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{62}{182}(Insects and birds chirping)
{640}{717}Lord Boynton! Lord Boynton!
{718}{820}Hey! (Shouting in Arabic)
{2383}{2475}(Speaking Arabic)
{3328}{3418}(Horse whinnies)
{4515}{4617}(Traders calling out)
{5343}{5415}Don't... Don't speak.
{5416}{5464}Why not?
{5465}{5574}You've got sunstroke, you need to stay|where you are, be quite still.
{5575}{5713}Actually what I need to do is sit, I think,|and drink a lot of water.
{5714}{5750}I'm dehydrated.
{5751}{5794}I've sent for a doctor.
{5795}{5849}Already got one. Sarah King, MD.
{5850}{5949}You're the fellow who's going to get|sunstroke, walking around without
a hat.
{5950}{6062}I just introduced myself.
{6133}{6228}- (Woman) Raymond.|- Ah, my-my mother needs me.
{6229}{6341}If you can't introduce yourself, perhaps|you might introduce me to your
{7050}{7103}- Th au citron, s'il vous plat.|- Oui, monsieur.
{7104}{7180}- Chaud, trs chaud.|- Oui.
{7181}{7259}Alas, madame, I am desolate.
{7260}{7365}You have no newspapers|of any description?!
{7366}{7404}I am so sorry.
{7405}{7547}(Woman) You don't know|what sorry is!
{7683}{7764}Got you, you double-distilled blighter!
{7765}{7853}Colonel Carbury, mon vieux.
{7933}{8041}All these years travelling, you'd think|I'd be used to creepy-crawlies
by now.
{8042}{8136}I did not know that you were|the enthusiast for I'antiquit.
{8137}{8166}For what?
{8167}{8223}You have come also for the exploration|of Lord Boynton?
{8224}{8266}Ah, no, no. Passing through.
{8267}{8330}Vraiment? To where|do you pass, Colonel?
{8331}{8387}Here and there.
{8388}{8442}You know, here and then... You know.
{8443}{8527}- There?|- Or thereabouts.
{9029}{9109}(Door opens)
{9140}{9187}- Can I help you?|- Oh!
{9188}{9269}Agnieszka, you are such a fool.
{9270}{9316}I am looking for... number nine?
{9317}{9362}This is six.
{9363}{9488}So sorry, my dear, for my intrusion.
{9489}{9596}You are, er, come to follow the labours|of Lord Boynton?
{9597}{9631}Yes, he's my stepfather.
{9632}{9700}Truly, God has smiled upon you.
{9701}{9893}Your stepfather does a great thing, I think.|A great man.
{10260}{10385}(Loud chatter, car horn beeps)
{10590}{10685}- Oh!|- (Car horn)
{11001}{11092}(American accent) So I may remain|assured of your very best services?
{11093}{11153}Thank you very much, sir.
{11198}{11296}Do know how to arrive, hm?
{11297}{11361}(Man) Silly little man!
{11362}{11432}- Please!|- Look here...
{11433}{11499}- Do you know who I am?|- (Protesting in Arabic) Pay fare!
{11500}{11595}I am the son of Lord Boynton.
{11596}{11696}Son of Lord, you pay, please.
{11697}{11759}Thank you, sir.
{11760}{11847}(Speaks Arabic)
{11890}{11936}Bloody shambles!
{11937}{12009}Typical. If you...
{12010}{12110}- (Snores)|- (Sighs)
{12258}{12339}{y:i}- (Boy) It was an accident.|{y:i}- (Child crying)
{12340}{12440}{y:i}(Child wailing)
{12694}{12786}(Woman screaming)
{12890}{12972}Jinny... It's all right, honey.
{12973}{13029}It's all right now.
{13030}{13073}I was being drowned.
{13074}{13144}It was a dream, baby,|it was just a dream.
{13145}{13235}It was a memory!
{13355}{13465}I can't go on like this.
{13517}{13602}(Man shouting)
{13690}{13737}(Knock on door)
{13738}{13778}Twelve minutes.
{13779}{13843}- You allowed me to oversleep...|- Mother...
{13844}{13885} twelve minutes!|- I'm sorry.
{13886}{13951}Fetch my stick.
{14547}{14650}Ah, excellent. There you are.
{14651}{14698}It's Leonard.
{14699}{14749}Boynton. Your stepson.
{14750}{14812}How good of you to come,|Mr Boynton.
{14813}{14875}- Carol, my vitamins.|- Now, Mother?
{14952}{15005}Jinny, you look like you're suffering|from consumption.
{15006}{15134}That's drawing attention to yourself in|the most unattractive way.
Apply colour!
{15135}{15210}Raymond... Don't sit there, sit here.
{15211}{15328}Nanny... Go somewhere else.
{15335}{15437}You look tired, dear.
{15516}{15573}We need to discuss your attitude.
{15574}{15696}Sulking is like shyness.|It is unacceptable, it is showing off.
{15697}{15758}I'm not sulking, Mother.
{15759}{15873}I merely question the wisdom of travelling|when the market is
{15874}{15959}Wall Street knows better than to breathe|without consulting me,
{15960}{16017}wherever I may be at whatever juncture.
{16018}{16148}I forgot my book. Fetch my book.
{16250}{16347}You think they're a rum crew, wait till|you meet the archaeologist
{16348}{16501}Although he's not actually psychotic,|just old-fashioned bonkers.
{16502}{16568}Theodore Gerard. We have met.
{16569}{16600}Bonce doctor.
{16601}{16652}I advised on a case in Edinburgh.|Used to have a beard?
{16653}{16708}Oh. Yes, of course.
{16709}{16757}The bonce doctor!
{16758}{16861}- I recognise you, monsieur.|- Of course, it's all a sham.
{16862}{17015}The real object of the exercise...|is a reconciliation of his
offspring and hers.
{17016}{17091}- Happy families among the tombs.|- There is disharmony?
{17092}{17233}Where Lady Boynton is, the Music of|the Spheres is like nails down a
{17234}{17329}Now, you must excuse me|my personal disorder...
{17330}{17486}Can't help sticking my face|down the stupid lion's throat.
{17487}{17602}Do you mind if I join you?
{17778}{17903}I can't find these wretched pills.|Oh God, Raymond.
{17904}{17986}She has them.
{18032}{18141}She has them already,|they're in her bag.
{18142}{18242}The book she sent me to find,|she didn't even bring to Syria.
{18243}{18360}Carol, we know these games.
{18362}{18432}One day, Raymond...|I swear to God...
{18433}{18499}- I know.|- I will take a hammer and I swear...
{18500}{18627}Maybe we should talk about that.
{18628}{18734}- Don't joke with me, Ray.|- I'm your brother.
{18735}{18817}I never joke.
{18947}{19037}(Call to prayer)
{19230}{19304}(Raymond) The way we let that woman|steal them from us.
{19305}{19418}(Carol) Oh, God, Raymond.|We have no choice.
{19419}{19508}(Raymond) She has to die.
{19509}{19611}(Traders calling out)
{20132}{20234}(Man speaking Arabic)
{20403}{20545}Now, we're going now!|Please! Please!
{20578}{20625}Yes, sir. Please, please, please.
{20626}{20771}Tickety-boo. Please. This way. OK, OK.
{20784}{20876}(Speaking Arabic)
{21463}{21576}Whoo! Looks like Lord Boynton's expedition|has created quite a stir.
{21577}{21672}Apart from the family|and a three-line whip...
{21673}{21783}Dr King joins us, I suspect, because|she stuck a pin in a map of the
{21784}{21857}Mr Jefferson Cope|may actually be a little bit dull.
{21858}{21955}He might possibly like old bits of bone|and pot and whatnot.
{21956}{22047}The honourable Leonard, stuck with|running his father's house in
{22048}{22175}on no income, while said father|swans around the Middle East
{22176}{22232}looking for the head of John the Baptist.
{22233}{22448}As for the Polish nun, she gives me|the heebie-jeebies personally.
