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Placement: Second Year Theory 60 Hours

Course Description - This course is designed to introduce the concepts of sociology related to
community and social institutions in India and its relationship with health, illness and nursing.

Course objectives At the end of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Describe the structure and the dynamics of the society
2. Discuss the relationship of the individual to the society.
3. Understand the social problems and its influence on social changes and the factors contributing to
4. Describe sociological concepts applicable to nursing.
5. Determine role of sociology in nursing as related to social institution in India
6. Develop positive attitudes towards individual, family and community.

Unit Time Learning Contents Teaching Assessment

(Hrs) Objective Learning Methods
I 01 State the importance Introduction Lecture Essay type
of sociology in Definition of Sociology Discussion Short answers
Nursing Nature and Scope of the
Importance and
application of Sociology
in Nursing
II 03 Describe the Individual & Society Lecture Essay type
interrelationship of Society and Community Discussion Short answers
individual in society Nature of Society
and community Difference between
society and community
Process of socialization
and individualization
Personal disorganization
III 03 Describe the Culture Lecture Essay type
influence of culture Nature of culture Discussion Short answers
and on health and Evolution of culture Panel Discussion
disease Diversity and uniformity
of culture
Culture and socialization
Trans cultural society
Influence on health and
IV 04 Identify various Social groups and Lecture Essay type
social groups and Processes Discussion Short answers
their interactions The meaning and
classification of groups
Primary & Secondary
In-group V/s. Out-group,
Class, Tribe, caste
Economic, Political,
Religious groups, Mob,
Crowd, Public and
Audience Interaction &
social processes
Co - operation,
competition, conflict
Assimilation & Isolation
V 06 Explain the growth Population Lecture Essay type
of population in Society and population Discussion Short answers
India and its impact Population distribution in Community Assessment of
on health India Demographic identification report on
characteristics community
Malthusian theory of identification
Population explosion in
India and its impact on
health status
Family welfare
VI 05 Describe the Family and Marriage Lecture Essay type
institutions of family Family Discussion Short answers
and marriage in -Function Family case study Assessment of
India -Types family case
Joint, Nuclear, Blended and study
extended Family:
The modern family-
changes, problems-
dowry etc. Welfare services
Changes & legislations on
family and marriage in
India - marriage acts
Forms and functions of
marriage, Marriage and
family problems in India
Family, marriage and
their influence on health
and health practices
VII 07 Describe the class Social Stratification Lecture Essay type
and caste system and Meaning & types of Discussion Short answers
their influence on social stratification Community survey Assessment of
health and health The Indian Caste system- report on
practices origin & features community
Features of Caste in India survey
Social class system and
Social mobility-meaning
& types
Race as a biological
concept, criteria of racial
Salient features of
Primary races Racism
Influence of Class, caste
and Race on health and
health practices
VIII 06 Describes the types Types of communities in Lecture Assessment of
of communities in India (Rural, Urban and Discussion report on
India, their practices Regional) Visits to rural and community
and the impact on Features of village urban community survey
health community & survey
Characteristics of Indian
villages Panchayat
system, social dynamics
Community development
project and planning
Changes in Indian Rural
Availability of health
facilities in rural and its
impact on health and
health practices
The growth of cities:
Urbanisation and its
impact on health and
health practices
Major Urban problems
Urban Slum
Region; problems and
impact on Health
IX 04 Explain the process Social Change Lecture Essay type
of Social Change Nature and process of Discussion Short answers
Social Change
Factors influencing Social
change: cultural change,
Cultural lag, culture and
health (with special
reference to women's
Introduction to Theories
of social change:
Linear, Cyclical,
Marxian, Functional
Role of nurse -Change
X 04 Describe the Social Social organization and Lecture Essay type
system and social system Discussion Short answers
interrelationship of Social organization: Observation visits Assessment of
Social organizations elements, types visit reports
Democratic and
authoritarian modes of
Voluntary associations
Social system: Definition
and Type of social system
Role and Status as
structural elements of
social system.
Inter-relationship of
XI 02 Explain the nature Social Control Lecture Essay type
and process of social Nature and process of Discussion Short answers
control social control Community survey Assessment of
Political, Legal, report on
Religious, Educational, community
Economic, Industrial and survey
Technological system;
Norms & Values-
Folkways& Mores
Customs, Laws and
Role of nurse
XII 15 Describe the role of Social Problems Lecture Essay type
the nurse in dealing Social disorganization Discussion Short answers
with social problems Control & planning: Institutional visits Assessment of
in India poverty, housing, and visit reports
illiteracy. Food supplies,
prostitution, rights of
women & children,
vulnerable groups:
elderly, handicapped
minority groups and other
marginalized groups,
child labour, child abuse,
delinquency and crime,
substance abuse,
Social Welfare
programmes in India
Role of nurse

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2. R.K.Manelkar, Sociology for Nurses, Sivosankar T.P., Vora Medical Publications
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7. T.B.Bottomore, Sociology A guide to problem and literature, 2nd edition, Blockie & Sons Publishers
Pvt. Ltd.

Evaluation Scheme
Internal Assessment: (Theory Exam) Maximum 25 Marks
Mid-term Examination 50 Marks
Pre-final Examination 75 Marks
Total 125 Marks
(125 Marks to be converted in to 25 Marks for Internal Assessment (Theory)

External Assessment (Theory)

University Examination 75 Marks