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Hermes (Prado). Well, bankruptcy will be in: six, five, four, three, two, one.

.. and we are out of business

Doctor zoidberg (Monica). Good news!, we go back to work.

we were hired to deliver an envelope.

Leela (Paola). it's crunch time, let's do this!!

-It`s for you professor

Doctor zoidberg (Monica). Great delivery everyone, you are the best crew I`ve ever worked

Oh my god!! we are being ordered to close.

You`re all terrible and incompetent.

Amy Wong (Ana). that offends me.

Hermes (Prado). Wait, I found a way out of the contract. if we pay now, we will keep the
building!. we only need .... eleven million

Bender (Danilo). And, we are dead.

Fry (Suarez). Oh! I suppose there's nothing left to do, we have to move

Lila, Amy, pack us a lunch for our new lives under the bridge while we the men remember and
smoke cigars.

Lila (Paola). we will not pack lunches, fools who drink beer. you, the men, took the company
to bankruptcy.

Amy (Ana). Yes! you remember Fry`s idea to offer free delivery?

Fry (Suarez). It got us a lot of customers

Lila (Paola). we are a delivery Company.

Amy (Ana). If you want to keep this company you should listen to the idea of the woman for

Hermes (Prado). Okay, what do you have?

Lila (Paola). an airline

Amy (Ana). Yees,,what?

Leela (Paola). Yes, become a commercial airline, i mean we`ve got a ship and teleporters
won`t be invented for another 15 years according to that guy for the future.

Amy (Ana) .Wow, it's a good idea to come from a woman

Fry (Suarez). Nonsense!, What else can you think of?

Bender (Danilo). the Planet Express` calendar of the girls

Fry (Suarez). the girls' calendar? good idea Amy

Hermes (Prado). All right, Leela, Amy, come tomorrow without a bra.

Leela (Paola). Forget it, I promised myself I would not pose naked until I got married.

Bender (Danilo). I'm sorry, it's in your contract. all employees must pose naked if requested

Leela (Paola). that is discriminatory!

Hermes (Prado). No, this is in all contracts. here is mine: all employees should pose naked if

ALL MENS. it's fair. good job hermes

Fry (Suarez). that's what I call a fine print

Bender (Danilo). Time is money, precious, now stop talking and pose to the camera

Doctor Zoidberg (Monica). No, no, no, this is not good. A three-month calendar? what is this,

Amy (Ana). I told them it would not work

Doctor Zoidberg (Monica). Well, you should have said it stronger. Fortunately I came up with a
great idea to save Planet Express

we will become an official airline

Leela (Paola). but that idea was mine

Doctor Zoidberg (Monica). Well, you should have said it stronger