verdad la vida? (p.14-15)
Bernal, Trini: Entre bambalinas: Por qu no darle a Dios el
mrito que merecen Sus maravillosas obras? (p.18-19)
Haggerty, Blanquita : Nunca te dejar. Una promesa vlida
tambin para ti (p.20-21)
Sese, Natalia Falcn de : La mujer de Hoy: Carta a una
hermana que est lejos Dios. El Seor puede restaurar
los pedazos de tu vida (p.22-23)
Bryant, G. Elisabeth Morris de : La mam y el nio: Esas
Tumultuosas emociones. Los estados emocionales de
nuestros hijos a veces pueden frustrarnos (p.24-25)
Otero, Noem D. de : La edad de Oro: EL fruto de la higuera.
Pgina 6
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca

Comparando con nuestro propio rendimiento (p.26-27)

Burt, Margarita: Pensamos como cristianas?. Tenemos una
gran tarea en lo que se refiere a nuestra manera de pensar
Rodrguez Valdivieso, Gloria : Prctica de un trmino
abstracto. La piedad me incumbe a m, personalmente, para
mi propio bien (p.30-31)
Cano, Viviana de : Un aroma especial. Somos perfumistas
dedicadas a producir las mejores esencias (p.34-35)
Martnez Varn, Begoa: Reflexin: La excusa perfecta.
Eres simplemente humana? (p.38)

17 RefThr The Reformed theological Review (Autor)

Vol. 70 - No. 3 Mock, Joe: Bullinger and the Covenant with Adam (p.185-
2011 205)
Goswell, Gregory : One more exact Translation of the Holy
Scriptures: Robert Alter and the King James Bible (1611),
(206 - 226)

18 ThT Princeton Theological Seminary (Autor)

Vol. 68- No 3 Rambo, Shelly: "Theologians engaging trauma" transcript
2011 (p.224-237)
Charry, Ellen T. : God and the art of happiness (p.238-252)
Seow, Choon-Leong : Elihu's revelation (p. 253-271)
Slater, Peter: Contesting confessions: Connolly's Augustinian
Imperative and Bakhtin's dialogical imperative (p. 272-289)
Lindsay, Mark R. : Bonhoeffer's eschatology in a world "come
of age" (p.290-302)
Tark, Ji-il: Road to Busan: Exploring the venue for the 10th
WCC assembly (p.303- 309)

19 TYBul Cambridge University Press (Autor)

No. 62.2 Seccombe, David: Incongruity in the Gospel Parables (p.161-
2011 172)
Vang, Carsten: God's Love According to Hosea and
Deuteronomy: A Prophetic Reworking of a Deuteronomic
Concept? (p.173-194)
Chapple, Allan: Getting Romans to the Right Romans:
Phoebe and the Delivery of Paul's Letter (p.195-214)
Duke, Rodney K.: Form and Meaning: Multi-Layered
Balanced Thought Structures in Psalm 24:4 (p.215-232)
Goswell, Gregory : Isaiah 1:26: A Neglected Text on Kingship
(p. 233-246)
Wilson, Andrew J.: Hebrews 3: 6b and 3:14 Revisited (p.247-
Instone-Brewer, David : Jesus of Nazareth's Trial in the
Uncensored Talmud (p. 269-294)
Nolland, John : The Thought in John 1: 3c-4 (p.295-312)
Diffey, Daniel S.: The Royal Promise in Genesis: The Often

Pgina 7
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca

Underestimated Importance of Genesis 17: 16 and 35:11


20 SelTeo Instituto de Teologa Fundamental

Vol. 50- No. 200- 2011 Gimnez, Josep: Hace cincuenta aos. El ayer, el hoy y el
maana de Selecciones de Teologa (p.243-246)
Ska, Jean Louis: El libro del xodo: aspectos fundamentales
y cuestiones abiertas (p.247-262)
Alegre, Xavier : La mayora de edad de la exgesis del
Nuevo Testamento (p.263-278)
Gimnez, Josep: La reflexin teolgica a partir del Vaticano II
Codina, Victor : Cincuenta aos de teologa espiritual: 1962-
2012 (p.286-298)
Carrera, Joan : Una moral para nuestro tiempo (p.299-318)
Flaquer, Jaume : El dilogo interreligioso. Reto y bendicin
para la teologa (p.319-333)

