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Career Map

Prospect for Success Paper #1

Submitted to
Dr. Daryl L. Kerr
Department of Manager
Belk College of Business
UNC Charlotte

Submitted by
Andres F. Salgado
BUSN 1101-001
October 14, 2015
Commitment to Success PFS Paper #1

People are naturally goal oriented. However without setting specific goals, it is near

impossible to ever reach them. It is essential to know exactly what you want to accomplish in

order to plan properly. The purpose of my four year plan is to clearly guide me through college

in order to help me reach all of my goals. Setting goals in college is imperative in order to be

successful in your major. College can get very confusing without specific plans, as there are

many distractions keeping you from succeeding in college. It can be very difficult to separate

academics from other things like socializing and exercising. For my career map, I listed all of the

goals I want to accomplish before finishing college.

My main academic goals are to obtain a B.S.B.A in International Business with a minor

in Spanish and to graduate with a minimum of a 3.4 GPA. I listed out certain appointments and

events to attend to in order to help accomplish my academic goals. I plan to schedule meetings

with my academic advisor, Ms. Howard, at least two to three times a year in order to keep track

with my courses and my credit hours.

Furthermore, I plan to attend UCAE workshops on important academic strategies such as

notetaking skills and time management. Attending these UCAE workshops will help me become

a more effective student academically. I also plan on scheduling personal tutoring sessions

through the UCAE so that I can get help from students who have already passed the course and

can help me and give me advice. I plan to schedule tutoring for any of my classes that I have

below an 80% average. Lastly I plan to participate in study groups in the Atkins Library.

Outside of my college education, I wish to obtain an international business internship

over the summer of sophomore and junior year. I am interested in applying for a business intern

program for Boeing commercial airplane company. To succeed in these goals I plan on attending

career fairs in order to extend my knowledge in careers that correlate with my business major.

Furthermore, I will schedule meetings with my college career coach, Ms. Sayiwe Mandiveyi, to

help me narrow down my career choices in the future. Through minoring in Spanish, I hope to

obtain a career that allows me to use my knowledge of Spanish in a way that relates to my major

in International Business. By the end of my collegiate experience, I hope to have obtained an

education that will enable me to go into a career of my choice and be successful.

Along with participating in internships and attending career fairs, I hope to study abroad

in Spain through the spring semester of my sophomore year. On October 9th, 2015 I attended an

information session on studying abroad, which expanded my knowledge of the steps required in

order to study abroad. During the fall semester of my sophomore year, I plan on scheduling a

one-on-one meeting with my study abroad advisor to help me choose a specific college in Spain

that would correlate with both my major and minor. Over the summer of 2016, I will apply for

scholarships to help me pay for my study abroad experience. Studying abroad in Spain will also

help me obtain my Spanish minor and overall help my Spanish knowledge.

Along with these goals, I plan to exercise often and stay fit through my collegiate

experience. I hope to participate in Mens Club Soccer each year in the fall, along with

participating in Intramural Basketball. I also plan to attend the new Belk Gym in order to stay fit

and healthy.

As I progress through my collegiate experience, I will most likely need to adjust my

career map and goals according to my experiences and to account for possible changes that may

occur that would affect my career plans. Nothing is set in stone, I will frequently schedule

meetings with my academic advisor to discuss any necessary changes that would need to be


Goals for Andres Salgado

1. Obtain a B.S.B.A. In International Business major with a minor in Spanish

2. Study abroad in Spain for a semester, obtaining 1 Scholarship for financial assistance
3. Earn a minimum GPA of 3.4 by graduation, May 2019
4. Participate in internships during sophomore summer and junior summer
5. Obtain a job after college.
6. Stay in shape physically

Courses, Appointments, Events and Meetings planning 2015-2019

Fall 2015 15 hours
1. BUSN 1101 - Introduction to Business & Professional Development
2. MATH 1100 - College Algebra & Probability
3. Spanish 2202 - Intermediate Spanish II
4. LBST 1102 - Film
5. UWRT 1101 - Writing & Inquiry Academic Context I

Schedule Freshman visit with Mrs. Howard; My Academic Advisor

Visited Mrs. Howard on September 21, 2015 for Freshman visit
Attended a Study Abroad informational session October 9, 2015
Joined Mens Club soccer freshman year Fall 2015
Spring 2015 15 hours
1. INFO 2130 - Introduction to business Computing
2. MATH 1120 - College Calculus
3. UWRT - Writing & Inquiry Academic Context II
4. LBST 2101 - Western Culture & History
5. SPAN 3201 Non - Business Elective