{22530}{22630}(Shouting in Arabic)
{22631}{22682}No problem, no problem.
{22683}{22724}Don't be afraid. No problem.
{22725}{22825}(Shouting in Arabic)
{23087}{23239}No problem, no problem.|(Speaking Arabic)
{23551}{23636}(Camel grunts)
{23883}{24065}Hm. What have we here, I wonder?|A mobile toll-booth?
{24179}{24247}Dame Celia Westholme.
{24248}{24325}Sorry to hold up the bus, everybody.|Camel's on loan,
{24326}{24413}had to go back.
{24466}{24668}Has Boynton made any significant|progress? Does anybody know?
{24814}{24883}- Have you read any of her books?|- Oui.
{24884}{24974}It's her fault I'm here.|She makes travel sound so thrilling.
{25349}{25449}(Shouting in Arabic)
{25593}{25701}Welcome, welcome, welcome.|Did you have a nice journey?
{25702}{25827}I know, it's ghastly, isn't it?|Hello, little blossoms.
{25828}{25907}Hot showers and cold beer for everyone.
{25908}{26033}Even you, Nanny,|you raving old dipsomaniac.
{26034}{26141}- Leonard, dear boy!|- Father.
{26142}{26239}Ah. My child bride.
{26318}{26420}Dinner's in the pavilion at eight.|Everyone's invited.
{26421}{26500}Come along! Raymond.
{26501}{26726}Utter bonanza of crippled personalities.|I'd have paid extra for
{26805}{26900}(Distant shouting)
{27205}{27322}(Operatic singing on radio)
{28466}{28548}Making yourself useful, Leonard?|Good man!
{28549}{28611}Coming along!
{28612}{28679}That blind chap down in the Arab camp,
{28680}{28766}every night I hear him tell a variation|on the same story.
{28767}{28831}I've heard it all over Syria.
{28832}{28975}The daughter of Herodius brought|John the Baptist's severed head to
this land.
{28976}{29112}She buried it where the river|meets the mountain.
{29113}{29180}Now, I've been every damn place|in Syria
{29181}{29317}where any river meets anything that could|possibly be construed as a
{29318}{29359}from Krak to Aleppo.
{29360}{29462}This is the only place left.|It has to be here!
{29463}{29580}Come along then. Chop-chop.
{30510}{30605}And these words...|Do they speak of John?
{30606}{30733}No. It tells a different story.
{30737}{30820}A man is sitting in a tavern in Damascus.
{30821}{30974}He looks up from his wine and sees Death|staring at him across the
{30975}{31075}He cries out, "But this cannot be my time!"
{31076}{31167}He flees Damascus,|he rides his horse fast,
{31168}{31243}right across the desert to Samarra.
{31244}{31332}{y:i}When he arrives, he's thirsty.
{31333}{31393}Standing before him at the well...
{31394}{31434}is Death.
{31476}{31531}You're nodding.
{31532}{31677}On seeing Death for the second time,|the man cries out, "This cannot
{31678}{31808}"For I escaped you in Damascus."
{31838}{31943}And Death, he lays his hand|upon the shoulder of the man
{31944}{32109}and says, "I also was surprised|to see you..."
{32165}{32262}" see you in Damascus...
{32263}{32444}"for my appointment with you,|it was always to be here in Samarra."
{32445}{32505}Try as one might,
{32506}{32599}one cannot escape|one's rightful destiny.
{32724}{32807}I know you're here, Johnny.
{32808}{32915}I can almost smell you.
{33241}{33313}Sugar, Raymond?
{33314}{33393}To put sugar in one's tea|is indicative of weak character.
{33394}{33511}Raymond doesn't take sugar.
{33637}{33709}Oh, good morning.|You look dreadful.
{33710}{33782}- Thank you. I feel dreadful.|- You should see a doctor.
{33783}{33877}- I just did. He told me I had malaria.|- Oh, Lord!
{33878}{33945}I dosed myself up,|as much as it makes a difference.
{33946}{34037}You shan't come|on the expedition today?
{34038}{34101}If I have an attack on the way to the river,
{34102}{34157}I'll most probably die.
{34158}{34277}The obvious solution is to remain here|all day with Lady Boynton.
{34278}{34340}- Better come with us.|- Not a difficult decision.
{34341}{34458}The sun is up. I shall spend today|observing from the platform.
{34459}{34536}Good idea, poppet.|Cracking view of the Kasbah.
{34537}{34607}You can keep a beady one|on Leonard and myself.
{34608}{34668}You assist with the digging, monsieur?
{34669}{34743}Oh, I would assist with digging the drains
{34744}{34813}if the alternative were enforced|social intercourse
{34814}{34894}with my father's ghastly ten-ton wife.
{34895}{34975}You won't come down to the river,|Lady Boynton?
{34976}{35069}By all accounts, the vista of the Kasbah|is very fine.
{35070}{35144}- The boy bring my Times yet?|- No, Mother.
{35145}{35225}Dismiss him!
{35279}{35339}- (Slap)|- Sorry, might have stung.
{35340}{35425}Ah! I am stung!
{35426}{35515}Yes, there's the bugger there.
{35516}{35595}Goodness, let me look at you.
{35596}{35637}Don't touch me!
{35638}{35725}Never touch me!
{36253}{36305}You're always looking at me.
{36306}{36346}Golly, am I?
{36347}{36389}All the time.
{36390}{36526}I turn round and you're|just looking at me. Why?
{36527}{36584}Perhaps I like the shape of your face.
{36585}{36656}It's a very pretty face.|Do you mind?
{36657}{36758}I certainly shan't do it if you mind.
{36759}{36820}I don't mind.
{36821}{36923}(Poirot) S'il vous plat, Monsieur Cope.|Do not allow Poirot to
detain you.
{36924}{36973}Oh, I'm in no hurry.
{36974}{37079}The place has been there a few years,|it's not going anywhere,
{37080}{37155}You are acquainted with|the family Boynton?
{37156}{37253}One can't live in New York and fail|to be acquainted with the
{37254}{37352}Lady B is a pretty big financial noise.|I like her.
{37353}{37469}If I may say so, monsieur, it seems|your amiti is not reciprocated.
{37470}{37517}Oh, she hates everybody.
{37518}{37598}Everybody knows that,|she just doesn't give a damn.
{37599}{37712}- I think it's quite stylish.|- You have the outlook most benevolent.
{37713}{37810}I'm easily pleased.
{37819}{37908}(Sarah) Out in the sun yet again|without a hat.
{37909}{37990}(Raymond) Some people never learn.
{37991}{38085}(Carol) Raymond, let me read you|what Mr Baedeker has to say.
{38086}{38179}"The monumental edifice knows as..."|Excuse me!
{38180}{38275}Thank you so much.
{38333}{38383}I thought that free from the mother
{38384}{38462}I might be permitted some conversation|with Raymond.
{38463}{38570}But no. Evidently the family|has decided I'm a gold-digger,
{38571}{38618}and all overtures of friendship|must be stamped on.
{38619}{38791}Frankly it's rather insulting.|I'm not having it.
{38798}{38923}Ladies and gentlemen,|now we may rest.
{38924}{39054}We have arrived. (Speaks Arabic)
{39175}{39327}(Agnieszka) God is good.|God is glorious.
{39718}{39778}If you want my professional opinion,|which you don't,
{39779}{39846}but you should, so I'm gonna give it|to you anyway,
{39847}{39934}your family would do well to hear|what Herr Freud said to me last
{39935}{40038}"To be American is bad enough,"|he said, "but to put money..."
{40088}{40152}Oh! Let me look at you.
{40153}{40197}I'll be fine. I'll be... fine.
{40198}{40260}This gentleman needs|to return to camp immediately.
{40261}{40388}Get your hands off me, I'll be fine!|Doctors! Think you know
{40389}{40439}(Sarah) You're too hot.
{40440}{40523}(Gerard) You don't have to... carry me.
{40524}{40621}- Jinny!|- That's my name!
