Sarah Keegan Headquarters, Washington (Phone: 202/358-1902) RELEASE: 01-231

Nov. 21, 2001

U.S. CENTENNIAL OF FLIGHT COMMISSION AND AVIATION WORLD'S FAIR ANNOUNCE ALLIANCE The U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission (COFC) and the Aviation World's Fair have signed a memorandum of agreement that will allow them to jointly promote the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first powered flight in 2003. As a result of this agreement, the Virginia-based event will receive the Commission's national outreach support. In turn, the Aviation World's Fair will help promote the overall national celebration called "Centennial of Flight: Born of dreams. Inspired by freedom." The fair will be held at the Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport April 7-27, 2003, and will be the most comprehensive international event promoting the birth of the aviation industry. The event will gather together the global aerospace community to present the complete picture of aviation and to educate and inspire the next generation of aerospace industry leaders. Global aerospace manufacturers will showcase their latest products, services, hardware, equipment and aircraft. The fair will be geared for business-to-business activity within the five main areas of flight -- commercial aviation, general aviation, military aviation, vertical flight and space technology. The COFC, which was created by Congress to coordinate the celebration of the 100th anniversary of powered flight, hopes to generate enthusiasm for the overall commemoration of the centennial by publicizing and fostering events and programs, such as the Aviation World's Fair, which will maximize the centennial's exposure. "Our goal is to involve, educate and inspire the maximum number of people participating in centennial celebrations," said COFC Chairman General J.R. ("Jack") Dailey. "This

partnership will enable our organizations to increase our exposure in hopes of reaching that goal." "The Aviation World's Fair will educate the public about the Wright brothers' epic triumph and other major milestones of the aviation industry," said Tom Kallman, CEO of the Aviation World's Fair. "Our objectives are very similar to those of the Commission -- we both want to communicate the significance of the centennial and encourage the celebration of flight. We are looking forward to a successful partnership." A complete listing of Centennial of Flight events and more information on the COFC can be found on the Internet at: Additional information on the Aviation World's Fair can be found at: More information is also available from Christian Markow, U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission, at 804/675-8153 and Tom Kallman, CEO, Aviation World's Fair, Inc., at 201/251-2600. -end-