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Urban Heat Island Effect and


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By Joanne Bateup Tree Program VISTA

The Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) is to blackouts and brownouts. The increase islands? Trees of course! The increase of
one of the many talked about environ- of energy consumption results in more vegetation and permeable surfaces in the
mental problems of living in an urban emissions from power plants. Also, city, particularly the development of a
setting. UHIE is the result of the in- higher temperatures increase the likeli- large lush tree canopy, greatly reduce the
crease of impervious surfaces such as hood of pollutants becoming trapped in negative effects associated with heat is-
sidewalks, buildings, roads, etc…that trap the lower atmosphere creating smog lands. The strategic planting of trees
heat energy during the day and let it out around our cities. The UHIE negatively around buildings, over streets, and in
slowly at parking lots
night. provides
This relief from
causes two the hot sun,
types of and reduces
heat is- energy
lands, a costs. Cur-
surface rently the
heat island trees of
and an Wilmington
atmos- are reducing
pheric heat energy costs
island re- by $183,000
spectively. a year and
There are four main New Destiny Fellowship parking lot on 16th Street before and after planting. another
negative effects of $9,800 in pollution re-
these islands. effects human health and comfort by in- duction. The EPA promotes trees and
creasing the chance of heat related illness vegetation as the simplest and most effec-
-More Energy Consumption and even heat related mortality. There tive means to combat the UHIE. Other
-Higher Emissions are also long term health risks associated solutions include: green roofs, like the
-Negatively effects human health and with the exposure to pollution and smog. one on the Barclay’s building, cool roofs,
comfort Finally, the heating of the ground also and cool pavements. DCH and others are
-Impaired water quality heats the groundwater and runoff which working on heat island mitigation pro-
then enters our rivers and streams. The jects, such as planting the New Destiny
The increase of energy consumption in rapid change in temperature can upset Fellowship parking lot on 16th Street last
hot weather for cooling buildings causes a these ecosystems. year. That project was funded by a Com-
strain on the electricity grid and may lead So, what do we do to combat these heat (Continued on page 2)

I am Joanne Bateup DCH’s new Tree Program

Americorps VISTA. My favorite childhood

New Vista
memories from Macungie, PA involve being
outside. By far the best outside activity was
reading a book with my back against my favorite

Announcement black walnut or when the ground was too wet,

perched on the lowest limb of a maple tree, or in
the worst weather sheltered in my tree house
nestled high in the limbs of a sycamore. I do not
have any formal experience in Urban Forestry, but
I hope to learn a lot about greening projects and
how I can help Wilmington meet its environmental
goals for the coming year. I graduated from Penn
State with a degree in Anthropology and
International Studies. I spent the 2007-2008 school
year teaching English as a Foreign Language in a
small town called Liuhe in China. After I returned
to the United States I started exploring
opportunities in the nonprofit sector, and I knew I
wanted to work on environmental issues. I
discovered the Americorps VISTA program and
finally found DCH! I look forward to working
with you in the coming year on your tree program

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munity Environmental Penalty Fund grant. There is another project in the works with the Acme in Trolley Square. This pro-
ject has not been finalized yet but funding has been requested from a US Forest Service grant and is pending approval by
Acme. The plan is to mitigate heat island and storm water effects without eliminating any parking spaces.

Interested in learning more about UHIE and mitigation? Visit these websites:

It’s that time of year again for…

Come and learn basic pruning techniques to make sure

your street trees have a long and happy life!

