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Vatable, Exempt or % tax

Seller of agricultural food products Exempt

Furniture shop Vatable
Vegetable trader Exempt
A private college Exempt
A private hospital Exempt
A dentist Vatable
Hospital drugstore Vatable
A non-profit elementary school Exempt
A government college Exempt
Restaurant Vatable
Bus operator % tax
Hotel Vatable
Operator of domestic sea vessel Vatable
Life insurance company % tax
Mall Vatable
Domestic airliner Vatable
Lessor of vessels or aircraft Vatable
Banks % tax
Operator of taxi % tax
International carriers % tax
Keepers of garage % tax
Book publishers Exempt
Quasi-banks % tax
Dealer Of household appliances Vatable
Dealer of commercial lot Vatable
Insurance agent Vatable
Employee Exempt
Contractor Vatable
Processor of sardines Vatable
Auto parts dealer Vatable
Manufacturer of hog feeds Exempt
Seller Of fertilizer and seeds Exempt
Fisherman Exempt
Fish vendor Exempt
Textile manufacturer Vatable
Sale of: Vatable or Exempt
Vegetables Exempt
Cooked rice Vatable
Sundried banana Exempt
Canned fish Vatable
Fruit shake Exempt
Boiled eggs Exempt
Fresh fruits Exempt
Fresh sea foods Exempt
Lumber Vatable
Orchids and bonsai Vatable
Chicken manure Exempt (fertilizer)
Bamboo Vatable
Bamboo shoots Exempt
Cotton seeds Vatable
Cotton Vatable
Wheat Exempt
Cacao Exempt
Cocoa Vatable (processed)
Cheese Vatable (processed)
Charcoal Vatable (non-food)
Furniture Vatable
Zoo animals Vatable
Tobacco Vatable (non-food)
Tea Exempt
Aquarium fish Vatable
Smoked or dried fish Exempt
Canned fish Vatable
Tax type: % tax or Vat
Common carrier by land transport Of 3% percentage tax
Common carrier by land transport of VAT or 3 percentage tax
Common carrier by sea VAT
Common carrier by air VAT
International carrier passenger Exempt
International carrier cargoes, baggage 3% percentage tax
or mails
Non-life insurance VAT
Life insurance 2% percentage tax
Bank short-term loans 5% percentage tax
Bank - long-term loans 1% percentage tax
Franchise grantees of electricity VAT
Franchise grantees of water 2% percentage tax
Franchise grantees of gas 2% percentage tax
Franchise grantees of telephone inbound Exempt
Franchisee grantees Of telephone 10% percentage tax
outbound calls
Operators of cinemas VAT
Operators Of cockpits 18% percentage tax
Operators of jai-alai 30% percentage tax
Places Of exhibitions Of professional 15% percentage tax
Places of exhibitions of professional 10% percentage tax
Bowling alleys VAT or percentage tax
Night or day clubs and cabarets 18% percentage tax