{40622}{40767}(Gerard) I just need a drink of water.
{41236}{41327}I can hear the gears grinding|in the old cerebellum.
{41328}{41369}Not really.
{41370}{41441}I was just wondering how Lady Boynton
{41442}{41542}managed to negotiate that ladder affair,|it's pretty vertiginous.
{41543}{41625}Would it kill you to call her "Mother"?
{41626}{41674}For me.
{41675}{41775}Stepmother would do.
{41793}{41836}(Leonard) God, it's hot.
{41837}{41868}Yes, it is.
{41869}{41994}Perhaps you would be kind enough to take|the lady in question a glass
of water.
{41995}{42125}Father, look, I'm sorry, but are you|genuinely blind to the way she
{42126}{42215}everyone, except you?
{42510}{42557}I say!
{42558}{42649}Would you like a drink?
{42650}{42765}Can we get you anything at all?|To drink?
{42766}{42911}(Quietly) Like a bucket of strychnine.
{43014}{43111}Get these buggers away from me!
{43112}{43162}I'm perfectly well.
{43163}{43235}Lie down.
{43300}{43392}- Ah...|- Doctor, what do we do?
{43393}{43440}What did he say?
{43441}{43493}He said bugger off.
{43494}{43573}Oh. (Chuckles)|Right you are. Can do.
{43574}{43644}Not you.
{43654}{43726}You stay.
{44300}{44379}- No, Jinny.|- Oh, God. I thought...
{44380}{44428}- Yeah.|- I thought you wanted my company.
{44429}{44512}I do, yes. That's exactly what I want.
{44513}{44621}Listen to me, it's not... you.
{44622}{44737}It's not about a conquest.
{44772}{44833}For me, denial...
{44834}{44966}is a very... particular pleasure.
{45023}{45120}It's not... (Sighs)
{45300}{45402}(Music on gramophone)
{46001}{46065}People say travel broadens the mind.
{46066}{46225}Mainly because people like me|insist on it in their books.
{46226}{46284}But I have to say I doubt that it is true.
{46285}{46409}On the contrary. I suspect travel|narrows the mind.
{46410}{46488}One becomes so blas|about the wonders of the world.
{46489}{46584}The more I travel the more clearly|I understand that...
{46585}{46674}all that ever matters is the people.
{46675}{46751}Not the places.
{46752}{46838}Those Arabs, telling stories|over couscous in the camp.
{46839}{46887}They fascinate me.
{46888}{47088}This, it's pretty enough,|but show me the humans every time.
{47124}{47209}I don't much care for her.
{47210}{47326}The way she hangs around|the younger Boynton girl.
{47327}{47439}They sniff out weakness, nuns,|and misery, and they gorge on it.
{47440}{47587}Bloody vampires in drag,|quite frankly.
{47588}{47695}(Men shouting, distant)
{47889}{47968}Poirot! How did you find the river?
{47969}{48010}- Oh, I...|- Good, good.
{48011}{48131}We haven't turned up any glories here,|but we live in hope.
{48132}{48200}Nil carborundum, and all that.
{48201}{48255}And Lady Boynton,|she has enjoyed her day?
{48256}{48345}Oh, yes, monsieur.|Of course, she always does.
{48346}{48448}The word "boredom"|is simply not in the vocab.
{48491}{48603}I think it's time you climbed down|from your perch for a martini.
{48604}{48704}Poppet? Shall we say|about ten minutes?
{48705}{48822}You little minx. (Chuckles)
{49201}{49241}(Greville) Help!
{49289}{49394}Et alors. a commence.
{49609}{49649}(Greville) Help!
{49650}{49747}(Commotion outside)
{50488}{50538}- Are you the girl who's a doctor?|- Yes.
{50539}{50694}Then you've met death. So have I.|Come on.
{51229}{51341}Shut her eyes. Shut them.
{51537}{51578}I'm afraid it's true.
{51579}{51656}She's dead.
{51922}{52016}Your appointment with death,|madame.
{52017}{52129}It was always to be here.
{52864}{52936}Et maintenant, mon Colonel,|you are arrived.
{52937}{53007}This is an event|for which you were prepared. Non?
{53008}{53072}No. This is something else. Later.
{53073}{53180}Show me the dead woman.
{53594}{53641}What happened here?
{53642}{53766}Excusez-moi, but do you commission|me to examine this case?
{53767}{53796}I do.
{53797}{53892}You two getting married or something?|Mind if I have a gander at your
{53893}{53964}- Are you recovered, Doctor?|- I'll manage.
{53965}{54039}Juicy big hole where there|shouldn't be one. Somebody's stuck her.
{54040}{54098}- Mm, a knife.|- Bigger than a knife.
{54099}{54130}Fatter blade.
{54131}{54252}- Chisel?|- Chisel fits the bill.
{54253}{54321}Whatever the implement,|it was wielded with authority.
{54322}{54428}One blow in, then vigorously churned about|to create maximum damage.
{54429}{54510}She can't have been dead|for more than an hour.
{54511}{54668}Yes. I don't know|why that should be there.
{54700}{54738}It is wax.
{54739}{54820}Well, one thing's for certain.|She can't stay here in this heat.
{54821}{54910}I'll make arrangements|for the body to be transported.
{54911}{54965}Un moment, s'il vous plat,|mon Colonel.
{54966}{55068}- Excusez-moi.|- Yes.
{55075}{55136}Already there is so much about this case|that is wrong.
{55137}{55219}You, yourself are wrong.|You are not what you appear.
{55220}{55247}You are not a policeman,
{55248}{55325}yet you know a crime has been|committed before it had been reported.
{55326}{55401}You bear the rank of Colonel,|yet where is it mon ami that you serve?
{55402}{55459}So enough of these crypticities.
{55460}{55569}Explain yourself to Poirot|or he cannot accept this case. Point.
{55570}{55626}- Crypticities?|- Oui.
{55627}{55687}Poirot, you're a foreigner.
{55688}{55773}But I judge you to be a good egg,|and therefore trustworthy.
{55774}{55817}What I'm about to deal you now
{55818}{55895}is a card you must keep|very close to your chest.
{55896}{55945}Is that understood?
{56972}{57031}You continue with the digging,|monsieur?
{57032}{57129}I am given to understand it's what|Lady Boynton would have wanted.
{57130}{57234}You were, I think...|Please to forgive me...
{57235}{57280}...somewhere in this area|this afternoon?
{57281}{57388}Poirot, could you postpone your interrogation|of the obvious murder
{57389}{57576}so he can arrange some necessities for|his distressed father? Thank
you so much.
{57620}{57704}I understand you're looking for|a chisel, yes?
{57705}{57795}Fill your boots.
{59034}{59146}(Celia reading in Arabic)
{59590}{59705}Dame Celia. Lord Boynton.|What is it that you read?
{59706}{59821}I'm cheering the bereaved with judicious|extracts from The Perfumed
{59822}{59898}Are people saying|that I killed my wife?
{59899}{59963}Non. Non, monsieur.
{59964}{60089}We are all united in our desire|to comfort you.
{60090}{60176}I was always glad that I was older|than Leonora.
{60177}{60308}I thought at least... l'll die first.
{60309}{60491}I won't have the agony|of trying to live without her.
{60562}{60639}Nevertheless, it must|be admitted the death of Lady B
{60640}{60685}is hardly detrimental|to the community.
{60686}{60784}It is not well, monsieur, that a human|should die before her time it
is come.
{60785}{60850}En plus, the nanny Madame|Taylor has the great distress.
{60851}{60899}All right, all right, keep your hair on.
{60900}{61031}For heaven's sake,|I was just trying to lighten the mood.
{61032}{61097}How did you achieve your newspaper,|Monsieur Cope?
{61098}{61125}Came with me.
{61126}{61165}Many thanks.
{61166}{61271}I'm just lousy at being intrepid.|Always so hungry for news of home.
{61272}{61345}Back at the hotel you couldn't|get a paper for love nor money.
