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Additional Rules for 2. NEW CLANS 3.2.

Burn (Discard) Option

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle In V:TES, the bloodlines are clans themselves This symbol (only found on cards
in every respect. Five of these new clans claim that require a clan to play) indicates that
1. WHAT ARE BLOODLINES? membership in the Sabbat. The other seven are during any Methuselahs untap phase,
A bloodline is a type of minor clan. Some blood- considered independent clans. The vampires of the Methuselah can burn (discard) the
lines are offshoots of the established clans, while oth- three of the clans (the clans indicated with aster- card from his or her hand if he or she doesnt con-
ers have been created (for servitude, although that isks below) are scarce (see section 3. New trol a ready member of the clan required. Each
didnt always work out). Some of the bloodlines Terms and Rules). Methuselah is limited to one such discard each
claim membership in the Sabbat. The others are in- untap phase.
dependent. None of the bloodlines have joined the
3. NEW TERMS AND RULES 3.3. Circle
Camarilla. As with other clans, not all members of 3.1. Split Discipline and
Each Blood Brother is identified with a particu-
the bloodlines adhere to the bloodlines allegiances. Multi-Discipline Cards
lar circle. This has no other effect on game play ex-
Some library cards have two Discipline icons
Most of the bloodlines are not meant to be cept as card text indicates (see the minion cards that
on the left side. Some of the effects listed on these
played by themselves in V:TES (as their numbers require Sanguinus). A Blood Brother without a circle
cards require one of the Disciplines listed, while
would indicate), but rather, are designed to be added designation is his own circle a circle of one.
other effects require the other listed Discipline, and
to other decks to add flavor and strategic variation.
some effects require the minion to possess both Dis-
ciplines. Each effect shows the icon or icons of the
Discipline(s) required.


Daughters of Cacophony
Harbingers of Skulls

Salubri antitribu
Blood Brothers

True Brujah*










3.4. Cold Iron Vulnerability 4. Q AND A:

Damage a minion or retainer with cold iron

Q: Are the True Brujah eligible to play cards Designer:

vulnerability receives from a cold iron weapon
that require Brujah or Brujah antitribu? L. Scott Johnson
is aggravated.
A: No. True Brujah is a clan unto itself, dis- Vampire: The Masquerade
3.5. Flight
tinct from the other clans. and the World of Darkness created
Some minions have flight. Some cards require
flight to play. Similar to a Discipline, but not really Q: What happens when, say, Ian Forestal plays by Mark Rein-Hagen
a Discipline. a Sanguinus card or when a Blood Brother creates V:TES Game Design:
an Embrace?
3.6. Infernal Richard Garfield, with contribu-
Some minions are marked as infernal. An A: A vampire without a circle designation is tions by Matthew Burke, Skaff
infernal minion is one that has sold part of his soul assumed to be the only member of his circle a Elias, Andrew Greenburg, Rhias
to a demon (or demons). As such, the control his circle of one. As such, most Sanguinus cards will Hall, Bob Kruger, Jim Lin, Chris
controller has over him is tainted by the control the have little benefit to him. Page, Paul Peterson, Dave Pettey
demon has. This struggle for control is handled simi- Q: If a vampire uses Clan Impersonation to and Mark Rein-Hagen
lar to contesting. During his or her untap phase, a become a Baali, does he become infernal? Bloodlines Rules:
Methuselah who controls an infernal minion burns A: No. Infernal is not a sect, nor is it a L. Scott Johnson
one pool or taps that infernal minion. clan-based trait (such as Blood Cursed is for
Project Coordination:
3.7. Scarce Assamites). Card text indicates if a minion is
When a Methuselah moves a vampire marked infernal or not. Steve Wieck
scarce from her uncontrolled region to the ready Q: What happens if an infernal minion is Editor:
region, she burns 3 pool for every other vampire in contested? When I win the contest, do I still have John Chambers
play of the same clan. These vampires are scarce to pay a pool because hes infernal? Do I pay pool Art Direction:
they are hard to find in the first place and usually when I use card effects to untap an infernal min-
not found together. The penalty represents the dif- Brian Glass
ion? What if an infernal minion must remain tapped
ficulty a Methuselah would face in finding a sec- during my untap phase, do I have to pay a pool for Graphic Design:
ond or third vampire from the same clan. that minion? Brian Glass with Jason Liang,
3.8. Sterile A: During the contest, you pay only for the Becky Jollensten, Matt Milberger
Sterile vampires cannot take actions to create contest. You dont pay for controlling an infernal and Kieran Yanner
other vampires (e.g., cannot perform The Embrace minion (unless you control other, non-contested, 2001 White Wolf Publishing, Inc. White Wolf, Vampire,
action, The Third Tradition action, etc.). These vam- infernal minions, of course). If you win the contest, Vampire the Eternal Struggle and Vampire the Masquerade are
registered trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights
pires cannot perform the Revelations of the Sire or youll have to pay for the infernal minion or tap reserved. Bloodlines, Final Nights and Sabbat War are
the Abomination actions, either. him as normal you can never leave your untap trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.
Wizards of the Coast is a registered trademark of Wizards of the
3.9. Slave phase unless each infernal minion you control is Coast, Inc. All rights reserved.
Some Gargoyles are identified as Tremere slaves tapped or you have paid the pool for the minion. If
or Tremere antitribu slaves. A slave vampire cannot you tap or pay to untap an infernal minion during W W W . W H I T E - W O L F . C O
take a directed action if his controller doesnt con- your untap phase and then untap him with some
trol a ready member of the specified owning clan. other effect, thats allowed you tapped him once,
If a member of the owning clan controlled by the and thats enough. Also, if some effect is forcing an
Gargoyles controller is blocked, the controller can infernal minion to remain tapped during your untap
tap the slave Gargoyle to cancel the combat and phase, you can still elect to tap that minion in-
untap the acting vampire and have the slave Gar- stead of paying pool. Tapping a tapped minion es-
goyle enter combat with the blocking minion instead. sentially has no effect and leaves the minion tapped.