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Joyously partnering with you to help train third world missionaries March 2017

We are hard pressed on every side 2 Cor. 4:8

The last twelve months have brought so many challenges! To be truthful, the journey is be-
ginning to feel long at times, and there are days when we are weary and a bit overwhelmed.
But God has been there, loving us and orchestrating things for our good (Romans 8:28, Jere-
miah 29:11) whether we can see what He is doing or not.

A Romantic Get-away
The saga of Roberts health continues. If you will recall from our last letter, a cellulitis infection
in his foot landed him in the ER two days before Christmas, after which he was asked to visit
a podiatrist. The podiatrist suggested a simple surgery, and the wheels were set in motion for
that to happen. When Robert went in for the pre-op EKG, instead of being cleared for sur-
gery, he was sent back to
the ER for his heart. At the
ER, they didnt like what
they saw in the tests they
ran, so they hospitalized
him overnight for observa-
tion and testingand we
got a romantic get-away
with room service and eve-
rything! But Robert got the
good bed and I got the
couch...which is actually my
preference at this type of
hotel. In any case, the good news is that a cardiologist who specializes in electrocardiology
looked at Roberts tests and declared his problem to be a benign arrhythmia (SVT) that is not
life-shortening and can usually be corrected when it occurs by doing a simple vagal maneu-
ver. Robert has recently been cleared to proceed with the foot surgery. We dont yet have a
surgery date.
As for me, at my last scan I was doing well enough that
I was told to wait four months for the next scan. PTL Praise
and thank you so much for praying! I am still doing treat-
Our health care providers
ments but if I could sleep better, my body would have
more of what it needs to heal. Please pray for good Our wonderful supporters
sleep and that I will soon be cancer free and healthier
Gods faithfulness
than Ive been in a long time.
His amazing capacity to work
for good in all things
Ministry Update
Weary as we are some days, God continues to allow us
to invest ourselves in Kingdom things. Robert is currently
developing a course on cross cultural communication for Prayer
training third world missionaries. This knowledge is criti- Our health needs and better
cal for working across cultures. sleep, especially for me

Numerous Marfan-related
Pile-up and a No-risk Idea health challenges that our 8-
year-old grandson Nathan
With a year of cancer treatments behind us and more to
faces; surgery for malrotation
come, plus the out-of-pocket expenses surrounding of the intestines March 20.
Roberts health, we are facing some hefty bills. We look
Wisdom for Robert for what
forward to seeing what creative solutions Jesus will have
to include in his courses
for us this time! Many of you have already given extra
toward these needs, and we are so grateful! Someone Wise investment of time in
Gods priorities for us
suggested a no-risk idea that I found intriguing and we
challenge you with their idea. Ask God to bring in a given Gods provision for the needs
amount beyond your usual income for you to give to a of our supporters and for our
ministry. If it comes in, you give it to the ministry. If it needs
doesnt come in, you are off the hook. If that sounds like
a fun challenge and you end up doing it with us in mind,
wed love to hear stories of how God provides! If you feel God tugging at your heart to be part
of His provision for us, one option is the YouCaring page that some dear friends lovingly de-
veloped for us: If you need a tax deductible
receipt, giving through Partners in Joy is the best way:
judy-reed. Thanks again to all of you who care and pray and give! You are the backbone of
all that God is doing in and through us.

Robert and Judy Reed, 935 Green Rock Dr, Duncanville, TX 75137 214-725-3439 (R), 972-679-2884 (J) for online giving
YouCaring site for updates and gifts for cancer expenses:
Partners in Joy, PO Box 3761, Pueblo, CO 81005 972-283-7910