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Joyously partnering with you in service of the King whose birth we celebrate this season!

December 2016

2016A Year Of Healing

This has been a tough year for us in numerous ways, but never have
we seen Gods loving orchestration more clearly. His focus seems to Gods profound love for
have been more on what He is doing in us than what He wants us to each one of us and His
orchestration in our lives
accomplish for Him (maybe thats always the case). May His work in
us result in more and more glory for Him through our lives! Im starting to have a little
more energy some days
2016 will probably always stand out to me as a year of healing. Ill
know more at my next scan in January, but my doctor feels Im making My old van is temporarily
salvaged (the transmis-
good progress. Whenever I am released from treatment, I anticipate
sion is failing but weve
being healthier than Ive been in years! God has surrounded me with a bought ourselves some
healing team that is addressing not just the cancer but my health in time)
general. I am blessed!
Wisdom for Robert in
what to include in the
courses he is writing

Our health

Replacement vehicle for

my van in Gods time

Provision for all your

needs and ours

Gods continued work in

and through us

Im so grateful to Robert for making me a priority this year. God has gifted me with a very special man!
And we are both grateful for your prayers and support of us and our ministry. A blessed
Christmas to each and every one of you, and Gods best to you in 2017!

Robert and Judy Reed, 935 Green Rock Dr, Duncanville, TX 75137 214-25-3439 (Robert) 972-679-2884 (Judy),
YouCaring site for updates and gifts for cancer expenses:

Partners in Joy, PO Box 3761, Pueblo, CO 81005 972-283-7910