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September 2nd, 2017

Dear School Administration,

Hello, and thank you so much for considering me to student teach in your school district.
I hope that I can be a wonderful addition to your school and am excited to learn from and work
with your staff. My name is Jaime Sichmeller and I am from a small farm outside of Roslyn, SD.
I am currently attending South Dakota State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education.
I am also a student in the cooperative teaching program with Dakota State University majoring in
Elementary Education. I would love the opportunity to teach in an elementary classroom in the
grades of kindergarten through 3rd grade.
During the process of attaining my degree I have had many student teaching
opportunities that have challenged me and made me a better teacher and person in general. I am a
firm believer in that every child is different, therefore they learn in different ways. This belief
has helped me come up with multiple ways of teaching to a class, as well as learning more about
the family relationships outside of the classroom. I have participated in an assistant track coach
position at Webster Area High School, and believe that that has taught me numerous things that I
can also use inside my class. Throughout my college experience I was involved in AEYC as well
as SNEA. I have been involved in numerous volunteer opportunities such as helpline center,
State-A-Thon, Sacred Hearts Mission Trip, and was also a mentor for Brookings Youth
Mentoring Program. Also holding numerous jobs such as a swim instructor for the youth,
lifeguard, babysitter, and a peer mentor. Throughout all of these experiences I have focused
getting to better understand how each child learns differently as well as the impact their family
has on their education.
I have chosen this district due to the wonderful community, that I will be living in, as
well as the amazing opportunities I hope to come by. The size of both the school and community
are things that I find both comforting as well as exciting. Please feel free to view the my
electronic portfolio ( where you will find lesson plans, reference
letters, and professional organizations as well as goals. Also you can contact me with any further
questions, by phone (218-208-7688), or by email (
Thank you kindly,
Jaime Sichmeller