The Briargate Mustangs

And The Boy Scout Jamboree

Paul Richardson 2010

Colorado Springs is fortunate to have a rich arts experience. And this is especially true of its large representation of sculpture. This article is about one of my favorite works called The Briargate Mustangs. It is located at the corner of Colorado Hwy 83 and Briargate Parkway on the north side of Colorado Springs. Briargate is a large development of homes and commercial properties which was developed over the last 3 decades or so. This location also was used pre-development as the site for the Boy Scouts of America’s 1960 50th Anniversary Jamboree. Over 56000 scouts and their leaders attended. At that time they would have approximately doubled the population of Colorado Springs. The mustang sculpture was commissioned in 1987.

Locat ed in the same small park as the mustangs.

The sculpture depicts a group of wild mustangs, a stallion, several mares and a foal. The group is shown in a flight response to some threat. The stallion is wheeling toward the threat while the mares and foal are stretching out to frantically put distance between themselves and the unseen threat. The horses in the sculpture are larger than life giving the piece even more impact. These are wild horses, no fat but all muscle and aware of their environment.

Pikes Peak in the distance

Mare looking out the corner of her eye to make sure her foal is there.

Stallion wheels to defend

Very kinetic

The sculptor was T. D. Kelsey who lived in eastern El Paso County (Colorado Springs is the county seat).

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