{61346}{61436}(Gerard) I know.
{61683}{61740}This may help you in times of stress.
{61741}{61821}Mon Colonel.
{61828}{61882}Your men.|When is it that they arrive?
{61883}{61957}- Midnight, I should think.|- Hm.
{61958}{62022}Then you must have them|search this area at dawn.
{62023}{62078}The search most diligent. All around.
{62079}{62109}Looking for what?
{62110}{62169}In the first place, mon ami, a syringe.
{62170}{62261}It is instrumental|in the murder of Lady Boynton.
{62262}{62320}Right. Good grief.
{62321}{62370}- It will be done.|- Bon.
{62371}{62432}You see, mon ami...
{62433}{62520}the voices|of the little grey cells.
{62521}{62656}They have begun to sing to Poirot.
{62840}{62935}(Chanting prayers)
{63119}{63211}(lnsects buzzing)
{63282}{63362}Slit throat.
{63381}{63428}Je comprends pas.
{63429}{63533}It is not the custom du pays|to waste life and food in this manner?
{63873}{63910}- Monsieur.|- Monsieur.
{63911}{64018}Look, Poirot,|sorry to be so stand-offish.
{64019}{64070}Bit grim seeing one's father cry.
{64071}{64158}Oui. Je vous en prie, monsieur.
{64159}{64193}What do you want to know?
{64194}{64282}I should like for you to tell me if you spoke|to your stepmother
yesterday afternoon,
{64283}{64365}- and if so, when?|- Er, we spoke...
{64366}{64443}about one o'clock, hottest part of the day.
{64474}{64563}She'd been perched up there|like some evil great pudding
{64564}{64653}ever since you lot set off.
{64654}{64757}I say we spoke. I spoke.
{64758}{64800}She ignored me.
{64801}{64836}Nothing unusual about that.
{64837}{64913}Can we get you anything at all?|To drink?
{64914}{65024}You know how it was. One mustn't|disturb her when she was taking the
{65025}{65139}but... God help you|if you neglected to do so.
{65140}{65167}- Monsieur.|- Oui.
{65168}{65213}- We found this syringe.|- Ah.
{65214}{65300}- Where was this discovered?|- In the tent occupied by the old lady.
{65301}{65376}The nanny.
{65695}{65774}(Agnieszka) "And the Lord said|unto the servant:
{65775}{65934}"Go out into the highways|and compel them to come in to my feast..."
{65935}{66016}(Jinny) "...that my house|may be filled."
{66017}{66059}It's a beautiful parable.
{66060}{66142}(Agnieszka) The word King James|renders as "compel"
{66143}{66217}is in the Greek "anankadzo".
{66218}{66311}It means compel with violence.
{66312}{66359}The Spanish knew this.
{66360}{66500}They used this single word to justify|every atrocity of their
{66501}{66551}For it is God's own command
{66552}{66628}that those unwilling to enter|His Kingdom
{66629}{66681}should be persuaded in with pain.
{66682}{66757}That's terrible.
{66758}{66811}Compulsion of any kind, my dear.
{66812}{66891}It can be terrible.
{66892}{66985}(Jinny) I overheard my stepfather|telling the story that was written
{66986}{67148}Of Death following the man|across the desert.
{67240}{67385}Something has followed me|here to this place. Something evil.
{67386}{67462}God is here to guard you, Jinny.
{67463}{67593}He lives in every grain of sand.
{67691}{67801}(Man speaking in Arabic)
{67967}{68074}(Other men chant reply)
{68354}{68484}(Water splashing,|child gasping)
{68640}{68782}(Music playing faintly on gramophone)
{68848}{68918}(Carbury) What is it now?
{68919}{68944}(Music stops)
{68945}{69007}Sorry gentlemen.|Sand in the grooves.
{69008}{69080}Quite. Well,|the Arabs are all accounted for.
{69166}{69232}This case, it is most unsatisfactory.
{69233}{69300}Still plenty of suspects, old boy.
{69301}{69351}But almost all of them were outside|of the camp
{69352}{69397}when the murder it was committed.
{69398}{69499}And this is corroborated|by a witness who is impeccable.
{69500}{69571}Me. They were with Poirot|all of the time.
{69572}{69626}Raymond wasn't. He came back.
{69627}{69680}Bien sr.|Cela je connais bien. Oui.
{69681}{69725}Also Lord Boynton and his son.
{69726}{69895}Yes, yes, and tomorrow we begin|the further interrogations.
{69896}{69944}That's a queer one.
{69945}{69997}Without doubt there is more|to Monsieur Cope
{69998}{70059}than he wishes to be known.
{70060}{70260}But in that desire, and in this company...|he is not unique.
{70313}{70373}(Woman screams)
{70374}{70449}(Overlapping voices)
{70450}{70518}(Carbury) Off in this direction.
{70519}{70623}(Raymond) Where did it come from?
{70624}{70674}Close all those gates down there.
{70675}{70744}- What the hell was that?|- I don't know.
{70745}{70814}(Men shouting in Arabic)
{70815}{70856}Did you see anyone moving?
{70857}{70944}No. Where did it come from?
{70945}{71046}It's got to be something.
{71047}{71134}(Jinny gasping)
{71204}{71258}(Carbury) Good Lord.
{71259}{71343}Get her inside, quickly!
{71344}{71434}(Carol) It's OK.
{71463}{71638}(Carbury) You men, over here.|Close all the exits!
{71724}{71831}Don't let anyone leave.
{71949}{72004}Sister Agnieszka!
{72097}{72205}- (Sobbing)|- (Carol) It's OK. It's OK.
{72206}{72311}It's OK. Shh. It's OK.
{72430}{72538}Everything's going to be OK.|Shh, shh.
{72539}{72616}Can I help?
{72646}{72711}(Agnieszka muttering)
{72712}{72782}It would be useful to know|what she was trying to tell us.
{72783}{72844}She's not trying to tell us anything.|She's talking to God.
{72845}{72892}(Poirot) You have Polish?
{72893}{72986}You don't need Polish to spot a woman|at her prayers. Pretty
needlework, Doc.
{72987}{73055}Shouldn't we be getting her|back to the hotel?
{73056}{73137}- Ask Dr King.|- You're the senior physician here.
{73138}{73211}You're much prettier and you're handier|with the cutlery.
{73212}{73292}Besides, the nun is your patient.|I've got my hands full with the
loony nanny.
{73293}{73406}Well, this, what I've done, it's only temporary.|So yes, we should.
{73407}{73481}It would be helpful|to Poirot for all of us to return.
{73482}{73593}- Ei veniam da.|- That's Latin.
{73594}{73629}"Forgive him"?
{73630}{73754}Poirot has little Latin, but it can|also be, I think, "Forgive her".
{73755}{73802}- My men can track...|- Non, non...
{73803}{73876}There is no need|to despatch your men, Colonel.
{73877}{74021}The assailant of Sister Agnieszka|has not fled.
{74022}{74113}There was a man...
{74114}{74240}He followed me|across the desert.
{74241}{74384}I woke up and... he was putting a bag|over my head.
{74385}{74454}Slaver. Bound to be.
{74455}{74527}People think the slave trade|is finished. It's not.
{74528}{74606}I've seen the Waiting Cave|on the beach at Mangapwani.
{74607}{74706}One hundred souls crammed into a space|hardly bigger than this tent.
{74707}{74835}I threw myself on the floor to get away.
{74836}{74883}When I looked up, I saw...
{74884}{75079}You saw Sister Agnieszka|struggling with your attacker and...
{75080}{75232}Well, you tried to help her, and...|you struck at the man with what?
{75233}{75268}A rock.
{75269}{75392}Bon. And in your terror,|and in the dark,
{75393}{75488}accidentally you|struck your friend and protector.
{75489}{75590}Now, you try to get some sleep,|if you can.
{75591}{75784}Because tomorrow we face|the rigours of the return journey.
{75785}{75856}Come close, Jinny.
