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Detected: Terdeteksi

danu detected in his room watching television

World wide: meluas ke seluruh dunia

mafia network that was spread the world wide

Signaled: Isyarat

andi amel signaled to be quiet

Underway: Berlangsung

The accident happened spontaneously

Occur: Terjadi

tragedy happened at night

Ongoing: bermula

accident ongoing when the child was crossing the road

Requiring: Memerlukan

I need the money now

Contagious: Menular

the disease is highly contagious

Spreading: Penyebaran

spread of the disease is very fast

Spread: lebarnya/penyebaran

spread of the disease is very fast

Resistance: rentan : vulnerable

HIV patients resistance to disease

Rapid: Rapid

Stuffy: Pengap

This is very stuffy room filled with many people because

Chills: Menggigil

I felt cold that chills

Fatigue: Lelah
I felt very tired after playing soccer

Mild: mendingan/sejuk

air in the mountains is very mild

Severe: Parah

my friend skin disease is very severe

Chronic: Kronis

Chronic diseases are very dangerous

result in: mengakibatkan

Vitamin deficiency can lead to illness

afforded: diberikan

headache medication given to people who dizziness

lead to: mengakibatkan

Vitamin deficiency can lead to illness

outbreak: wabah

cholera epidemic spread very rapidly in the region kalimantan

probable: mungkin

the disease probably difficult to cure

burden: Beban

breathless patient has a heavy burden

underlying mendasari

the underlying crime was because of lack of money

Shed: bangsal ward

the shed was very broken, because no one care


things that are harmful to health

eating fast food
eating disorder
Excessive eating
sleep deprivation
rarely bathed
unhealthy environment