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Date 17/2/2017

We Serve You The Best.

Dear Sir / Madam,

With reference to discussion with you for Instant Tea\Coffee Premix and vending machine, in the same regard please find the
prices as under:

Updated Price List 2015


2 Options Machine Free /600Rs
Arihants Natural Instant Premix 240/kg
( Cardamom, Ginger, Masala, Lemongrass)

Premium coffee Premix 245/kg

Lemon Tea Premix 225/- kg

Offer : - On Minimum Consumption of 25 Kg Premixes Machine Rent would be wave off

Common Specifications:-
2.5 liters boiler tank
Operating voltage: 230V AC
Display: 16x2 backlit
Heating element: 2KW
Hot water facility
Auto flush
Half cup

Important Speciation:-
User can set temperature as per need (Digital settings & any user can adjust it easily ----Without Engineer Support)
The machine has Built-in Overload and short circuit protection for maximum safety.
You can digitally set volume of water and grams of powder to suite your taste. (Free to use any Premix).
Easy to access any component of machine to technician within 2 min.
Auto Power cut off for heater.
Range of vending machines.
Komfy Komfy Trio Komfy Quadra
2 Canister 3 Canister 4 Canister
Machine Machine Machine
(Digital) (Digital) (Digital)

Recommended Recommended Recommended

beverages :- beverages :- beverages :-
1)Masala/ Cardamom 1)Masala / 1)Masala /
Tea Cardamom Tea Cardamom Tea
2)Coffee 2)Coffee 2)Coffee
3)Lemon Tea / Soup 3)Lemon Tea / Soup
4)Milk w/o Sugar.

Taxes applicable as per state & territory norms will be charged over the above mentioned basic
prices, for ingredients and servicing charges.

This contract will be directly with Arihant Enterprises which will be for a minimum tenure of 24
Months, and then further extended mutually.

Servicing & maintenance of these machines will be catered weekly by Arihant Enterprises.