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[Scene 1]

Setting : Mr Sidiks house

Allyda :Hoek... hoek....

Sofyan :Whats wrong with you honey?
Allyda :I dont know, but i think theres something wrong wtih my body.
Sofyan :If you feel like that, we must see a doctor. I wont something bad
happen to you.

[Scene 2]

Setting : mr Sidiks house

Sofyan :Wait a minute honey! Im getting ready.

Allyda :Okay! But i dont think im strong enough, Hurry up please.
Sofyan :Ya ill be fast as possible honey.
Allyda : (Fainted)

[Scene 3]

Setting : Hospital

Sofyan :Honey, Are you awake?! Wait, i must call out a doctor.
Allyda : (Nooded)
Gina :Good morning!, are you feel better, mam? What is your problem?
Sofyan :Good morning doctor, my wife feeling nauseated and little bit dizzy.
She had passed out while heading to the hospital.
Gina :Oh oke, let me check your blood pressure first. Your blood pressure
is 120/80. Now Ill check your bodys temperature.
Hmm your bodys temperature is 38oC.
When the last time you got menstruation?
Allyda : The last time I got menstruation is 2 months a go.
Gina :I think i know whats your problem. But for make it sure, you have to
do urine test first.
And Hanifah? can you help mrs. sidik for urination dan do the pregarnt
test, please.
Hanifah :Okay doctor, lets follow me mrs sidik.
[Scene 4]

Setting : Hospital

Hanifah :Here we are, there is a toilet , and this is for the urine.

Allyda :Okay.

[Scene 5]

Setting : Hospital

Gina :How long have you been married with your wife? And how long
have your wife been feeling that symptoms?
Sofyan :Hm, weve been married for 1 year, and my wife had felt those
symptoms from a week ago.
Gina :Oh, you dont have to worry about that. After we see the result, well
know what happen to your wife. I hope my prediction was right.

[Scene 6]

Setting : Hospital

Hanifah :Excuse me mam

Gina :Yes please.
Hanifah :Heres the result of urination test.
Gina :Thank you hanifah, okay these is the result of urination test. Mrs
sidik decleared pregnant. Congratulation mr and mrs sidik!
Allyda :Really? Im pregnant? Alhamdulillah.
Sofyan :Finally well have a children! Congrast!
Gina :Congratulation once againnnn. Now there is baby inside your body,
so I hope you can keep your body healty.
Allyda : But does the symptoms that happen to me are normal?
Gina :Yes, its very normal, you dont have to worry. That sympotms are
almost happen to woman that pregnant. You only need to rest. Dont
forget to check your condition every once a month.
These is the reception, you can go to the drugstore near by.
Sofyan : Okay thank u doctor, were gonna leave first.
Allyda :Thank you doctor.
Gina :My pleasure. I hope you always in good condition.

[Scene 7]

Setting : (Apotek)

Hanifah : Hello mam, may i help you?

Allyda : hello, id like to pick up prescription for me.

Hanifah : Okay, let me see the prescription, please.

Allyda :here you are.

Hanifah :okay, we have some vitamin and folic acid right?

Allyda :yes

Hanifah : Alright. You can have a seat. I will call you once they are ready. Do
you need anything else?

Allyda :No, thanks.

(5 minutes later)

Hanifah :Mrs. Sofyan, there is your medicine. Vitamins and folic acid and you
must eat both of them once a day after meal.

Allyda :okay thank u so much.

Hanifah : ywc

[Scene 8]

Setting : Hospital

8 month later

Gina :Good morningg, how your condition? Are there any problem?
Allyda :No, nothing wrong doctor. But the baby seems so active.
Gina :Thats good!!! Thats mean your baby is healty. Now you can lie
down and ill do the USG test. That test for to know what your baby
Allyda :Okay doctor.
Gina :Wheres your husband, mam? Your husband always accompany
you to here.
Allyda :My husband cant accompany me because theres work to do on
another city .
Gina :Oh, itsokay your husband do that for your family.
Allyda :Hehehehe.
Gina :You can look at the monitor and can hear your babys heartbeat.
Your baby is very healthy and the gender is boy.
Allyda :Alhamdulillah, i dont really care about what my babys gender. But
the important is my babys condition.
Gina :Thats Right. And im prediction you going to give abirth in 2
weeks later. i really hope you always keep your condition good. And
dont be too tired or dont do anything that make you tired. If you feel
the contraction, please call me out.
Allyda :Thank you.
Gina :With my pleasure.

[Scene 9]

Setting : Mr. Sidiks house

2 weeks later

Allyda :Aww honey, i think im going to give a birth.

Sofyan :Astagfirullah, calm down honey! Well go to hospital right now. Be
strong for us, please.

[Scene 10]

Setting : Hospital

Hanifah :Wait here, please. We will do our best as possible. I think you prefer
pray for your wife.

Sofyan :Yes, save my wife and my son, please.

Hanifah : Yes, we will

[Scene 11]
Setting : Hospital

Gina :Inhale then exhale slowly. Mrs. Sidik come on, the babys head
already shown. Hang in there mam.
Allyda :Aww, i dont think im strong enough!
Gina :Hanifah bring a cup of water for mrs sidik, please.
Hanifah : Okay mam.
Bayi : OaOa.Oa.
Gina :Alhamdulillah, congratulation your baby is baby boy and very

[Scene 12]

Setting : Hospital

Hanifah :Alhamdulillah sir, your wife already give a birth smoothly, your baby
is boy and very healthy. You can go inside now.
Sofyan :Alhamdulillah thank you miss.

[Scene 13]

Setting : Hospital

Gina : Congratulation sirrr. This is your baby boy that already take a bath.
Sofyan :My son! Look at our baby boy honey. Hes as handsome as his
Allyda : (Smile)