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Kennedy Luman

Mr. Parker

English 102

21 August 2017

Title of Your Report

Help each other. Love everyone. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Forgive.(Terrence

Malick). The hash tag i have chosen is #illridewithyou. This hashtag was in response to the

armed hostage situation in Sydney Australia. A cafe in Sydney was held hostage by Haron

Monis an Iranian and self-proclaimed Sheikh and later converted to be a Muslim. Three people

ended up dying. The hashtag was started because of the backlash other Muslims were receiving

in Australia after the attack. Many were attacked on the streets and had their property damaged

as well. Some went with our their hijabs when going out in public so they would not be

harassed by others. The hashtag was started to let Muslims know they were not alone.

Australians wanted Muslims to know they stood by them and did not blame them for the actions

of one. Terror attacks in other countries, sadly, have been a recurring thing. They have caused

hashtags like #prayforParis to trend and #Barcelona as well. To me these hashtags are a beacon

of hope to those during a rough time. Whether they are being attacked for having the same

religion as those who caused the terror, or those who had family members affected, or even just

in the same area that the terror was. All in all the hashtag is a very powerful symbol to unite

people in a cause they believe in to help comfort others and to let them know someone out

there was supporting them.