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Action Research on Tardiness

Punctuality is an important part of self discipline and is essential to
good time management. It will encompass all of the positive action in all
aspects. Though it was less appreciated in other situations like
productivity against punctuality, none the less, it is still very vital in
situations that needed it most. We recognize pupil performance and well
being go hand in hand doing well in education is the most effective
route for success. Attending and achieving at school is a core
This study will determine the factors affecting pupils in their daily
routine during school days. Always and often times being tardy in the flag
ceremony, and during the first period in the afternoon class session.

There is about 20% of the Hello kitty/ Dora Kindergarten Class at
Dadiangas East Elementary School who are always late in attending the
flag ceremony as well as in attending to their respective classes. This
problem had accumulated from tolerable to habitual state and it has a
significant impact in their performance at school.
Most of the pupils problem is the distance between residence
and school as well as their family values on punctuality. The School aims
to provide a welcoming and safe environment which encourages
attendance and promotes the best performance from children. Any
tardiness and absence from school disrupts the continuity of learning and
may lead to under-achievement or inappropriate behavior.

Distance between residence and school
Sleeping habit/ TV shows obsession
Financial Constraints/Standard of Living
Family Values on punctuality
Mode of transportation
Teacher related cause
Peer Influence/Camaraderie
Bullying/ stress factor
Classroom supervision



1. Regular and timely attendance is an educational requirement of all classes at
Dadiangas East Elementary School, and is the responsibility of the parents
and parents or guardians.
2. School policies regarding student attendance are carried out with concern for
the student and with the objective of helping to instill the importance of
regular and timely school attendance.
3. Dadiangas East Elementary School kindergarten pupils are expected to be on
time and in attendance every day school is in session.
4. Parents or guardians are urged to make every effort to schedule travel plans
during times when school is not in session.