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Prayer of Service

Oh Divine One

I humbly thank you for this opportunity to go within

And contact Thy Mighty Light.

I pray for Thy Strength, guidance, healing and protection

To fill and surround me at this time;

And I pray that I may become an instrument for Thy Love

So that I may be of greater service to our world.

Oh Mighty Jehovah

May Thy Divine Will be done.

Prayer for World Peace

Oh Divine Lord of Manifestation,

We open our hearts and mind to You now, in prayer

That Peace may now spread throughout the world.

We ask, Oh Father,

That Thy Divine Light may shine down upon the world

This very moment.

We pray that this divine essence

May fill the hearts of all peoples

With Love and Compassion

So that all unite in a common goal

To see the dawning of a new era of lasting peace and enlightenment

Upon our world.

May the Divine Light of Oneness

Shine its golden beams upon all humanity in all its diversity, so that every soul may rise
upwards into Everlasting Light.
1. Blessed are they who work for peace
2. Blessed are the wise ones
3. Blessed are they who love
4. Blessed are the planetary ones
5. Blessed are the thanksgivers
6. Blessed are they who heal
7. Blessed is the Mother Earth
8. Blessed is the mighty Sun
9. Blessed are the supreme Lords of Karma
10. Blessed is the great being known as the Galaxy
11. Blessed are the supreme Lords of Creation
12. Blessed is the Absolute

Oh Divine Lord of all Wondrous Creation,

We raise our voices and minds to You NOW in prayer.
Knowing even as we do, that this is answered at this moment.
Oh Wondrous God,
We ask that the hearts and minds of man
Might be opened to Thy Presence,
To Thy Mighty Light.
So that they may forever Glorify Thee.
So that they may realize, that within them
Beats a Spark directly connected to
Thy Wondrous Heart.
We raise our minds in thankfulness
For the fulfilment of our prayer.
For this SHALL come to pass
Upon this Earth.

May Peace prevail on Earth