{75857}{75938}Let me tell you story.
{75939}{76076}This... is the legend of Gilgamesh.
{76674}{76754}Oh. Shukran.
{76937}{77021}Will she be all right? The nun?
{77022}{77098}Oh, God knows.
{77099}{77153}Will you?
{77154}{77195}I'm not wounded.
{77196}{77288}That's debatable.
{77313}{77406}Seems to be consensus|that you killed your mother.
{77407}{77469}(Scoffs) Is that your view, Sarah?
{77470}{77608}Heavens. Five consecutive words,|culminating in my Christian name.
{77609}{77687}If you're going to be this garrulous,|I shall have to ask you to be
less familiar.
{77688}{77788}- Do you think I killed her?|- No.
{77789}{77847}No, but what I think is irrelevant.
{77848}{77960}He's the one you need to convince.
{77961}{78100}You're the authority on stories.|Tell me...
{78101}{78189}what was it that got loose|when Pandora opened the box?
{78190}{78261}- All the evils of the world.|- That's it.
{78313}{78387}Madness, greed, shame.
{78388}{78517}Those guys. My stepfather|did pretty much the same thing
{78518}{78597}when he took the cork out|of that goddamn tomb.
{78598}{78693}And here you are, Poirot...
{78694}{78764}kicking the contents all over town.
{78765}{78892}Did Lady Boynton...|harm you physically?
{78893}{78993}My mother had little recourse to violence.|She was too smart for
{78994}{79085}Instead, she just prised open|the top of our skulls
{79086}{79193}and raked her poisonous tongue|through our brains.
{79194}{79300}No place to hide, Poirot.
{79301}{79384}Even in your own head.
{79418}{79545}Carol, Carol grew up petrified,|did her best to ingratiate herself,
{79546}{79660}you know, to win approval,|which she never got.
{79661}{79818}Jinny just... was terrified to|the point of madness
{79819}{79913}and possibly beyond.
{79914}{80031}(Child gasping and choking)
{80181}{80268}Did you murder your mother,|monsieur?
{80297}{80405}But only because I lacked|the moral courage.
{80406}{80461}She was a monster, Poirot.
{80462}{80588}It was her pleasure,|always, to watch us suffer.
{80589}{80670}Why was she driven to be so cruel?
{80671}{80771}- To punish us, I guess.|- For what offence?
{80772}{80897}For being someone else's kids.
{81027}{81171}It's true. We were adopted.|All of us.
{81172}{81275}It is no crime against God or nature|to be an orphan.
{81276}{81346}Oh, but it is, monsieur.
{81347}{81412}It is a hideous crime.
{81413}{81506}Lady Boynton -|Mrs Pierce as she was then -
{81507}{81610}she wanted to have children so badly.
{81611}{81713}But between her and Mr Pierce,|they couldn't make it happen.
{81714}{81849}For Mom, adoption was the only route.
{81850}{81982}But once she'd assembled her family|of which there were many
{81983}{82045}(Raymond crying)
{82046}{82118}Don't! It was an accident.
{82119}{82171}(Carol)... and rejected a great number...
{82172}{82269}(Beating and child crying)
{82270}{82314}Yes, monsieur,|there were many children
{82315}{82406}who were presented to us|as new siblings,
{82407}{82449}only to be removed a day later...
{82450}{82502}- (Screaming)|- One child stayed longer than the others
{82503}{82598}but the beatings went on,|until she also disappeared.
{82599}{82718}So there we were, we lucky few.|Raymond, Carol and Jinny.
{82719}{82757}Je comprends pas.
{82758}{82873}Mademoiselle|Jinny, she was not even born.
{82874}{82934}Who was this other child?
{82935}{83017}I don't know.
{83020}{83092}I can't remember.
{83093}{83192}Who was that little girl?
{83193}{83223}Unacceptable goods.
{83224}{83346}(Beating and child screaming)
{83376}{83463}(Knock on door)
{83911}{84007}Who was the child|that you beat, madame?
{84008}{84123}Can you tell it to Poirot?
{84383}{84463}Yes. Lesley.
{84512}{84643}Can you tell to me|about Lesley, Madame?
{84644}{84731}You had to beat her.
{84732}{84791}She needed to be punished.
{84792}{84860}I did what was required...
{84861}{84901}of me.
{84902}{85007}(Screaming and crying)
{85058}{85113}I don't think we're sufficiently sorry.
{85114}{85170}Not by a long chalk.
{85171}{85253}Again, Nanny.
{85299}{85420}{y:i}(Nanny) God, she was|{y:i}an evil woman.
{85421}{85571}And Lesley, madame?|What became of her? She is alive?
{85572}{85639}Fa... Fa... Father!
{85640}{85721}I'm not your father, my dear.
{85722}{85782}But I'll do my best.|Can you get me that bag?
{85783}{85845}I'll do my best|to make you comfortable.
{85846}{85902}All right?
{85903}{85978}Thank you.
{86009}{86108}Bog standard sedative.|Check it if you want, Poirot.
{86109}{86231}Come on. There's a good girl.
{86994}{87039}Oh, Monsieur Cope.
{87040}{87075}Monsieur, do you have a moment?
{87076}{87135}- But of course.|- I, er...
{87136}{87199}I don't know if this has|any relevance to, er...
{87200}{87267}what's been going on, but...
{87268}{87318}it seems|I've lost quite a lot of money.
{87319}{87369}Monsieur Cope, je suis desol.
{87370}{87404}No, no, that's OK.
{87405}{87476}What's of interest is that|the stock that's gone down the pan
{87477}{87530}is The Pierce Holding Company.
{87531}{87620}- Non.|- Yes. Lady Boynton's outfit.
{87621}{87684}Fireproof, bombproof,
{87685}{87748}the safest bet on Wall Street.
{87749}{87816}I myself invested substantially.
{87817}{87917}Seems that there's been this rumour|about the true value of the
{87918}{87971}These things, they come and go.
{87972}{88089}Lady Boynton'd generally get up on her|hind legs, tell everyone to
sit up straight.
{88090}{88149}It'd all calm down.
{88150}{88242}But she wasn't there.|The rumour became a panic,
{88243}{88305}then a stampede to get out.
{88306}{88361}The whole outfit's bust to hell.
{88362}{88474}The shares are worthless.
{88696}{88781}(Men shouting)
{89045}{89142}Oh God, here comes|that ghastly little Belgian,
{89143}{89249}wringing his hands like the cowman|come to collect his Christmas box.
{89250}{89335}- He's being respectful, Father.|- He's being a damned nuisance.
{89395}{89464}Come for a nightcap|among the bereaved?
{89465}{89607}Non, merci, Lord Boynton,|quand-mme.
{89624}{89685}Oh for God's sake, sit down, Poirot,
{89686}{89765}you're giving me indigestion,|hovering like that.
{89895}{89986}I suppose it is quite proper|that I should be questioned.
{89987}{90032}I was on the spot at the time.
{90033}{90101}And I imagine|I inherit my wife's estate, so...
{90102}{90199}And the estate of Lady Boynton.|Of what does this principally
{90200}{90273}God knows.|I never had charge of the money.
{90274}{90344}Leonora just subbed the digging|as it went along.
{90345}{90383}Do you know, Leonard?
{90384}{90440}Raymond would have|a clearer idea of value
{90441}{90514}but it must add up to a few quid.
{90515}{90569}You disagree, monsieur?
{90570}{90697}Since we have been in Syria, there has|been the financial collapse
{90698}{90801}The Pierce Holding Company|is utterly disintegrated.
{90802}{90867}It seems that the death of Lady Boynton|was not enough.
{90868}{90937}It also seems that...
{90938}{90990}she has been obliterated|from the earth.
{90991}{91042}It may surprise you to know,|Mr Poirot,
{91043}{91142}that I am not unaware that Lady Boynton|was not universally adored.
{91143}{91201}Like many women|who know their own mind,
{91202}{91253}she found it all too easy to make enemies.
