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Simple but profound courtesy acts of politeness, respectfulness and kindness
o Introduce yourself to patients and family members
o Explain reason for family meeting and what we hope to accomplish
Outline of the families internal structure draw up a quick genogram or family map in
the interview (1-2 minutes)
o Helps the nurse think about the whole family
o Ages, occupation, school grade
o Religious, ethnic background
o Current household members
It is not necessary or relevant to draw out information relating to siblings,
divorces or grandchildren unless related to the family and health problem
*purpose of genogram is not to repeat any information that may be obtained by a data entry
clerk, rather genograms have been development as family assessment, intervention and
planning devices
Constant visual reminders for nurses to think family

I just want to take a few minutes to get to know your family a little bit, so what I am going to
do is draw what we like to call a family diagram so I know who you are referring to throughout
our conversation

Therapeutic Conversation: It is the integration of task oriented patient care with interactive
purposeful conversation that distinguishes a 15 minute or less interview
Purposeful deliberate conversation (different than social conversations)
o Time limited
o Repeat questions back to patient/family

Key Questions:
Suggested themes:
Sharing information
o Who of your family and friends would you like us to share information with?
Expectation of hospitalization, clinic or home care visit
o How can I be most helpful to you and your family?
Challenges, sufferings, stresses
o What is the greatest challenge facing your family?
Most pressing concerns or problems
o What is one question you would most like to have answered during our
one question, question what would you like me to answer for you today- able to focus the
family on desired changes

What has been the most helpful thing for you throughout Jesses transformation?
What has been the most helpful for you Jesse?

Commendations: Observation of patterns of behaviors that often happen across time, where as
a compliment is an observation of a one-time event

o Encourage the practice of offering at least two commendations to family members of

individual or family strengths, recourses or family competencies observed or reported to
o Strengths