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1. Read the TITLE.

2. Discuss the RATIONALE.
Service design is a significant factor of any business that offers service in order for them to maximize the effectiveness of the
processes and to meet the needs of the customers. The fundamental objective of service design is to improve the service quality
and the interaction between the service provider and its customers. Just like other service companies, a KTV also needs to have a
good service design to maintain customer satisfaction and in order to earn good profit. Its service design needs to be continuously
improved and systematically reviewed to ensure that the services that they are offering are convenient enough to serve customers
in a well-mannered order.
This study is conducted for the primary purpose of presenting how service design is significant to the business operations and
how it affects the company upon achieving overall customer satisfaction. This study also aims to give readers additional information
relating to the significance of a good service design in a business.
1. This study intends to investigate and look into the service design of Wat Ever KTV Bar and how it affects the business operations.
Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following queries.
2. Read the Statement of the Problem.
3. Discuss the Objectives.
This study seeks to identify and understand the following areas relating to service design:
To define service design and understand its importance.
To provide information about the service design of Wat Ever KTV Bar.
To find out the challenges encountered by Wat Ever KTV Bar in delivering their services to the customers.
To determine whether or not Wat Ever KTV Bar has a successful service design.
To identify whether or not the service design of Wat Ever KTV Bar achieve customer satisfaction.
To give ideas to the readers on how to achieve customer satisfaction through service design.
4. The fundamental purpose of this study is to help citizens, specifically the current and aspiring entrepreneurs or managers, realize
the importance of a successful service design to the overall operation of the business. The contributions of this study will be of
interest to the following:
5. Read the each Significance.
Business owners, to enhance the areas that need some improvement in the service design and to develop a service design where
the customers will be more satisfied to the services being provided;
Employees, to become knowledgeable and aware of the importance of service design and to make suggestions on what to
improve in the service delivery that may help the organization to achieve high level of customer satisfaction;
Customers, to be informed and educated to the kind of service design that addresses their wants and needs and offers an
excellent customer experience while availing the service;
University, to encourage more instructors and students to conduct this kind of study in order for the university to improve the
quality of education they provide and it also gives an opportunity to the students to apply their learnings in the real setting;
Researchers, to use this as a reference for future research on the subject of production and operations management particularly in
the topic of service design.

1. Discuss the SYNTHESIS of RRL.
2. Service design is a crucial component in achieving customer satisfaction. It begins with the choice of a service strategy, which
determines the nature and focus of the service, and the target market and how the service is designed impacts how it is delivered to
customers. Service design should maintain control over service while providing customer satisfaction.
This study will identify the service design currently used by Wat Ever KTV Bar and assess whether or not the service design meets
the customer expectations which will lead to customer satisfaction.
3. Look at the slide, point to the conceptual framework.
HO: If Wat Ever KTV Bar have a successful service design that meets the customer expectations, it will lead to customers
HA: If Wat Ever KTV Bar have a successful service design, but it does not meet the customer expectations, it will not lead to
customers satisfaction.
4. In order to determine whether or not it meets the customer expectations, we will assess the nine factors considered in achieving
customer satisfaction which includes the location, parking space, quality of food and drinks, quality of service, crew/staff
performance, pricing, waiting line simulation, and availability of products and services.

1. The data is obtained by means of interview and survey. It involves gathering of information that will show the relationship of a
successful service design to the achievement of customer satisfaction. Wat Ever KTV Bar - Branch 1 is chosen as subject for this
research paper. The service design of this entity is carefully examined using principles for a successful service design as a basis. The
researchers used survey questionnaires to gather information from twenty (20) random customers regarding customer satisfaction
and conducted an interview to know the managements point of view about the service design being followed within the entity.
2. The researchers chose this entity because it is located within Butuan City and is accessible, their operations are daily, their service
caters a wide variety of customers; and it is known to the public.
3. The gathered information are analyzed using qualitative analysis to arrive at a basis for interpretation and conclusion.
Read bullet 1.
Discuss paragraph 1-9 of chapter 4.
Read bullet 2.
In some way, they were able to manage the customer through the process of the service considering the impact on the customers
Read bullet
3. Furthermore, their service design has a greater degree of customer contact which indicates that their services has a greater
opportunity for selling.
Read bullet 4.
Discuss paragraph 11.
Read bullet 1 and 2.
Majority of the respondents agreed that the location of Wat Ever KTV Bar is accessible and convenient, the facilities, such as
microphones, speakers, KTV, air conditioner, remote control, lights, etc. are functioning well, the food and drinks that Wat Ever KTV
Bar offer are delicious, tasty and fresh, the crew or staff are polite, courteous and patient in welcoming and accommodating the
customers, and the products and services that Wat Ever KTV Bar offer are made available most of the time. However, majority of
them disagreed that the parking space is enough to accommodate the vehicles of the customers especially during peak hours or
seasons, the service providers of Wat Ever KTV Bar are able to meet the demand of customers without unreasonable delay and
inconvenience, the price of the food, drinks, and the KTV rooms are affordable and reasonable, and waiting lines strategy of Wat
Ever KTV Bar, especially during peak season, is effective and efficient.

1. Having a successful service design is one of the factors that contribute towards obtaining high level of customers satisfaction.
Service design emerged in reaction to the transition in many post-industrial countries from manufacturing and selling products to
delivering services. Service design begins with the choice of a service strategy, which determines the nature and focus of the service,
and the target market. This requires an assessment by top management of the potential market and profitability (or need, in the
case of a nonprofit organization) of a particular service, and an assessment of the organizations ability to provide the service. Once
decisions on the focus of the service and the target market have been made, the customer requirements and expectations of the
target market must be determined (Stevenson, 2017). And so, service design is a crucial part of the value you deliver to your client.
Service design is not just something done at one point in the course of action, but it is throughout the process of communication,
delivery and feedback of clients (Service Design Toolkit, 2014).
2. Read bullet 1.
3. Read bullet 2.
YU, M.
1. Based on the results of the interview, survey and findings of the study, the researchers recommendations are as follows:
2. Read bullet 1.
This will serve as a guidance on how a service will be provided, specifying the physical evidence, staff actions, and support systems
or infrastructure needed to deliver the service across its different channels.
3. Read bullet 2.
It would be done by having a proper plan on the parking space and utilizing the space for the convenience of everyone. They should
put someone as in-charge of the parking management to ensure that the business customers are given the priority to park in
accordance to their convenience.
4. Read bullet 3.
Every customer is different so they should be able to handle customers mood and adapt accordingly.
5. Read bullet 4.
Although the management give a lot of effort in providing the best quality of service. They should conduct seminars and training
regarding handling the variety of customers properly.
6. Read bullet 5.
It was found out that they charge 7% additional of the total fee and they do not inform the customers beforehand about it. Their
pricing is also based on Cagayan de Oro rates which makes it more expensive for some of the customers to afford their products
and services.
7. Read bullet 6.
They have to make sure that their waiting list is fair and that they accommodate the customers one at time without wasting their
time waiting and being bored while doing so.
8. Read bullet 7.
So that everyone will be informed and will be able to have more customer attraction that leads to customers availing their products
and services.
9. Read bullet 8.