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Encoding using Megui

download list :
- Latest Megui + Plugin updated
- Haali Media Splitter

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single time preparation (you only need to do this once):

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tutorial encoding :
encoding is separated by 3 main step. Extracting Subtitle files, Avisynth Script,
and Waiting encode to finish.

step 1 - Extracting Subtitle Files

1. open Megui
2. click on Tools > HD Stream Extractor (CTRL+F7)
3. Select input file (source video). then check on subtitle stream, uncheck
anything else. then click Queue
4. now you back on main megui window. click on Queue tab, then start queue.
this will extract subtitle from source so you can hardsub it later in Encoding
some releases already has subtitle hardsubbed in it. hardsubbed subtitle wont show
in HD Stream Extractor
if it hardsubbed already, skip step 1, go to step 2.
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step 2 - Avisynth Script

1. still in main window Megui (assuming you just do step 1)
2. click on Tools > Avisynth Script Creator (CTRL+R)
3. select your input file (source video).
4. you will get message to select which method you want to use. in this tutorial
and what i usually do. choose File Indexer
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5. now File Indexer window will appear. choose "FFMS Index". and select single
audio tracks. then press queue.
this audio tracks will be used in encoding process.
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6. open queue tab, and press start.

now megui will extract video files, audio files, and creating avisynth script.
7. after completing (6), avisynth script creator will appear.
you must make sure :
- avisynth profile : cyber12
- resize : 1280x720. suggest resolution "mod16"
- open Filters tab.
- source info : usually "progressive"
- check "source is anime"
- input subtitles in bottom (if any)
then press save. (you can preview first if you want)
this is pretty much everything about avisynth script in megui.

Step 3 - Encoding and waiting

1. after you save avisynth script in previous step, notice that Input tab already
filled automatically.
2. you also should notice that only video section are filled. not audio.
3. choose input audio (default on c:\File\LQ).
4. make sure :
- video section, encoder setting : x264 Cyber12 v2
- audio section, encoder setting : Nero AAC Cyber12 (if not exist, go back to the
top of this guide. you must be missing something)
5. after everything ready. click on Auto Encode
- container : mp4
- device : standart
- splitting : no splitting
- size and bitrate : No Target Size
then click queue
6. go to Queue tab. and Start. and wait until everything finished.