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choose to research Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, and Brackets. I will be

looking at the pros and cons of each in regard to four categories: Price, Ease of

use/interface, Features, and language support.

Visual Studio Code It is a code editor from Microsoft that is essentially a

lighter version of Visual Studio. It is free and has a very well defined GUI. It has

features like intelisense, built in git commands, and very easy to customize and add

extensions to. It also supports a wide variety of languages.

Next is Notepad++. This is another lighter editor that is free and supports

several languages. It runs in a windows environment and has a very minimalist gui

that is very easy to customize. Features include things like syntax highlighting, auto-

completion, multi-view, and many more. Notepad++ is a very easy to use editor.

Finally we have Brackets. Brackets is a modern lightweight editor that has a

very easy to follow and use GUI. It is free and supports several languages including

ccs, html, and JavaScript. It includes features like inline editing, line preview for

instant editing, and preprocessor support.