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Jeremy Newton

Arranger, Composer, Director, Teacher

, Charlotte

About the artist

Let me start off by saying that my name is Jeremy Newton and I have been playing the piano for almost
three years now. My musical "Journey" started when I was in the sixth grade, first year of middle school, and
like most schools it had a band program. I started out playing the Trumpet and about halfway through the
year I switch to the French Horn to this day I continue to play the French Horn. I have been in the South
Carolina Region Band for two years, and the 2008 Winthrop Invitational Band Clinic at Winthrop University in
Rock Hill, South Carolina. I was also nominated for the Winthrop Starts program but I chose not to attend. (I
regret that today) It was in the sixth grade that I at first taught myself to play the piano. I started taking piano
lessons that following summer and continue to take piano lessons.
Qualification: Highest
Personal web:

About the piece

Title: Spinning Song
Composer: Ellmenreich, Albert
Arranger: Ellmenreich
Licence: Public domain
Instrumentation: Piano solo

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