Schedule meeting with Mrs. Howard: My Academic Advisor

Schedule Meeting with Ms. Sayiwe Mandiveyi; My Belk College Career Coach
Join Mens competitive indoor soccer
Attend UCAE Workshop on October 23, 2015
Summer 2016
- Work at Autobell Carwash as a detailer to raise tuition money
- Apply for Study Abroad scholarships and research Spain Colleges

Fall 2016 16 hours
1. ACCT 2121 - Principles of Accounting 1
2. ECON 2101 - Principles of Economics (Macro)
3. STAT1220 - Statistics
4. ESCI 1101 - Earth Sciences Geography
5. Lab 1101L Earth Science Geography Lab
6. LBST 2102 - Global & Intercultural Connections

Schedule meeting with Mrs. Howard, to discuss my GPA Goal and strategies on how to
maintain my grades.
Join and become an active member in North Carolina World Trade Association.
Continue with Mens Soccer Fall 2016
Apply to study abroad in Spain
Apply for Internships for the upcoming summer
Spring 2016 15 hours
1. ACCT 2122 - Principles of Accounting II
2. ECON 2102 - Principles of Economics (Micro)
3. PSYCH 1101 - Natural science
4. COMM 3160 - Writing Intensive
5. LBST 2211 - Ethical Issues

E-Mail my Career Coach; Brendi Lederman to discuss about Internships that I can apply
for during summer 2017
Use any resources that are given to me at Spain to create/edit college resume.
E-mail regularly my Academic Advisor to assist me with any issues dealing with classes
or grades

Summer 2017
- Attend Business Intern Program for Boeing commercial airplane company
- Take any summer classes at UNCC to keep up with my 4- year plan
Fall 2017 15 hours
1. FINN 3120 - Financial Management
2. MGMT 3140 - Management and Org Behavior
3. BLAW 3150 - Business Law I
4. SPAN 3202 - Non-Business Elective
5. ECON 3171 - International Business Economics

Attend the new Belk gym at least 2-3 a week to stay in shape physically
Schedule Meeting with my Business career advisor; Monica White to see how I can
utilize my major in a certain company
Become a board member in North Carolina World trade Association (Higher Status)
Continue to play for Mens Club soccer Fall 2017
Began to apply for internships and attend job shadowing events
Spring 2017 15 hours
1. MKTG 3215 - Global Marketing Management
2. MKGT 3110 - Marketing Concepts
3. COMM 3160 - Business Communications
4. OPER 3100 - Operational Management
5. SPAN 3208 - Non-Business Elective

Attend UCAE workshops on time management

Continue to speak with my Academic advisor; Mrs. Howard to help stay on my 4-year
academic plan
Join intermural competitive indoor soccer for spring 2017
Summer 2018
- Obtain Internship at Boeing commercial airplane Company or any other Internship
involving business
- Apply for academic scholarships to help with college tuition
- Continue to update/edit college resume
Fall 2018 15 hours
1. FINN 3223 - International Financial Management
2. MGMT 3274 - International Business Processes & Problems
3. ECON 3125 - Managerial Economics
4. INFO 3130 - Management Information Systems
5. SPAN 3___- Non Business Elective

Schedule meeting with my academic advisor; Mrs. Howard and discuss anything that I
need in order to graduate in May, 2019
Schedule meeting with my business career advisor; Monica white to discuss what careers
best suit my International business major with my Spanish minor.
Continue to play Mens Club soccer in fall 2018
Attend any career fairs(major day) dealing with International Business
Continue to be highly involved in North Carolina World trade Association

Spring 2018 15 hours
1. MGMT 3275 - International Management
2. IBUS 3400 - International Business Internship
3. MGMT 3280 - Business Policy
4. SPAN 4___ - Non Business Elective
5. _________ - General Elective

Schedule meeting with my academic advisor; Mrs. Howard to keep up with my 4 year
Apply for Personal tutoring for any course that I need assistance (most likely for Spanish
Join competitive intramural indoor soccer and continue to go to the Belk gym 2-3 times a
Hopefully I can be some sort of leader in the North Carolina World Trade Association to
further improve my resume.
Summer 2019
- Obtain a career after college that correlate with both my major and minor
General Skills Needed for Business
1. Adapting to Change
2. Analytical
3. Critical thinking
4. Decision making
5. Listening
6. Stress management
7. Oral communication
8. Time management
a. Attend the Time Management workshop on R, 10/8/15 from 9:30 10:15 am,
i. Register for this session
9. Written communication
10. Goal setting
a. Attend the Goal Setting Workshop on F, 10/23/15 from 12:30 1:15 pm,
i. Register for session
11. Advance typing skills
12. Learn to cooperate in group work

Unique Skills Needed for a Career in Risk Management and Insurancey0
1. Attention to detail
2. Leadership
3. Ability to problem solve