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ano yung mga bagay na gusto. Mong baguhin sa sarili mo

kelangan makilala mo kung police or psychiatrist yung nag tatanung sayo

Ano ginagawa mo pag na lolow moral ka

The Philippine National Police (PNP) conducts Neuro-psych Examination to test

mental stability, adaptability and psychological functioning of applicants before
they are being recruited into service.

The examination comprises several parts. It includes a 35 items Aptitude

(Adaptation) Test, Guilford Zimmerman Temperament Survey, Applicant Risk Profiler,
The Industrial Sentence Completion Test, Work Environment Preference Schedule
(WEPS), Hand Test, and the Drawing.

The 35 items aptitude test or commonly, the IQ test, is taken only in 15 minutes.
The proctors are strict regarding the time limit so never think that they will give
you time extension. A lot, if not all of the applicants will not complete the test.
They will remind you about that before the exam. Others might not even reach the
next page. The wise thing to do is the usual trick of answering everything you can
first, and then go back to difficult items incase you still have time.

On the other parts, the proctors will then give applicants enough time to answer.
Time extensions are possible. They are mostly surveys answerable by YES or NO.
Other are the same as the usual research survey types. I am talking about the
questions answerable by choosing among Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral to Strongly

In the Hand Test, the applicant writes a phrase that describes the given figure of
hands, depending on what he/she perceives. The last part would be the Drawing.
Here, you are asked to draw two persons in opposite sex. After that, you describe
each drawing/make story of it in 4-5 sentences.

The first part should be the Information Sheet, although you can fill it up lastly.
It is all about you; from your name, to your immediate family, and up to your
strengths and weaknesses. You will be asked to write an essay about you in not less
than 300 words.

The most important thing is to NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK. You have to answer
everything and give what is being asked. Unanswered questions might determine
whether you past or fail the exam.