An Eagle Scout Charge By David B.

Dillner Eagle Scout, 1998 The rank of Eagle Scout has been bestowed upon you by your troop because of your hard work and determination. You have no doubt, overcome many challenges and obstacles as you walked your trail to the Eagle’s Nest. Because you have conquered adversity along your journey, you will be better prepared to face it throughout the rest of your life. You probably have had to make many sacrifices with family and friends in order to accomplish your goal. Sometimes it was not easy and other times it was more fun than you have ever had. Be warned though, that now that you have earned this noble award, your challenge is just beginning. As an Eagle Scout, you are now expected to be a leader. This means many responsibilities have been placed upon your shoulders, but remember, you have been tested and strengthened by your past experiences. Always remember your failures because their lessons are harder to learn. They mean more than successes in the end, because you had to give something up in order to understand the lessons they taught. Successes are equally important. As we celebrate this success, I challenge you to remember your successes, as they will give you strength when you need it most as you continue your journey. As a leader, you are required to give more than most other people. You are required to give of yourself to serve others. Always remember those less fortunate than you. For it is in them where your service will be most appreciated. They need it the most, and should not be overlooked as they often are in our world. Always remember those who have given you the support you needed to succeed thus far. It is through their continued love and sacrifice that you will be able to find strength and commitment. Dedicate yourself to them, and you will be rewarded. Always keep your Creator in your mind, heart and body. It is He who gave you the breath you breathe, and it is Him who has the power to take it away. Remember this and you will always have what you need for what you were created to do. Lastly, an Eagle Scout has the responsibility to constantly committing himself to the twelve points of the Scout Law. These are the values that brought you here today, and they will continue to serve you well into the future if you only let them. Remember them as Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent. Keep them always in your thoughts and you will live with the passion and dedication that Baden-Powell believed in when he created the movement.

On behalf of all Eagle Scouts, past and present, I challenge you to accept this charge, both now and always.

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