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__________1. A 15 cm thick wall has a thermal conductivity of 5 W/m-K. If inside and outside
surface temperature of the wall are 200C and 30C respectively, determine the heat
transmitted in kW/m2.
__________2. Two walls of cold storage plant are composed of an insulating material (k = 0.25
kJ/hr-m-C), 100 mm thick at the outer layer and material (k = 3.5 kJ/hr-m-C), 15 cm thick at
inner layer. If the surface temperature at the cold side is 30C and hot side is 250C, find the
heat transmitted per square meter.
__________3. Sea water for cooling enters a condenser at 27C and leaves at 37C. The
condenser temperature is 45C, what is the log mean temperature difference?
__________4. Determine the thermal conductivity in W/m-K of a material that is used as 2 m2
test panel, 25 mm thick with a temperature difference of 10.8F between the surfaces. During
the 5-hour test period, the heat transmitted is 200 kJ.
__________5. A steam pipe having a surface temperature of 200C passes through a room
where the temperature is 27C. The outside diameter of pipe is 80 mm and emissivity factor is
0.8. Calculate the radiated heat loss in W for 3 m pipe length.
__________6. A counter flow heat exchanger is designed to heat fuel oil from 30C to 90C
while the heating fluid enters at 140C and leaves at 105C. Determine the arithmetic mean
temperature difference.
__________7. A heat exchanger has an overall coefficient of heat transfer of 0.50 kW/m2-C.
Heat loss is 11 kW and the mean temperature difference is 15C. What is the heat transfer area
in ft2?
__________8. What is the heat transfer (kW) in the glass surface area of 0.7 m2 having an inside
temperature (room) of 25C and 13C outside temperature (surrounding). The thickness of glass
surface is 0.007 m. The thermal conductivity is 1.8 W/m-K.
__________9. A turbo-charged, 16 cylinder, Vee-type diesel engine has an air consumption of
3,000 kg/hr per cylinder at rated load and speed. This air is drawn in through a filter by a
centrifugal compressor directly connected to the exhaust gas turbine. The temperature of the
air from the compressor is 145C and a counter flow air cooler reduces the air temperature to
45C before it goes to the engine suction header. Cooling water enters air cooler at 30C and
leaves at 38C. Calculate the log mean temperature difference.
__________10. Calculate the energy transfer rate in W/m2 across 6 wall of firebrick with a
temperature difference across the wall of 50C. The thermal conductivity of the firebrick is 0.65
BTU/hr-ft-F at the temperature interest.
__________11. Compute the amount of condensate form during 10 minutes warm-up of 150
meter pipe conveys the saturated steam with enthalpy vaporization hfg = 1947.8 kJ/kg. The
minimum external temperature of pipe is 2C. The final temperature of pipe is 195C. The
specific heat of pipe material is 0.6 kJ/kg-C. The specific weight is 28 kg/m.
__________12. An uninsulated steam pipe passes through a room in which the air and walls are
at 25C. The outside diameter of the pipe is 70 mm, and its surface temperature and emissivity
are 200C and 0.80 respectively. If the coefficient associated with free convection heat transfer
from the surface to the air is 15 W/m2-K, what is the rate of heat loss from the surface per unit
length of pipe?
__________13. The hot combustion gases of a furnace are separated from the ambient air and
its surrounding, which are at 25C, by a brick wall 0.15m thick. The brick has a thermal
conductivity of 1.2 W/m-K and surface emissivity of 0.8. Under steady state conditions and
outer surface temperature of 100C is measured. Free convection heat transfer to the air
adjoining this surface is characterized by a convection coefficient of 20 W/m2-K. What is the
brick inner surface temperature in C?
1. 5.67 kW/m2
2. 0.138 kW/m2
3. 12.33C
4. 0.023 W/m-K
5. 1434.62 W
6. 62.5 C
7. 15.78 ft2
8. 2.16 kW
9. 46.82C
10. 368.97 W/m2
11. 249.70 kg
12. 997.83 W/m
13. 352.53C