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Tourist Travel Plan

I) Informative data:

Institution: University of St. - Ed.Sec. Languages

Address: S / N, Av Universitaria, District Nuevo Chimbote

Year studies: 2nd Cycle

Name: Sightseeing trip

Duration: Thursday 07 to Wednesday, November 12, 2016

Place to visit: Oxapampa

Number of participants: 25 students

01 teacher tutor

Responsible teacher: Dr. Sugey MORI VENTURA

II) Information place to visit:

The Province of Oxapampa Pasco belongs to the department and is also one of the provinces
that make up the Central Forest of Peru. It is inhabited by native people, Yaneshas, Andean and
minority groups and descendants of the Austrian and German settlers. It was created on
November 27, 1944.

Tourist Travel Plan - Oxapampa

Oxapampa belongs to the natural region known as high forest, as it is at an altitude of
approximately 1.8000 meters. A 80 km Oxapampa Valley and about 800 meters above sea level,
is the settlement of Pozuzo.

III) Justification:

In compliance with one of the goals outlined in the work plan 2016 of the 2nd cycle High
School at Education Second of Languages English and French at the University of Santa,
Chimbote. It is planned to run a tour that will target Oxapampa, Perene Valley, Tarma,
Burgundies and San Ramon with the sole purpose that our university students acquire new
learning directly visitin g the archaeological and tourist sites in these areas and interact with
villagers of these important regions for exchanging experiences that enable them to better
understand its historical and cultural reality.

The realization of this tour that will take place from Thursday 07 to Wednesday 12 November
and is subject to the provisions of the rules governing the procedure for the approval of
applications for field trips more other legal regulations.

IV) Objectives:

1. Achieve that our college students know the most

important archaeological and tourist areas of cities to visit to
acquire new learning.

2. Promote the integration and fellowship among college students by conducting the study visit
to achieve a healthy coexistence.

3. Promote national, historical and cultural identity by conducting the study tour to the most
important archaeological and tourist areas of cities to visit.

Tourist Travel Plan - Oxapampa

V) Schedule:

1. Departure Day Thursday November 7, 2016.

2. Return Day Wednesday November 12, 2016.

VI) Financing:

Funding will of the funds raised through activities and direct input from parents.

VII) Budget:

Bus ticket Chimbote - Lima - Oxapampa S/. 60.00

Transfers in La Merced and Oxapampa. S/. 2.62

02 nights in Merced and 1 night in Oxapampa. S/. 110.00

Full meals. S/. 30.00

Tours exclusive service. S/. 130.00

Entrances to tourist circuits. S/. 60.00

Guide regional tourism. S/. 25.00

1 night disco. S/. 50.00

01 DVD for each student. S/. 13.00

Return bus fare.

S/. 70.00

S/. 550.62

VIII) Activity Program

We are in the terminal to catch the bus that takes us to Lima. Once there, a bus waiting for us
upon our arrival to take us to Oxapampa located in the department of Pasco. We moved to the
Yanachaga hotel.

Tourist Travel Plan - Oxapampa

We ate breakfast and prepared to spend a day visiting Puerto Yurinaki where after a short walk,
cross the Suspension Bridge Victoria. We know the "Waterfall Bridal Veil" with its 65 meter
drop and "Waterfall Bayoz" with its many natural pools. Both the food and dinner will be at the

We started for Kimiri. On the way we will know the Kimiri Bridge, we see beautiful landscapes
with lush vegetation. Entering down water slides, the river, climbing rocks with safety. At all
times we will refresh and can swim in the many pools of crystalline water of Reynas's cascada
where we enjoy the most of its wild landscape. We return for a parallel path. Lunch. Free time
to explore the town of Kimiri.

After breakfast, we will have time to know the trout farm, we will continue our journey towards
the Artisan plant "The Wharapo" (tasting and buying). To complete our day we will make a city
tour knowing the Church of Oxapampa, principal typical houses and the Paseo de los Colonos.
Both the food and the dinner will be at the hotel.

We take the night for get in to the nightclub where we enjoy music with well-known national
artists. (Will be informed on arrival) (Includes 2 hours of free beer or 2 glasses per person).


We arrived at the last day of our trip. The bus will pick us up at the hotel to take us to terminal
where we catch the bus that will bring us back home.

IX) Services:

Domestic travel insurance

Domestic travel insurance
Accident and Liability for all students to have health coverage during the trip for any
eventuality or illness.

Tourist Travel Plan - Oxapampa


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