{91254}{91377}She did not make an enemy of me.
{91378}{91431}I loved her.
{91432}{91497}I am not ashamed to say so
{91498}{91598}to you or to my son.
{91731}{91830}Was it necessary to air that|observation in quite that way?
{91831}{92028}The methods of Poirot, monsieur,|cannot always be agrable.
{92653}{92684}Excusez-moi, Dame Celia.
{92685}{92776}Were you acquainted with Lady Boynton|before encountering her at the
{92777}{92871}Well, I'd seen her about.
{92872}{92940}Where had you seen her, madame?
{92941}{93017}Lady Boynton was pointed out to me|by a man at a party
{93018}{93085}who then preceded to tell me|rather a lot about her.
{93086}{93140}About the way, in particular,|she treated her children.
{93141}{93246}I decided then that I had no wish|to further acquaintance with the
{93247}{93293}She sounded perfectly odious.
{93294}{93390}Who was this man|that was so well-informed?
{93391}{93481}I didn't get his name.
{93482}{93595}I wanted her dead, too.|Just in case you were wondering.
{93596}{93639}She was clearly blocking my way.
{93640}{93695}Raymond couldn't even look me in the eye|with her still in existence.
{93696}{93778}So do you commend yourself to me|as a suspect, mademoiselle?
{93779}{93876}I commend myself to you as one who|has recently invested a great deal
of time
{93877}{93962}in a relationship|that was always heading nowhere.
{93963}{94069}I now know that when I find something|I want, I must act to take it.
{94070}{94109}(Celia) Bravo!
{94110}{94189}Sadly, all this resolution has taken|your mind off the game.
{94190}{94304}Little trick I learnt the other day|in Vienna.
{94305}{94451}You see? Just when you least expect it,|the church comes storming
{94984}{95096}I didn't know you smoked.
{95167}{95237}I don't.
{95240}{95275}I've given up.
{95276}{95337}Since you threw the cigarette away,|you've given up?
{95338}{95417}Your determination|is impressive. All six seconds of it.
{95418}{95459}Keep talking, I could go ten.
{95460}{95588}If I hadn't spoken,|would you just have kept watching me?
{95589}{95658}We'll never know.
{95659}{95702}You're a strange man.
{95703}{95756}Does that matter?
{95757}{95844}Not necessarily.
{95845}{95912}- Raymond.|- Yeah.
{95913}{95988}Now is the time to kiss me.
{96307}{96474}(Speaks Arabic) Anybody in here|who isn't dead?
{96719}{96816}(Agnieszka praying)
{97560}{97657}(Continues praying)
{98077}{98167}(Stops abruptly)
{98350}{98447}(Agnieszka resumes)
{99057}{99110}(Men shouting)
{99111}{99223}They have him, by God!|They have found the head of John!
{99224}{99272}News that is astonishing, monsieur.
{99273}{99369}I must return to Ain Musa|immediately.
{99370}{99407}Is there a problem?
{99408}{99475}Nanny Taylor|has drowned herself in the bath.
{99476}{99605}- Suicide.|- Oh, my God. That's awful news.
{99606}{99655}Is somebody... dealing with it?
{99656}{99688}Oui, monsieur.
{99689}{99741}Because I must...
{99742}{99858}I must get back to the dig, I can't...|you know.
{99930}{100029}Moral of the story: If you want your death|to attract the concern of
your employer,
{100030}{100086}make sure you're 2,000 years old.
{100087}{100202}Oh! I keep meaning|to give you something.
{100203}{100272}It's the details of the immigration|you needed.
{100273}{100328}And on the back|there's a list of employees.
{100363}{100442}As requested,|I've had a word with Mahmoud.
{100443}{100490}Some of his boys are privately saying
{100491}{100579}that there was some character lurking about|on the ladder that
{100580}{100634}An Arab. Not one of them.
{100635}{100733}But that was a good hour or so|before the time of death.
{100734}{100817}This case is a mess, Poirot.
{100818}{100906}Not so, mon ami. This case...
{100907}{101050}When Poirot has almost given up scrabbling|for purchase on its
shell of armour...
{101051}{101153}boff... it opens to him like a flower.
{101154}{101215}Good Lord.
{101216}{101308}So... What do we do?
{101309}{101414}We do what the murderer least expects|Poirot to do.
{101415}{101495}We return to the dig.
{101496}{101571}All of us.
{101815}{101902}(Carbury) Ahem!
{102260}{102390}This case, mes amis,|it is full of the red...
{102443}{102478}(Gerard) Herrings, possibly?
{102479}{102647}Merci. There's so many diversions,|so many distractions.
{102648}{102747}Attend well to Poirot as he peels|them away like the skin of an
{102748}{102874}Herrings, onions, do get a wriggle on,|there's a good fellow.
{102875}{103000}Your wife, she funded your|expeditions as you went along.
{103001}{103095}How much more efficient it would be|to have the money all at once,
{103096}{103132}- What?|- There is no money.
{103133}{103212}Non, vraiment monsieur,|for you there never has been.
{103213}{103372}For the running of Boynton Hall,|alors, is for you always most
{103373}{103447}Lady Boynton, she was always|most munificent to your father
{103448}{103518}but never towards his son.
{103519}{103612}You can stare at me significantly|as long as you like, monsieur.
{103613}{103655}I've done nothing wrong.
{103656}{103742}Tell to Poirot what was in the bag.
{103743}{103771}What bag?
{103772}{103883}{y:i}What did you agree to purchase|{y:i}from the ragged Arab boy?
{103884}{103981}I remember the boy, I don't|remember what rubbish he was flogging.
{103982}{104145}Fortunately, Poirot, he does.|And from it he extracted...
{104469}{104574}- Voil.|- Voil what?
{104635}{104661}Well, it's a tooth.
{104662}{104720}(Poirot) D'tre precis,
{104721}{104814}it is a molar taken|from the upper jaw of St John.
{104815}{104931}You will observe that it bears the traces|of the filling of gold.
{104932}{105019}For this skull it was|supposed to masquerade
{105020}{105091}as the skull of John the Baptist.
{105092}{105181}But in fact it is as you say,|Monsieur Leonard, rubbish.
{105182}{105256}What the devil are you|talking about, man?
{105257}{105368}This wasn't purchased|from a hawker and planted.
{105369}{105401}This is untouched.
{105402}{105567}This entire sample was exhumed|e situ intacto.
{105595}{105690}Forgive me, Poirot,|but you're drivelling utter bilge,
{105691}{105723}pompous little Belgian.
{105724}{105878}As my father has explained,|this object was discovered undisturbed.
{105879}{105976}It's a perfect fit.
{106068}{106158}I don't understand.
{106159}{106254}All your life, Father,
{106255}{106311}traipsing about the Middle East...
{106312}{106425}time after time finding absolutely|nothing of significance.
{106426}{106486}I wanted it to end.
{106487}{106600}You dear, deluded, stupid man.
{106601}{106682}I never expected your wife's bloody money.|I never wanted it.
{106683}{106775}I wanted you to be free of this need.
{106776}{106918}To find what you've been looking for.
{107004}{107044}Do you mind if I step out for a while?
{107045}{107103}- I'll come with you.|- No, no.
{107104}{107192}I simply wish to be alone|for a moment.
{107193}{107254}Is that permitted?
{107255}{107370}Je vous en prie, monsieur.
{107619}{107690}Now the three of you.
{107691}{107807}The litany of cruelties|you have endured.
{107808}{107854}The ceaseless humiliations.
{107855}{107957}(Beating, child screaming)
{107958}{108045}You multiply these incidents|by hundreds and thousands.
{108046}{108138}The corrosion of the spirit,|it is inevitable and insupportable.
{108139}{108226}(Child sobbing)
{108262}{108347}No wonder you wished to see|Lady Boynton dead.
{108348}{108421}Indeed Poirot, he overheard you,|Mademoiselle Carol,
{108422}{108585}and you, Monsieur Raymond,|whispering that your mother... must die.