21 BibSac Dallas Theological Seminary (Autor)

Vol. 169 - No. 673 - Blaising, Craig A. : The Day of the Lord: Theme and Pattern
2012 in Biblical Theology. Part 1 of 4 of "The Day of the Lord" (p.3-
Sheryl, J. Gregory: Can the date of Jesus' return be known?
(p 20-32)
Oswalt, John N.: Who were the Addressees of Isaiah 40-66?
(p. 33-47)
Lpez, Ren A.: Paul's vice list in Galatians 5: 19- 21. Part 5
of 6 "The Pauline vice List and Inheriting the Kingdom" (p.48-
McLean, John A.: An Exegetical Study of 1 John 5:18- 21
Woods, Andrew M.: Have the Prophecies in Revelation 17-18
about Babylon Been Fulfilled?. Part 1 (p.79-100)

22 Proy Facultad de Teologa Granada (Autor)

Ao. 58- No. 243 Snchez Nogales, Jos Luis : La formacin de Imanes en
2011 Europa: Una visin de conjunto (p.417-435)
Guevara Llaguno, Miren Junkal: Los Simpson y la Biblia. 1.
Los datos (p.437-453)
Garca Peregrn, Eduardo : 25 aos del espritu de Ass:
actualidad del ejemplo de Francisco (p.455-482)
Romn Martnez, Carmen: "T eres el Cristo" (Mc. 8,27-30).
La identidad de Jess en el Evangelio de Marcos (P.483-498)

23 Crec Publicacin de Edificacin Cristiana.

No.6 - 2011 Semence, La Bonne: Panorama del libro de Apocalipsis
Marmillod, A.: ltimos captulos de Apocalipsis y nueva
Jerusaln (p.142-153)

Pgina 8
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca

Fuzier, P. : Doble testimonio: El bautismo de Jess (p.154-

Argaud, E. : Balaam (p.158-167)
24 CRI Concilium : Revista internacional de Teologa
No.343- 2011 Mo Sung, Jung : Religin y economa: Interfases (p.11-22)
Borgman, Erik : La Economa Capitalista y el Dios de la
Caridad (p.23-34)
Dussel, Enrique : Economa y Eucarista (p.35-48)
Iguiz Echeverra, Javier Mara: Economa y Desarrollo
como libertad (p.49-60)
Lasida, Elena: Una Economa que crea alianza y genera
promesa (p.61-70)
Mguez, Nestor O. : Para una economa que conozca la
gracia (p.71-82)
Lamberigts, Mathijs : Jerusaln y Babilonia. La doctrina de
Agustn de las dos ciudades, en su contexto (p.83-96)
Praetorius, Ina: La economa de la natalidad. Una
Perspectiva pospatriarcal (p. 97-108)
Verstraeten, Johan: Nueva Visin de la Economa, Una
cuestin de amor o de Justicia?. El asunto del Compendio de
Doctrina Social de la Iglesia y la encclica Caritas in Veritati
Raguer Suer, Hilari: De la economa a la oikonomia (p.123-
Reck, Norbert: Nuevo nimo para ''recuerdos peligrosos''.
Despertar teolgico en la ex Yugoslavia (p.131-138)
Carrasco, Victoria Eulalia: Sucumbos: Iglesia conciliar
agredida por la Cristiandad (p.139-144)
Carranza, Brenda : Catolicismo y religiones sincrticas. Un
estudio en Santiago de Cuba (p.145-156)

25 Isi Centro de Estudios Teolgicos de Sevilla

Ao. 20 - No.40 - 2011 Garrido Luceo, Jos Mara : EL Beato John H. Newman y el
desarrollo doctrinal del Cristianismo (p.313- 352)
Calero, Antonio Ma.: Hacia una definicin de la laicidad en el
contexto actual. Iglesia secular en una sociedad laica (p.353-
Snchez Snchez, Manuel: El Maestro. Posibilidades para la
enseanza (p.403-450)
Alberich Sotomayor, Emilio: Las catequesis del santo padre
Benedicto XVI. Memoria y testimonio de la vida de la Iglesia
Portillo Gonzlez, Manuel: Snodo de las Iglesias de Oriente
Medio (2010). La esperanza ms all del conflicto (p. 479-
Leal Lobn, Manuel : El Primer arte cristiano. El Sarcfago de
Junio Basso (p.517- 550)

Pgina 9
Seminario Teolgico Centroamericano 2012
Departamento de Biblioteca

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