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12. Other Commonly Misused Words

JOU 2005, Writing Mechanics

Can you spot the extra words?

Added bonus New record Safe haven
Consensus of opinion Past experience Unexpected surprise
End result Plan ahead Unintended mistake
False pretense Reason is because Whether or not
First and foremost Repeat again
Free gift Revert back

Correct the following sentences or mark OK:

1. You should try and eat something for breakfast.

2. We cant hardly wait for the match to begin.

3. He was different than other singers of his era.

4. Critics say the new movie is an instant classic.

5. The Gators are in control of their destiny in the SEC.

6. The fire partially destroyed the house and repairs will cost about $50,000.

7. Her boss is such a jerk that she could care less what he thinks.

8. An argument broke out between the half-dozen people in the room.

9. Grocery stores have express lanes for shoppers with less than 10 items.

10. UFs distinguished record in genetic research has generated considerable notoriety.

11. The repair took longer than expected since the head mechanic was gone for the day.

12. Its fun to watch Apple literally run roughshod over the laptop industry.

13. The Grand Canyon is unique.

14. Sarah is anxious to get home for the weekend and catch up on sleep.

15. Compared to Miami, Gainesvilles Cuban population is relatively small.

16. That restaurant we like is further up the road.

17. What do you imply from Rons casual indifference toward his job?

18. I hope to convince you to wear a helmet.

19. Professors hope to refute the notion that research is irrelevant to professional practice.

20. What hasnt disappeared are her trademark high heels.