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The information provided by me is true to Anna University was established on 4th On

the best of my knowledge. I agree to abide September 1978 as a unitary type of
by the rules and regulations governing the University. It offers quality higher education
workshop. If selected, I shall attend the in Engineering, Technology and Allied
workshop for the entire duration. I also Sciences relevant to the current and projected IoT, Cloud & Big Data
undertake the responsibility to inform the needs of the society.
Coordinator in advance if I am unable to September 28th 30th 2016.
attend the course. Sponsored By
Date :
Place : The Department of Computer Science and
Engineering was started in the year 1987 as a
Signature of the Applicant: spin off from the Electronics and
Communication Engineering Department.
DCSE functions as one of the University
CERTIFICATE Departments having academic autonomy
with its own syllabus and curriculum. It
Mr./Ms./Dr.___________________________ offers undergraduate, postgraduate and
research programs in various disciplines of
______________________________________i Convener
CSE. This department offers B.E programme
s an employee/research scholar of our in Computer Science and Engineering and Dr. D. Manjula
Institution/Organization. He / She will be three ME programs in the specializations:
Computer Science and Engineering, Coordinators
permitted to attend the workshop, if Computer Science and Engineering with
Specialization in Big Data Analytics and Dr. A. P. Shanthi
Software Engineering. Dr. Rajeswari Sridhar
The student strength of the department
Date : is more than 1000. It also promotes Organized by
active industryinstitute collaboration by Department of
Place : identifying areas of interest and taking part in Computer Science and Engineering,
sponsored research projects and consultancy AnnaUniversity
Chennai 600025
services both for the private and public
Signature & Seal of the Sponsoring sectors.
Authority Send in your registration through email
The Internet of Things (IoT) has become
a main area of research and we can foresee our Research Scholars and faculty members who are 3 Days Workshop
future as Anything that can be connected will pursuing research in IoT using Cloud Computing
be connected. IoT is a wide area of research and Big Data will be benefited attending the
consisting of system of interrelated computing workshop.
devices, mechanical and digital machines, IoT, Cloud and Big Data
objects, animals or people that are provided TOPICS TO BE COVERED
with unique identifiers and the ability to September 28th September 30th 2016.
transfer data over a network without requiring Internet of Things architecture
human-to-human or human-to-computer Interoperability of IoT systems
interaction. Cloud computing offers a Data sharing and acceptance of IoT Systems
powerful solution to implement IoT service Machine learning / Deep learning and IoT 1. Name :
management and configuration. It aids IoT Interactions
applications that exploit the things or the data IoT Analytics
produced by devices connected using IoT. On 2. Date of Birth :
IoT Applications and Services
the other hand, the Cloud can benefit from IoT Mobile IoT
by extending its scope to deal with real world IoT on Cloud 3. Designation :
things in a more distributed and dynamic
manner. Big Data technologies supports IoT to
overcome all challenges including analysis, 4. Institution :
Registration is free. Only limited number of seats
capture, curation, search, sharing, storage,
is available. Selection is based on first come first
transfer, visualization, and privacy violations.
served basis. Preference will be given to 5. Address for Communication :
This workshop will concentrate on the
staff/research scholars working in cloud
advancement of IoT using Cloud Computing
and Big Data Analytics.

WORKSHOPOBJECTIVES No TA / DA will be provided. Participants
6. E-mail ID :
should make their own arrangement for boarding
To expose the latest research trends in and lodging.
IoT using Big Data and Cloud computing, to
7. Phone No(s). :
identify the gaps in existing research areas of IMPORTANT DATES
Internet of Things and to suggest possibilities Last date of submission of Application:
of the gap bridging exploration for IoT using (By e-mail - scanned after receiving signature) 8. Educational Qualification :
Big Data and Cloud Computing. 21st September 2016

Intimation of selection: 23rd September 2016
Faculty from Anna University
(By e-mail only) Signature of the Applicant
Experts from Industry