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Name: ______________________________________________ Gr. And Sec.: __________

LRN #: ________________________

I. Direcrtions: read the short selections carefully then answer the questions that follow. Write only the
of your answer.

It was a cool morning by the beach Totoy and some of his friends were walking along the shore. Their
small feet dug small holes in the sand as they walked. Totoy noticed something moving in one of the holes.
Looking closely, it was a tiny crab trembling in the cold. Sorry, little crab. Go, get yourself warmer deep into
the haven, said Totoy.

______1. Who went walking along the beach?

aTotoy and his father b. Totoy and his friends c. Totoy and his cousins d. Totoy
______2.What did Totoy see in one of the holes?
a. a shrimp b. a shell c. a crab d. a shark
_____3. Which adjective is used to describe the crab?
a tiny b. huge c. brave d. cold
_____4.Why was the crab trembling?
a. because it was disturbed c. because it was dancing
b. because it was very cold d. because it was crying
_____5.Looking closely, Totoy noticed a tiny crab trembling in the cold.
Which word means the same as tiny?
a. deep b. little c. shore d. huge

II. Tell if the sentence is real or fanciful.

_______6.Firefighters rescue people from a burning house.

_______7.A mouse talks to a curious cat.
_______8. Elves help a shoemaker finish his work.
_______9. The sun rises from the east.
_______10. A duck teaches a fish how to fly.

III. Read the sentences below. Underline the cause and encircle the effect.( 2 points each number )

11 - 12. One day Mang Ambo called his sons because he showed the bundle of sticks.
13 - 14. David was awarded as first honors because he studied his lessons well.
15 - 16. Once you quarrel, the result is your separation.
17 - 18. Lizzy was aglow with glee because she was eating a cone of ice cream.
19 - 20. Ben grabbed the cone then slipped away, as a result Lizzy cried out loud.

IV. Read the selection carefully. At the end of each selection is a list of events. Number the events in
their correct order.

The first people on earth needed things to help them do their work. So they invented tools
out of sticks and stones. Later they discovered fire by accident. Roasted and boiled food
took place of raw meat and vegetables. Then they made other tools out of iron and steel
that made work easier. From then on, they invented new things like ships, cars, trains,
railways, and airplanes. The spaceships, mans latest invention, allow him to go to outer

__________21. Then they discovered fire.

__________22. They invented tools out of sticks and stones.
__________23. The first people on earth needed things to help them do their work.
__________24. Roasted and boiled food took the place of raw meat and vegetables.
__________25. The spaceship is mans latest invention.

V. Arrange the series of adjectives in correct order.

26. big three red ribbons ________________________________

27. yellow twenty sweet mangoes ________________________________

28. fat brown two kittens ________________________________

29. expensive black five cars ________________________________

30. big four orange balls ________________________________

VI. Underline the adverb in each sentence. Identify if it is adverb of manner, adverb of place or adverb
of time.

31. There are many people at the park. ________________________

32. The parade started very early in the morning. ________________________
33. In the afternoon, they went to Baluarte and saw different animals. ________________________
34. Hari Raya Puasa was celebrated happily. ________________________
35. Nilda cheerfully approached the principal. ________________________

VII. Study the sample glossary entry below. Answer the questions that follow.


attendant / attendant/ n. waiter; servant

brigade / brigade / n. sundivision of army
exile / exile / v. expel; deport
implement /implement/ v.carry out
limb / limb / n. large branch of a tree

_____36. What is the first word in the list?

a. attendant b. brigade c. exile d. limb
_____37. How many definitions were given for the word exile?
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4
_____38. What does implement mean?
a. servant b. carry out c. expel d. large branch of tree
_____39.What word means a large branch of tree?
a. exile b. attendant c. brigade d. limb
_____40.How many syllables are there in the word limb?
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

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