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29 September 2017
Minutes of the Meeting

START: 6:08 PM

Attendees: Sir Rodel Canlas, Irish Uy, Mishaelle de los Santos, Jestine Mendoza, Janela Gutierrez, Louise
Pamintuan, Micah Tan, Myk Abaya, Jeremy Penollar (late)

Agendas Remarks
Alumni Homecoming 17 November 2017, Friday, 5 pm
Promotional videos
Same-day edit
Documentations (photos and
Photobooth c/o Mishaelle de los Santos
According to Maam Ces, a regular
printer will be used. However,
Micah Tan has volunteered to
bring her photo printer and asks
for a budget for the photo paper
Elle will be creating a layout for
the photobooth printout and will
be looking for a program to be
used for the photobooth
Ideally, a photo will be produced
within 1 minute
Will have a rundown before the
Rundown for photobooth: 13
November 2017, 2:00 pm,
Psychology department
Set-up: 17 November 2017, 2:30
Sir Canlas will coordinate with
CFAD regarding the lights
o Time limit for photobooth
o Allocation of photos per
o Battery life
Tarpaulin background design c/o
Events and Concepts
Psych Department will be
providing a budget for the
Same-day edit c/o Paulyn Guballa Coordinate with Janela
Posting on Psynapse page c/o Irish regarding the location of the
Uy Tech Booth
Tech booth c/o Irish Uy
Janela Gutierrez is tasked to find
out the location of the Tech Booth
in coordination with Maam Agnes
or Logistics committee
Location of the Tech Booth in the
venue is still unknown
Facebook Live c/o Jeremy Penollar
o Internet (no mobile
reception in the venue)
Psych Department will be allotting
budget for a pocket wi-fi
depending on network with the
strongest reception
Psynapse account to be used for
Facebook Live
Promotional Videos Ideas for promotional videos:
o Re-enactment of wedding
Deliverables Photobooth layout design and Coordinate with Janela
program regarding the location of the
Accountability: Elle Tech Booth
Deadline: 20 October 2017
Canvas for price of the paper w/
Accountability: Louise
Deadline: 20 October 2017
Number of guests
Accountability: Irish
Deadline: 6 October 2017
Accountability: Sir Canlas
Deadline: n/a
Location of Tech Booth
Accountability: Janela
Deadline: 6 October 2017
Checking of network strength
during the ocular inspection
Accountability: Irish
Deadline: n/a
Finalization of assignments
Accountability: Elle
Deadline: 6 October 2017
Assignments Photobooth Elle de los Santos
o Camera Irish Uy
o Layout and program Elle
o Printer Micah
o Paper and ink will be
provided by the Psych
Same-day edit Paulyn Guballa
Photographers Myk Abaya, Maui
Videographers Jestine Mendoza,
Micah Tan, Samantha Soliven
Facebook live Jeremy Penollar,
Elizabeth Yang

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