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(TABA Model) Prior knowledge awareness of food science none to near expert.

Skills - range of cooking and computer skills. Novice - expert range.

CONTEXT Attitudes opposition to diverging from set cooking procedures,

eagerness/resistance to healthier alternatives when cooking.

Goals Healthier eating habits, improve cooking skills, managing health

conditions, exploratory cooking.

Utility Cooking for a health requirement, cooking for healthier eating/

diet reasons. improve cooking skills through science, or to
Diagnosis of Need branch out into creating own recipes.

Accountability course as part of a prescribed health maintenance

program. (level of accountability to care provider).
Otherwise, an interest course with low accountability.
Evaluation To learn how one can harness Formulation of
science to become a better cook Objectives Environment - Kitchen Lab with general kitchen tools required.
-Venue such as a restaurant, hotel, or college campus
To understand how ingredients to facilitate training.
work together to produce a -Would require a projector/screen/laptop for
given result Powerpoint slide portion of the training.
-Suitable seating and classroom for theory.
To understand how to modify -Require parking and access to public transit.
Organization of ingredients for specific health
Learning Activities and lifestyle needs, while Selection of Content Scheduling 12 week, 36 hour course.
maintaining the quality and -Schedule around working hours, requires classes on
taste of foods weekends or after 5 pm.
-Accommodation of public transport schedule.
-Would require several hours in succession to
complete lab training. Best done on weekends, with
weeknights for theory.
-Guest speakers easier to schedule on weekends.
Selection of Organization of
Learning Activities content TRANSFER

Students Most Likely to Transfer Learned Skills:

-Students with existing skills in cooking will be more equipped to

transfer knowledge.
-Those with access to existing cooking areas, materials, and equipment.
-Those with current health conditions which impede their enjoyment of
-Those who are active in preparing meals for others with specific health
No matter how much creativity goes into it, cooking is an art. Or I should say a craft. It abides by rules, -Those who are passionate about cooking.
physics, chemistry, etc. and unless you understand the science you cannot reach the art. (Brown, 2002) -Those who aim to increase the overall quality of their diet, relying less
on processed meals.
Deborah Leal January 23, 2014