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One of the most important accomplishments of the researchers is to finish the

Science Investigatory Project which serves as the key to complete the requirements

needed to move in the next stage of learning. The researchers would like to express

sincerest gratitude and deepest appreciation to the persons who inspired the researcher

to push through this challenging yet fulfilling task.

To Almighty God, who has given the researchers gift of skills and talents to be

able to survive this journey in completing this Science Investigatory Project.

To Mrs. Analyn G. Fernandez, whose knowledge in the field of research,

patience, intelligence and hard work became the researchers inspiration to push this task

until the end.

To all the researchers friends especially, Angel Marie Rellama, Christine Mae

Lanto, Mizhelle Mayhet Alagaban, Geanna Marie Nota, Mary Gile Mediavillo who

believed that the researcher could finish the research paper and who gave moral support

that became the researchers motivation.

To the researchers classmates who believed in the capabilities, the ideas, and

knowledge of the researchers which served as an inspiration to hurdle the challenges and

go beyond expectations amidst the adversities in the studies.

To Mrs. Elvira Buen, whose knowledge and skills in planting helped the

researchers to conduct the experiment.

Finally, to the researchers parents Mr. and Mrs. Raymund Arcos, Mr. and Mrs.

Joel Buen, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Raola, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Santillan, who

guided and supported the researchers financially, morally, physically and emotionally will

forever be appreciated.