Our first meeting will be Tuesday May 5th at 6:30pm on the

corner of Spruce and 11th St. If anyone has suggestions for
areas that need to be pruned or if you would like us to
come into your neighborhood this year please e-mail or call (302) 658 6262 ext. 118.
arborist to try gently injecting a small
DEAR Sappy in Sharpley amount of Earth-Friendly insecticide into
TRISH…………… Dear Sappy,
the tree (after you get a permit of course):
That may keep some of the bugs, like
aphids, away from the premises.
Your questions about trees answered by Sad to say, nearly every neighborhood
Delaware’s own Trish Hotchkiss has someone like this. Usually I recom- You might also tell him that his precious
DeBrassey mend counseling. If this fails, then me- vehicle is more at risk from acid rain and
diation. Sometimes what therapists call other environmental hazards than a few
Dear Trish, an “arboreal intervention” is necessary. eyedroppers of Linden Drip. From what
But unfortunately, in my experience, you say about him, I’m surprised that he
Spring is nearly here, and I’m dreading when it comes to a guy and his car and a hasn’t taken to shot-gunning the local
it. And it’s because the big beautiful Lin- tree, the tree is doomed. Neurological bluebirds, robins, and wrens since they
den across the street will bloom. There’s evidence has indicated that there’s only likely also deface his vehicle’s finish in
nothing lovelier than its leaves, which one other thing that gets men as excited the customary fashion.
darken as Summer approaches. And those as much as motor vehicles, and we really
little fragrant, yellow flowers against the can’t get into that in this column. Any- Hope this helps. And please tell your
green leaves are just magnificent. The way, you’re an adult woman, and you husband to relax: We are still a Nation of
shade, the aromas, and the even the surely understand that these things are Laws.
sounds of the bees gathering up pollen based on primitive drives so powerful
make this tree a real treasure. Without it, that appeals to Reason are virtually use- Enjoy the Equinox!
this street wouldn’t be half as charming less.
and attractive. TRISH
Here’s the good news. Since this is a
Now, why am I so anxious and upset? street tree, Mr. Exburban can’t just call in
It’s because my neighbor parks his mon- the Hit Squad. The Linden is protected.
ster SUV, something called an Exurban We live in an enlightened community,
Penetrator, right under this tree. This with sensitive and responsible public offi-
“person” (of course I can’t use his name), cials who appreciate the importance of a
hates that majestic old Linden because, tree canopy to air quality, noise abate-
get this, it “makes his car sticky!” And a ment, energy savings, and overall visual
few days back when he was out front beauty. Phone your local elected repre-
polishing his motor vehicle, he just casu- sentative and send out an SOS. And con-
ally mentioned to me that as soon as he sult with the friendly, informed staff at
found time, he’d have some company DCH. They are tops.
called De-Arborator (ever hear of it?)
come by and reduce it to a stump. Then Now, let’s get into that sap thing. The Bare Root Trees prior to dipping at DCH
he segued effortlessly into a kind of dis- slightly tacky “mist” that occurs around
jointed rant about his car. That it had a Lindens is part of Nature’s sublime Great
six-litre Intruder Engine, with three hun- Chain of Being. The Linden provides you
dred horses. Maybe it was three hundred with all the precious bounty you’ve men-
litres and six horses. Regardless, he’s tioned; its fragrance attracts insects which
passionate about this thing, which has
colossal tires, and is so high off the
ground that I’d need a stepladder to get
draw minute amounts of sap from it, then
discharge some of that into the atmos-
phere. Of course, birds come to eat the
We want to hear
from YOU!
into it. insects, singing and trumpeting their
lovely songs after enjoying a good bug
Now, I’m certainly no expert, but I did- meal, and your neighborhood is blessed
n’t think Lindens produced any sap. I with an ecosystem that’s not only sym-
thought that was Maples and suchlike. metrical, but gorgeous.
Anyway, even if it does, it doesn’t war-
rant tearing it down so his ugly old car, or You may want to tell your neighbor that
bus more like, can take up space. Does it?
My husband is pretty irate about the
most of today’s automotive finishes re- Is there a topic you want to see
quire only a quality car wash to address in Tree Press? Submit your
whole thing. He says he’ll torch the guy’s this problem. Sappier cars might need a
car if the tree is harmed. Gosh, I hope detail job: My husband gets his car de-
ideas or articles to
that’s just bluster. Wow, I am really upset tailed yearly, and he’s satisfied with the!
and confused. results. But if someone really gets upset
about this, then you might ask a certified
Delaware Center for Horticulture
1810 North DuPont Street
Wilmington, DE 19806

Phone: 302-658-6262

The Delaware Center for Horticulture cultivates a greener community; inspiring appre-
ciation and improvement of our environment through horticulture, education and conser-
For more Tree Program information contact: Patrice Sheehan ● 658-6262 ext. 112 ● or
Joanne Bateup ● 658-6262 ext. 118 ●

April 16th 5:30pm-7:30pm Urban Forestry Grant Workshop-Part II
Fine tune the details of your tree project grant application with help from DCH staff and a representative
from the Delaware Forest Service refreshments will be served. Please pre-register

April 23rd 9:30am-11:30am Arbor Day Cool Spring Park

12 Trees will be planted in Cool Spring Park at Jackson and 10th St. If you want to volunteer to stuff bags
on April 20th at 6:30pm at DCH please RSVP to 302 658 6262 ext. 105

May 5th 6:30pm Tree Care Club meet at the corner of 11th St. and Spruce St.
Join us bi-monthly starting in May to help clean up and prune the street trees in Wilmington! RSVP to, 302-658-6262 ext. 118

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