{108586}{108663}And you, Dr King...
{108664}{108739}By your own admission,|you also wished to see her dead.
{108740}{108928}You are a woman who has wasted time|and is determined to waste no
{108929}{109018}What do we know of you,|Monsieur Cope?
{109085}{109220}Will you show to me your passport?
{109392}{109459}You choose to use your second|Christian name and not your first?
{109460}{109560}- Yes.|- Why is that, I wonder?
{109561}{109665}My first given name is ambiguous,|in terms of gender.
{109666}{109800}The spelling is different|but it's also a girl's name.
{109801}{109869}As a child I found that tiresome.
{109870}{109938}I suggest that there are many things|about your childhood that you
{109990}{110085}Monsieur Leslie...
{110089}{110168}Jefferson Cope.
{110169}{110289}(Child crying and screaming)
{110326}{110383}I don't think we're sufficiently sorry.
{110384}{110454}The child that was thrashed...
{110455}{110528}so brutally,|on the orders of Lady Boynton,
{110529}{110684}was not a girl, as misremembered|by her daughter Carol, non...
{110685}{110749}but a boy...
{110750}{110799}by the name of Leslie.
{110800}{110878}If you know all that,
{110879}{110924}you'll also know that I didn't kill her.
{110925}{111036}Merely to deprive her of her life would|afford for you satisfaction
most scant.
{111037}{111097}No, you wanted|to make her life unbearable.
{111098}{111183}To degrade her,|to hurt the woman,
{111184}{111274}as she hurt you.
{111325}{111405}Lady Boynton was a person|preoccupied with station and money
{111406}{111451}and you decided to strip her|of them both.
{111452}{111536}So I may remain assured|of your very best services?
{111537}{111599}{y:i}(Poirot) Of what service in particular|{y:i}did you wish to
remain assured?
{111600}{111685}You have no newspapers|of any description?!
{111686}{111711}I am so sorry.
{111712}{111810}(Poirot) The withholding from Lady Boynton|of the newspapers...
{111811}{111853}that would keep her ignorant|of the panic
{111854}{111961}that you yourself had inspired to ensure|the destruction of her
{111962}{112030}I'm just lousy at being intrepid.
{112031}{112130}Back at the hotel you couldn't|get a paper for love nor money.
{112131}{112210}And like the confidence trickster|so accomplished,
{112211}{112263}you invested in your own deceit.
{112264}{112339}You wrote off thousands of dollars|of your own savings,
{112340}{112389}merely to blow smoke|in the face of Poirot!
{112390}{112424}Oh, Monsieur Cope.
{112425}{112575}It seems I've lost quite a lot of money.
{112689}{112831}Alors, Poirot has one more red herring|left to fry.
{112832}{112923}And it is a fish most substantial.
{112924}{112957}Le Colonel, mes amis,
{112958}{113043}he is not a policeman|but is retained by the Foreign Office.
{113044}{113157}His mission in Syria was to uncover and|destroy the trafficking of
female slaves.
{113158}{113276}The abduction and sale of women|for one purpose only.
{113277}{113337}- Pardonnez-moi, mesdames.|- I knew it!
{113338}{113369}Arab women.
{113370}{113420}Whatever the client ordered.
{113421}{113467}- White women?|- Yes.
{113468}{113555}They wanted... me?
{113556}{113620}Helas, mademoiselle.
{113621}{113720}It is the opinion of Poirot...
{113721}{113801}that there is a person|who instructed his agent
{113802}{113876}to search for a young lady|who is Caucasian and resembled you.
{113917}{114045}With your skin that is pale|and your hair that is red.
{114046}{114134}Who is this agent, Poirot?
{114135}{114191}Is he here amongst us now?
{114236}{114307}Mademoiselle Jinny, when you struck at|your attacker that night,
{114308}{114381}you hit your target.
{114382}{114434}It's OK.
{114435}{114501}The woman who befriended you|so assiduously...
{114502}{114567}it was she who was|smothering your face!
{114568}{114660}Sister Agnieszka!
{114783}{114863}Rot in hell!
{114895}{115045}You, Sister,|will face the consequences.
{115145}{115244}The key... to the murder|of Lady Boynton...
{115245}{115345}it is not who, it is when.
{115346}{115406}Dame Celia, do you have any children?
{115407}{115456}No, I do not.
{115457}{115514}I urge you to reconsider|your answer, madame.
{115515}{115644}I cannot reconsider. I have no children.
{115645}{115773}Madame, you are a liar. You have|a daughter and she is amongst us
{115774}{115868}That is a filthy lie.|And in extremely poor taste.
{115869}{115936}So you disown her now,|as you did when she was a baby?
{115937}{116012}Reclaim her of your own volition!
{116013}{116139}You owe to her a debt of ungiven love!
{116140}{116257}I had no choice. No choice.
{116273}{116332}What was your position in the household|of Lady Boynton?
{116333}{116442}In the days when she was|Mrs Pierce? Hm?
{116443}{116505}- A junior maid.|- Oui, c'est a.
{116506}{116605}The servant of the lowest position|whose duty it is to scrub.
{116606}{116705}Not to become pregnant|by a guest of your employer.
{116706}{116808}The woman to whom you surrendered|your child on the day of its
{116809}{116855}Is it me?
{116856}{117003}Non, mademoiselle Carol.|It is not you.
{117024}{117101}Oh, my God.
{117114}{117196}I'm so sorry.
{117559}{117640}You gave birth to me?
{117641}{117707}And delivered me up to that bitch?
{117708}{117802}I came... to save you.
{117803}{117908}How did you know this?
{117915}{118021}Mademoiselle,|Poirot he did not know for certain.
{118022}{118137}Until this... very moment.
{118211}{118281}Non, non, non, mademoiselle.
{118282}{118372}Mon Colonel, Poirot he is much obliged to|you for the accounts of
the household
{118373}{118418}and the registry of immigration
{118419}{118504}which shows that three weeks|after the baby was born,
{118505}{118589}Celia Westholme arrived|on the coast of Ireland,
{118590}{118710}to be taken care of by nuns.
{118755}{118811}Your child, she had been taken|from you,
{118812}{118909}and so you were now to become invisible,|to nurse your shame.
{118910}{118959}But you were not to be|the outcast. Oh, no.
{118960}{119059}You were to recreate yourself|as a free spirit.
{119060}{119154}A writer, a traveller. A success.
{119155}{119203}Dame Celia Westholme.
{119204}{119288}And every time you thought|of your daughter,
{119289}{119390}you consoled yourself with the hope|that she was happy
{119391}{119509}but she had not begun life afresh,|she was not happy.
{119510}{119640}She remained as a prisoner|in the household of Lady Boynton.
{119641}{119690}(Water splashing)
{119691}{119750}(Child choking)
{119751}{119883}And your regret,|it came flooding back...
{119884}{119989}to boil in your heart.
{119998}{120070}Let me tell you a story.
{120071}{120208}This... is the legend of Gilgamesh.
{120225}{120407}Gilgamesh was|the most beautiful man in all creation.
{120607}{120684}So you went in search of the father|of your child, to Vienna,
{120685}{120735}so out of the way|of your customary travels,
{120736}{120829}and together with this man,|you agreed...
{120830}{120919}to investigate to see whether the cruelties|of Lady Boynton they
were true.
{120920}{121054}And you discovered that all of the children|had been tormented.
{121055}{121135}It was not the hornet|that stung Lady Boynton.
{121136}{121161}{y:i}How could it?
{121162}{121230}- Sorry, might have been stung.|- Ah!
{121231}{121361}The hornet, it was already dead!
{121406}{121454}You stung her...
{121455}{121535}with this...
{121558}{121586}(Lady Boynton) Ah!
{121587}{121684}(Poirot)... which you then returned|to Dr Gerard, who had prepared
it for you.
{121685}{121742}(Lady Boynton) I am stung!
{121743}{121841}He then cleaned it and discarded it|in the tent of Nanny Taylor,
{121842}{121897}to implicate her.
{121898}{121948}(Scoffs) This is... colossal!
{121949}{122051}Wh-What was in the syringe?
{122052}{122150}A concoction of your own devising,|Doctor, probably based on
{122151}{122262}You can't kill a woman the size of|La Boynton with a thimbleful of
{122263}{122323}As you well know.
{122324}{122413}Doctor, you affect to know little|of the administering of drugs,
{122414}{122473}when en effet|you are the expert.
{122474}{122581}You greet Poirot and ask him|if he remembers you from Edinburgh.
{122582}{122680}The "bonce doctor," huh, with a beard?|Poirot, he remembers
{122681}{122766}When you took the witness stand|in Edinburgh to speak on the mind,
{122767}{122845}the clerk of the court,|he read out your qualifications.
{122846}{122958}Anaesthesia, Doctor, was your discipline,|long before psychiatry.
{122959}{123039}No, of course you cannot kill Lady Boynton|with such a dose,
{123040}{123107}but you can remove from her|control of the nervous system.
{123108}{123210}The power over her movement.|The power over her speech.
{123211}{123342}And Lady Boynton, who professed herself|a lover of the sun...
{123343}{123513}was now roasting to death|and could say nothing.
{123515}{123610}Ingenious, monsieur,|and commendably grotesque.
{123611}{123733}But Lady Boynton did not "roast to death".|She was stabbed.
{123734}{123827}Your prestidigitation with drugs, Doctor,|was not over yet.
{123828}{123912}You injected yourself to simulate|the symptoms of malaria.
{123913}{124046}Symptoms so authentic|that you fooled even Dr King.
{124047}{124107}- I'll be fine!|- This gentleman needs to return to camp.
{124108}{124213}{y:i}Mademoiselle Jinny,|{y:i}she attended you.
{124214}{124281}{y:i}And how did you repay her|{y:i}for her kindness?
{124282}{124398}By giving to her another sedative|of your own invention,
{124399}{124463}to consolidate your alibi.
{124464}{124518}Earlier, you had killed a goat
{124519}{124613}and trapped a quantity of its blood|in a ball of wax.
{124614}{124707}{y:i}This object you secreted in the folds|{y:i}of the clothes of
your victim,
{124708}{124774}{y:i}where in due course|{y:i}it would melt in the heat of the sun.
{124775}{124849}One can never have enough sun, huh?
{124850}{124909}- (She whimpers)|- What?
{124910}{124955}You could have killed her then,
{124956}{125049}but you wanted her to suffer|for as long as possible.
{125050}{125091}Speak up, dear.
{125092}{125157}I can't help you if you don't speak up.
{125158}{125251}You used the ball of wax|to confuse the time of death,
{125252}{125332}and it was this wax that Poirot,|he discovered on the dress of Lady
{125333}{125493}and on the floorboards and the little|piece of pottery beneath her
{125494}{125621}Wax which told to Poirot that there was|an accomplice to the
{125622}{125727}Et puis, you waited patiently.
{125728}{125766}The wax, it melted,
{125767}{125841}the blood of the goat it began to flow,
{125842}{125923}suggesting to the naked eye|that she had already been stabbed.
{125924}{126019}And at last the cry it went up|to tell the world...
{126020}{126055}(Greville) Help!
{126056}{126129}...that Lady Boynton was dead,|but she was not dead.
{126130}{126178}Non, not yet.
{126179}{126236}- Are you the girl who's a doctor?|- Yes.
{126237}{126310}Then you've met death. So have I.|Come on.
{126311}{126406}Only now...|was Death to meet its victim.
{126407}{126544}And in the sight of everyone,|in the sight of Hercule Poirot
{126545}{126646}you, Dame Celia, murdered Lady Boynton|with your own hands,
{126647}{126769}as prescribed by Dr Gerard|to quench your rage.
{126770}{126835}It took but a few seconds.
{126836}{126992}Even Dr King was deceived into believing|that Lady Boynton had died
earlier that day.
{126993}{127173}If you please to empty the contents|of your handbag.
{127210}{127285}(Poirot) Ha. Ah, oui.
{127286}{127374}And Dr Gerard, he encouraged|Poirot to seek for the chisel.
{127375}{127477}Chisel fits the bill.
{127508}{127602}Whereas the murder weapon|it was in your hand all of the day.
{127603}{127733}Goodness. We did go|to considerable trouble.
{127734}{127800}One question -
{127801}{127958}what makes you think any of this|has any basis whatsoever in the
{127959}{127984}Nanny Taylor.
{127985}{128089}Dear God! Did I kill her as well|or was she one of yours?
{128090}{128168}You disordered her mind with|a solution of mescaline so strong
{128169}{128274}that the very speck of it made|the head of Poirot to spin.
{128275}{128398}You wanted to promote in her hallucinations|to make her susceptible
to suggestion.
{128399}{128474}You burdened her mind with|so much shame and guilt
{128475}{128548}that given the opportunity you knew|that she would do harm to
{128549}{128628}You know you can't go on...
{128629}{128721}after everything that you did.
{128722}{128819}Think what you helped her do|to little Jinny.
{128820}{128887}(Child choking)
{128888}{128958}What did Nanny Taylor say to you?
{128959}{128993}Fa... Fa... Father!
{128994}{129100}This was not the ravings|of a nervous breakdown.
{129101}{129156}For you yourself had told to her...
{129157}{129324}that you were the father|of Mademoiselle Jinny.
{129486}{129575}Portrait of Mum and Dad.
{129576}{129751}You'll appreciate now why I declined|your particular offer of
{129752}{129894}(Sighs) Well, well. This is a pickle.
{129921}{130081}We set out to save you|and destroyed everything.
{130082}{130189}- Thank you, Theo.|- It's all part of the service.
{130190}{130280}No extra charge.
{130399}{130541}I never stopped loving you, you know.
{130702}{130775}Be careful with this one, Poirot.
{130825}{130923}The action, as you will appreciate,|is irreversible.
{130924}{131006}I'm so sorry.
{131008}{131052}We hoped it wouldn't come to this.
{131150}{131199}There, there, there.
{131200}{131300}There, there. There.
{131338}{131453}(Gasps) No. Don't, Doctor.
{131478}{131598}(Grunts) Look to the living.
{131614}{131709}They pay their bills quicker
{131710}{131852}and they make better... conversation.
{132157}{132244}(Jinny sobbing)
{135116}{135224}Monsieur. I've just been chatting|to Lord Boynton.
{135225}{135353}He pronounces himself|"cured of archaeology".
{135354}{135403}- "Chatting."|- Oui.
{135404}{135497}Monsieur Raymond,|in the matter of Pandora,
{135498}{135600}you will recall that after all the evils|had escaped the box,
{135601}{135711}there was one other creature|very small, very frail,
{135712}{135789}that followed them into the world.
{135871}{135978}Au revoir, la jeunesse.
{136185}{136238}- Monsieur Poirot.|- Mademoiselle.
{136239}{136316}Carol and I are going to Egypt,|to see the Sphinx.
{136317}{136393}It's not much of an adventure,|but we're doing it on our own.
{136394}{136461}It's a start. It was actually my idea.
{136462}{136558}Lady Boynton would've said|I was constitutionally too feeble,
{136559}{136629}that my skin was too fair
{136630}{136721}but I think it's probably time I showed|my feeble skin who's boss.
{136722}{136785}C'est bien, mademoiselle.
{136786}{136890}Before he leaves,|you will permit an old man to pontificate.
{136891}{137004}Alors, mademoiselle, there is|nothing in the world so damaged
{137005}{137110}that it cannot be repaired|by the hand of Almighty God.
{137111}{137199}I encourage you to know this|because without this certainty,
{137200}{137325}we should all of us... be mad.
{137463}{137582}Je vous salue, mademoiselle.
{137583}{137658}Au revoir.
{137698}{138098}Downloaded From